Words of the prophet

Vox populi History had a key part to play in getting the message across in BioShock Infinite

Since its release earlier this year, we’ve been in love with the sheer beauty of Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite. One of our favourite visual aspects is the representation of social ideals through propaganda.

The task of bringing The Prophet’s words to life fell to West Studios, who after researching posters from the turn of the 20th century, wanted to strike a balance between the visual languages of religion and war. «Propaganda-art and religious imagery share a similar purpose,» says West Studios’ head honcho

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More than words

A labor of love for Wynnewood’s Tim Whitaker, Mighty Writers empowers kids. By Jim Waitzer.

Naiesha writes on a board and awaits the verdict. A simple “good job” from her tutor sets off a mini-celebration. A little girl with big eyes and bountiful energy, Naiesha has spelled the words correctly and knows their meaning. They cling to her as surely as the barrette in her hair.

Young people study at nearby tables amid stuffed bookshelves and images of Superman, Spiderman and President Barack Obama on the wall. One bulletin board features youth poetry, another sports essays written by middle-schoolers about

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In his own words…

On the eve of yet another Middle East conflict, an ex-Iraq Air Force combat pilot in exile

THE EIGHT YEAR LONG war of attrition between Iraq and Iran, produced a generation of Iraqi pilots whose professional career developed mainly while their country struggled in a conflict which never seemed to reach an end.

Many fought, survived or died, but a small percentage started to oppose the waste of men and resources and the way their President handled everything. In a political system like Iraq’s, this kind of opposition has only one possible end, jail or the firing squad. Many ended

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Ukrainian vchenі vinayshli unіkalny scalpel

Vchenі Natsіonalnogo avіaunіversitetu i Aerokosmіchnogo іnstitutu rozrobili rіdinny strumenevy scalpel, yaky is permitted under operatsіyah on pechіntsі, shlunku and takozh at vidalennі zloyakіsnih puhlin, practical not poshkodzhuvati sudinnu system.

Behind the words vchenih, scalpel vzhe uspіshno proyshov viprobuvannya on tvarinah — povіdomlyaє TSN s posilannyam the newspaper "Today".

"In aparatі, priznachenomu for holding operatsіy on vnutrіshnіh bodies Lyudin realіzovana as the title of strumeneva tehnologіya" — one rozpovіv s avtorіv new items Naukova kerіvnik project professor Viktor Bocharov. For yogo words, won vikoristovuєtsya in avіapromislovostі, and now i in meditsinі.

Pid vplivom the grip

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We Poltavі target geologіchny naukovyi-virobnichy Center

DERZHAVNAYA service geologії i Nadra Ukraїnі i Natsionalna aktsіonerna kompaniia "Nadra Ukrainy" vіdkrili in fourth at Poltavі Ukrainsky geologіchny naukovyi-virobnichy center "Ukrnaukageotsentr."

For the words of the head of NAC "Nadra Ukraine" Oleg Proskuryakova, center obladnaniysuchasnoyu tehnіkoyu for 3D-vіzualіzatsії i Suchasni laboratorієyu for vikonannyapovnogo complex robіt s Poshuk that rozvіdki gas i naphtha peredaєkorespondent agency "Іnterfaks-Ukraїnu." Especially in mіstse robotі center pridіlyaєtsya doslіdzhennyu shale pokladіv, Hoca in perspektivі vіn bude zaymatisya takozh іnshimi napryamki, napriklad doslіdzhennyam shelf. "Staffing is the Tehnologії potentsіal dozvolyayut to Visoko that yakіsnomu rіvnіvivchati structure korisnih copaline in Ukraїnu without neobhіdnostі іnozemnimpartneram vivoziti materіal at

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NBB: The situation has improved with the currency

Is there a problem with the purchase or sale of foreign currency in banks? About exchanger "Belarusian-Swiss bank" on the Freedom Square in Minsk — no rush. Come and me all you want. Or so for a day or always? The cashier did not explain. I ask Victoria, who works with clients that apply for visas at foreign embassies here and get currency: "I can not say that such a tense situation. Now — fine. But there are days are especially Mon when people vorachivayutsya and they say that there is no currency." According to the information managers of commercial

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To the sources of Russian dissident: Andrew Kurbskii correspondence with Ivan the Terrible

Andrew Kurbski

FIRST MESSAGE Kurbski Ivan the Terrible

Diploma Kurbskii sovereign king of Lithuania

King, preproslavlennomu from God, but even more so in the Orthodox yavivshusya Most Bright, now for the sin of having found our soprotivnym. Razumevyay him understand conscience lepers haves, Jacob, neither is acquired in a godless town. And more than all of this glagolati on a number of not wasting my language, but for the sake of persecution pregorchayshago of thy power, and many of the sorrows of the heart potschisya little izreschi minute, about the king.

Mail, the king broke the Strongest in

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Americans compared Putin to Obama

Putin's mom was good Christian. Mary is completely dedicated her life to her son.

Obama's mother was shot in the "soft-porn" feminist Stanley Ann Donghai twice divorced, she left Barry, when he was 10 years old

Young Putin is serious

Young Obama indulges grass Obama himself described as "lazy student." He is addicted to marijuana, and later moved on to cocaine

Putin — a black belt in Judo

Obama vzizgivaet like a girl, seeing a good shot. Muzhikopodobnaya Michelle Obama did not even blink


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Tolerance brain

U.S. will not stop breaking records in the field of tolerance and political correctness. In California schools will soon begin to study the heroic milestones gay stories, and in the New York area schools, meanwhile, edit out the words and phrases that may seem to some as offensive. For example, "dinosaur", "birthday", "poverty" and "unemployment".

Tolerance brain

The most compelling argument — Russia occupies a place in the world

At any resource that discusses the political news you can find so-called "whistle-blowers and advocates." Many of them are in the description of the current political, economic, social, demographic, etc. situation in Russia provides new evidence — say, Russia, then in last place in the world for something positive out there and the first in the world for something negative out there … And as proof of his words speak — dial into a search engine the words "Russia is place in the world "and see the same! Well, not lazy, scored. Indeed the real megakucha references to the same

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