Radio Technical literature in 1956.

In 1955 Svyaz’izdat issued a number of books and pamphlets on radio broadcasting, wired radio and television, which are of interest only for any professional communicators, but also for radio amateurs.

In the book by BP Aseeva «Oscillation Circuit» are considered oscillatory circuits, circuits with distributed constants and electrical filters. In the book GA Remez «Radio engineering measurements» describes the theory and technique of radio measurements and describes an apparatus designed for these measurements.

For technical communication issued as textbooks and teaching aids the following books: VL Lebedev «Radio receivers» NL Bezladnov and others. «The station broadcast devices by wire»,

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The new conditions PAYMENT

Artemovskii electrical plant of trust «Transsignalsvyaz plants» was organized on the basis of electrical repair shops communication services Severodonetsk railway. In workshops repairing equipment signaling and communications, manufactured tools and accessories for electricians. In the postwar years the plant was transformed into workshops. Here, apart from repair work, manufacturing of steel products for the entire railway network. In 1959 the brewery became the All-Union Trust «Trans signalsvyazzavody» MEA. Still, he specialized in the production of communication equipment signaling, tools and equipment.

Over the years, the production volume increased. The range of products closer to the fifth top ten. By

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«It depends on you the mood of the people»

PC & CA on July 26 at a solemn event dedicated to the Day of trade. Decree on establishment of professional holiday was signed by President Vladimir Putin on May 7, 2013.

Congratulating the workers of trade, Nikolai Merkushin noted that it is important to obtain an official holiday status.

«In the sphere of trade and services running every five. Such a large number of employees is not in any other industry, — said the head of the field. -This Is the most popular professions among the working population. The industry works every seventh, agriculture — every 20 minutes.

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Maybe you prohibit smoking in public places?

In Belarus, 33% of the population smoke Every second man and every fifth woman. The highest fraction of those who smoke, in the midst of the unemployed (60%), workers, construction workers, transport workers (55%), business and agricultural workers. Less smoking housewives and the elderly.In Belarus in all institutions of education, culture, clinics, hospitals, administrative buildings, almost all restaurants, bars, cafes smoking is strictly prohibited. You can not smoke on the ground and schools and parks. September 12 Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov signed a decree which establishes liability for the use of tobacco in public places and said prohibiting smoking in

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Mogilev: Christina Shatsikava complaint to KGB officials not satisfied

Christina Shatsikava vinyl KGB officers and police officers in the kidnapping and forced into a psychiatric clinic supplies.His complaint against the officers of the KGB social activist filed a prosecutor’s office to find out who directly, or they are police officers took her to the clinic.According to the decree prosecutors KGB Grybayla yes Alexandrov acting in accordance with the criminal procedure legislation.As it should from the case, these employees did order the Minsk KGB investigator Grahovski, investigating the case against members "Junior Front"Fedoruk and Korbuna. The resolution noted that Alexandrov delivered public activist from Minsk to Mogilev and Grybayla interrogated

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What to think about the likely Gomel tlushchkambinatse privatization?

Among the likely candidates for another, the second in the history-independent Belarus Gomel and privatization listed tlushchakambinat which produces mayonnaise, butter, margarine, soap and a variety of other products. The company has long zopoluchilo share friendship status, but the government has in it 100 percent of the shares.How are workers and experts at the plant before the announced privatization of the latest?Worker: "We are going to privatize it earlier, but government withdrew. We importantly, to combine work, so we had a job. If profitably attract investors, please, we do not mind. Necessary that jobs were saved. Combine And who will

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Veteranku summoned to cash Investigation Committee

Maria G. ShantsevaAccording to Shantseva, his mother Maria G. now received a summons. It indicated that it should come to the committee as a witness at half past nine in the morning.Mary Fosdick eighty nine years old, she and a veteran in her achy feet.Vladimir Shantsev in today campaign not involved. Investigation Committee of cash he visited July 30, where he was obliged to submit a declaration of income and assets.Meanwhile Now in the BPF, the villagers Huge Maschanitse that Belynechey, police took fingerprints, palms, too — at the genetic analysis — saliva. According to the activist, the police

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Want to MPs? Ask KGB

Explanation conversation Alexander Furs, Vladimir Kobrin Ghalashki and chief of the KGB Andrew Basko June 4Soundtrack you can listen to Here(Submitted L.Barschevskogo together with a letter to the editor "Russian Belarus" P.Yakubovich and other media)

As some members of the press on the activities of the group of possible opposition candidates for deputies

"For people KGB officer, who announced the contact is no longer enthusiastic"

How to behave in a situation where the security services often overstated enthusiasm to person, directly or indirectly put pressure on him or his family? That can be countered by a system that inherited from

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The European Parliament approved a new law on illegal migrants

Estimated professionals in 27 EU Member States may be about 8 million illegal immigrants. To This time the EU was not a common policy on illegal migrants. Thus, in France, according to the laws, illegal immigrants before they were deported, were kept in a day or 32 specialized agencies, in Hungary — one year in Latvia 20 months, a number of states did not have any restrictions. Procedure to combat illegals will look further way. First detained illegals offered to leave the EU in the area for 30 days. But with all this, it is possible that they may be

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KGB claims that the KGB did not burn

Correspondent: Now no sign no fire. KGB, Which culminated in working day and coming out of the building, the question was whether their fire, flatly answered "no."There is a version that can be made on the roof of the KGB any system work — poured resin, with all this usually goes dark smoke. But KGB uttered that about roof repair, they also do not know anything.It may be noted that from the street Komsomolskaya open windows in the building, previously I beheld such does not, but it’s not indicates, that there was smoke in the building. In building a powerful

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