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Your work here is now done!

The Avro Ashton fleet was clearly «built for purpose», the aircraft performing every single test or trial with minimum fuss and excellent reliability. At least one complete Ashton deserved to have been displayed along with the many other research aircraft that grace the RAF Museum at Cosford today.

Five Ashtons were withdrawn from use between 1959 and mid-1962, beginning with the prototype WB490, which was allocated for cabin pressure test duties at Woodford on September 9, 1959. This short-lived secondary duty came to end on December 21, 1959, when the aircraft was sold to the specialist aircraft scrap company R.J.

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Work Smarter in Word

Save valuable time with the help of macros and AutoCorrect in Word

One of the most frustrating aspects of any computer user’s life is having to perform the same actions over and over, whether it’s typing the same phrase time and time again or clicking through a series of menus and dialog boxes repeatedly. Thankfully, Word has several useful tools designed to help you save time performing repetitive actions. (Excel and PowerPoint have many of the same features.)

Some of Word’s most useful tools are based on its AutoCorrect engine. It’s capable of quite a lot, but its main use

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What is play

We can think of it as work’s opposite. And thanks to Marx, we know that work is the transformation of nature into socially useful resources. Work is what makes the world ours. Play is an exchange of meanings that makes the world of socially useful things worth using.

In his 1938 study Homo Ludens, Dutch historian and cultural theorist Johan Huizinga argues that play is a primary condition of culture: he identifies the «play elements» in various forms of art and entertainment as traces of a primordial human drive. Huizinga argues that play can be set aside from ordinary life,

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Tried and True

Many of today’s woodworkers, if faced with the job of cutting a miter without the aid of the trusty table saw could, no doubt, do the job by hand. After all. much of the preparatory work for any project still has to be done by hand. We have to measure with a tape or a rule, and we have to use try-squares and bevels to mark where the cuts must be made. Making the cut by hand is just a short step from bringing the work to the machine.

What happens after the cut has been made is another story.

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If you are a photographer, you want people to be looking at one thing, and one thing only — the pictures. Content, content, content. Make them big, choose them well and edit HARD. You have two nice portraits of the same person? Choose the best one…simple as that. Using two different pictures of the same thing makes your work look weak. I can’t stand it when someone says to me, ‘Oh, I’m not sure about this next one.’ If you’re not sure, why should I be? Be 100% sure of 100% of your images. Remember ‘IF IN DOUBT, LEAVE IT




After working for 30 years as an interior designer. Thomas Pheasant bemoans that perfection is a constantly distant goal. The pursuit of classical beauty continues to guide him, but «perfection is now a motivation rather than a destination for me,» he says. While much of his time these days is spent coordinating his team of architects and designers on residential projects, his latest Classical Evolution range for Baker Furniture is more intimate. «It’s really

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The world of work is no doubt a big part of our lives as professionals. Office area became part of the daily routine and this can sometimes make us feel bored. Special Office on this issue we invite you to peek design three office options Home & Decor editor who has a different style and theme on it. 44.

Does not stop there, we also prepared a six-page special Working At Home thing. 60 which contains tips, innovative products and inspirational suggestions for an ideal workspace design that you can apply in occupancy. Workaholics or not, you will love these ideas home office!

In September, the festive event Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD) 2013 will again be held. Check out a sneak peek preview of the works of this year’s exhibitors at the article The Art of History p. 24. Do not miss the exclusive article A Beautiful Mind terms. 30 the results of our interview with Samuel

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The radical graphics work.

Barney Bubbles

Among the last commissions completed by the late graphics genius Barney Bubbles (born Colin Fulcher 1942; died by his own hand 1983) was a typically quirky job delivered to one of his host of unusual and sympathetic clients: a tattoo design for Rat Scabies, drummer of UK punk-rockers The Damned.

Entitled The Missing Link – the ‘i’s inverted into exclamation marks – this wily construct formed a rat’s face from broken chain links. An amicable comment on Scabies’s unusual appearance, it also served to define Bubbles’ important but until recently all-but-invisible position in the development of graphics practice

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The New Breed

Despite reaching the goals he initially set out to achieve, such as appearing in BBC Wildlife Magazine, pursuing wildlife photography full time is no longer Jules Cox’s ambition.

«You look at these things through rose tinted spectacles when you start out», he says. «You see people like Danny Green, Laurie Campbell and David Tippling, and you think, ‘Wow! What a life that must be’, but then you look at the reality of how competitive it is, and what the market rate for images is, and you say, «Ok … if I’m going to be able to put food on the

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the art of surprise

Canberra-based industrial designer Chris Hardy’s clean and minimal aesthetic is driven by a rational approach to materials and an interest in finding surprise in the everyday.

Canberra-based designer Chris Hardy feels compelled to make. “I grew up in quite an unusual family. I grew up making, painting and drawing things. Always creating, always in Dad’s studio making stuff,” he says. “My father’s an artist, my grandmother’s an artist, uncles are artists, and now, with all the cousins, we’ve got photographers and fashion designers too, so there’s a gene somewhere in the Hardy family that’s very heavily geared towards creativity in

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