Looking for strange new worlds

SuperWASP (Wide Angle Search for Planets)

While telescopes like Kepler cost hundreds of millions of dollars, planet hunting doesn’t require a fortune to succeed. One such project is SuperWASP (Wide Angle Search for Planets), which at a cost of just half a million dollars has found over 100 planets outside our Solar System. SuperWASP has two robotic observatories, one on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands and the other in South Africa. Each has eight lenses backed by high-quality CCDs to monitor stars and search for new worlds.

“We can’t compete with [the programmes] that find small

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Alien worlds are close to Earth

Harvard astronomers suggest that our search for Earthlike worlds might find them closer to home.

Earth-like alien worlds could be as close as just 13 light years away, according to a team of astronomers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA). During their research the team found that six per cent of the most common stars in our galaxy – red dwarfs – have habitable planets similar in size to our own.

“Astronomers have learned that the universe tends to make many more small things than big things,” says Harvard astronomer and lead author of the study Courtney Dressing, who

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Strange meeting


He seemed to be waiting for me on the trail. Neither young nor old. Not tall, but sturdy. Beautiful Slavic face. No beard and amazing clear blue eyes that express the infinite freedom and infinite love. From it came to me some unknown force. I tried to consider it his own insight, but saw no light and darkness. Then how such a force? — You are trying in vain to see me — he said, when I caught up with him. — I can not see. — But I can see your body, your eyes … — What is

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Found for the existence of parallel worlds or universes

November 1, 2011 23:57

Astrophysicists have found signs of gravitational influence of other worlds, universes of our world. These symptoms have been found in the study of the cosmic microwave background radiation maps that exists everywhere in the universe from the earliest stages of her life.

Astronomers from the University College London analyzed the several zones of anomalous round.

The study found that these areas have a high temperature.

Experts have proposed the theory that these anomalies can be caused by the gravitational influence of other people's worlds in our universe!

Astrophysicist Stephen Feeney, noted that the study of

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Astronomers reported ratings of habitable planets and moons

Scientists know a lot of worlds on which life may be present or could exist in theory — simply because the right conditions. Now these remarkable celestial bodies packed in two complementary scientific ranking system.

An international team of astronomers, planetary sciences, biologists and geochemists was two systems assess the suitability of a planet (or moon) for life and, consequently, the likelihood of its presence on a particular celestial body.

The first line is called "similarity index earth» (Earth Similarity Index — ESI), and the second "index habitable planet» (Planetary Habitability Index — PHI).

"The first question is

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In the parallel world is accessible by opening the door to the mysterious

November 27, 2011 5:50

Mathematician and quantum physics say that the planet may well exist parallel worlds, or in a scientific way — other levels of life. However, ordinary people refuse to believe it, and the scientists do not yet have reliable evidence of their scientific assumptions. However, cases of contact with the parallel worlds of people still locked.

In the book, the well-known Russian researcher of anomalous phenomena Vadim Chernobrov "The Mystery of the parallel worlds" describes an episode that took place in England. Girl for a long time could not get out of the

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Slavic Voloshba in conspiracies and nauzah

A simple way. Compiled Wise To learn the secrets of the world around us, we just need to know yourself thoroughly and knows the value of the roots of the ancient language. In our ancient language incorporated all the information about the world order, interactions and even the history of mankind. In this short story, we will fully try to rely on that knowledge.

Like our ancestors: we now support the eternal flame in honor of the heroes, worship stone idols, idols heroes (monuments), is named after them, cities, streets, landmarks. Changed one — for ancestors heroes were Veles, Perun,

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Missing disappear in parallel worlds?

November 5, 2012 23:14

Missing disappear in parallel worlds?

Coglasno closed statistics, every year in Russia lost tens of thousands of people.

Some of them are. Some, alas, dead. Others — in hospitals. Third — from friends, friends or a bum on the streets of big cities. However, a significant part of the "poteryashek" get the definition of "missing." Specialists are more inclined to the conclusion that the world around us multi-layered like a cake, and "poteryashki" happen to be in parallel worlds. And can not get out.

The bride and groom are off the wedding

This shockingly

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About The Book of Light and the Slavic-Aryan Vedas

The second book in the series "Slavic-Aryan Vedas" included "The Book of Light" or "Harati Light" (Harati means writing on parchment). In the primary source "Harati Light" was recorded Tragami (Daariyskoe letter), but in this edition of the origin was the text written Hariyskimi runes and translated more than 250 years ago. The translation was printed with large reductions (omissions marked dots), which has generated interest among readers, all wanted to know the most complete version of this treatise. Therefore, this article is intended to some extent to satisfy their curiosity. It turned out that the motives

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Vedagor — The experience of past lives (new video)

There are different schools that say about the reason for the appearance of us here on earth. For example, Christians say that these are our ancestors have sinned, we now suffer here and so on. Other schools say that's demons use our suffering, feed our suffering, our joy gods eat there, and then just do not say.

So I started to ask myself a question:"But what the world is, that is what is the motive?"And managed very well to formulate a question, and this is most important. Able to properly formulate the question, because if we correctly

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