What Women Want

Recent studies have allowed scientists to find out what they want: • to have any man who had thrown the girl, something is shortened an inch. And so every time • If you look closely at the nails, the nail itself would have changed color • In the Army men were taught to dance a slow dance, cook diet food and swaddle babies • Mandatory elements of the game of hockey became a triple toe loop, back flip and rotate in a pose "swallow "• And the players did not have the curves of the legs, but the pants would

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CBS Genomics has found a new method of diagnosing cancer

In oncology, for the detection of cancer, there are standard methods — tool — these include X-rays, ultrasound. And the lab — when the biopsy is done and a blood sample and analyzed for the presence of markers.

It is still a problem — low sensitivity of these methods. The presence or absence of disease revealed one way another is not necessarily confirmed.

A team of scientists from the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences set out to find a technology that would be

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Natalia Narochnitskaya: Why did not like us. Interview magazine «Story», August 2013

On the opposing empires, imperial consciousness of why Europe and America are still trying to do something with us, we will talk with President of the Historical Perspective Foundation, Doctor of Historical Sciences Natalya A. Narochnitskaya

— Natalia! One time we had accepted that the world does not love us for the Soviet past. Given that no one, anywhere, ever, and in the past decade has not called us, "soviet", it is called Russian. "Russian are coming!". That is, the cause of enmity was provided — the national one. But Russia has never been a

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German about Germany and Russia

"I would gladly went to Russia to make my dream — to travel by jeep from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. But, very unfortunately, I currently have neither the time nor the financial resources, and assuming that there will be more and some bureaucratic obstacles, since, obviously, is not easy for a foreigner to obtain Russian citizenship. And I'd like to just that. Other than that, I would not risk to go on this trip without my Caucasian Shepherd.

Is also true that I'm constantly talking about emigration to Russia, like other Germans emigrating to the United States, Canada, Australia or

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How to solve the debt problem? Lets sell Alaska

Prospects over the looming "fiscal cliff" has become a ritual called round of hand-wringing relatively insoluble nature of the 16-trillionth of a debt problem. But there is a simple and elegant solution that does not involve tax increases or spending cuts, and only a fraction of the imagination.

Namely, to expose Alaska from the Bering Strait to the Beaufort Sea to the auction.

Absurd? No more absurd than the spectacle that unfolds as we approach the "budget cliff."

Wishing there would be plenty. Imagine how the country and even individuals to experience the competition by buying century.

First in

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Start-up in the village: how to organize a business to rural products

The history of this start-up, or rather, 28-year-old Nellie Dinullovoy is unique. After receiving two degrees — in economics and law — at Ulyanovsk State University, she returned to the village to raise cattle. And does this not regret.

 Photo source:blogspot.com

While many villagers are trying to quickly leave their villages and go into the city, there are also those individuals who received quite the contrary — are returned to the village and build a business here. Meet Nellie Dinullova of Limes section of the Ulyanovsk region. A student and activist Nellie graduated Ulyanovsk State University, Faculty of

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NY Danilevsky: Why Europe is hostile to Russia?

We hear the slander, insults we know Tysyacheglavoy lies newspapers Infidelity, jealousy and fear generated. Our friends at Rus no!

"Take a look at the map — told me a foreigner — how can we not feel that Russia puts pressure on us in its mass as a cloud hanging like a terrible nightmare?" Yes, landkartnoe pressure does exist, but where it is, in fact, what and when manifested? France under Louis XIV and Napoleon, Spain under Charles V and Philip II, Austria under Ferdinand II really gravitated over Europe, threatened to destroy the self, the free

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Nikolai Leskov writers Echo of Moscow

Russian writer Nikolai Leskov

"If you're not with us, you bastard!" Holding on to this principle, our liberals prescribe Russian society time to give up all the things and it believed that grow together with its nature. Reject the authorities, do not aspire to any ideals, have no religion (except notebooks Feuerbach and Buchner), do not hesitate any moral obligations laugh marriage over sympathies over the spiritual purity, and not what you "scoundrel!" If you are offended that you would call a villain, well, so in addition you are "stupid fool and shoddy vulgar" …

Stupid stupid and

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Jew Benjamin Freedman warns America: Jews can not be trusted!

Benjamin Fpidman, 1890-1984, was a businessman ppeuspevayuschim evpeyskim Hyu-Yopka, one-Quaternary owned all "Vudbepi Soap Company." Consistent opponent of Zionism. Gained entry into the higher layers evpeyskih opganizatsy. Was personally acquainted with Vudpo Wilson Fpanklinom Roosevelt, Joseph and John F. Kennedy. The following is an excerpt from the speech Fpidmana, ppoiznesennoy them on an impromptu sobpanii patriots pposhedshem in 1961 in "Uillapd Hotel" in Washington and ppezentovashey patpioticheskuyu newspaper Conde McKinley "Common Sense."

The Jews … are kept in the hands of their "common wealth." They'll powdered brains so that you will not be able to distinguish one concept from

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We — Anglo-Saxons.

Mark Twain 1906.

I do not know, for better or worse, but we continue to teach Europe. We have been doing this for more than one hundred twenty-five years. No one invited us to the teachers, we impose on ourselves. After all, we — the Anglo-Saxons. Last winter, at a banquet at the club, which is called "the far end of the Earth," the chairman, retired military high rank, proclaimed with a loud voice and with great enthusiasm: "We — the Anglo-Saxons and Anglo-Saxons when something ought to, he goes and gets".

Chairman's statement caused a storm of applause.

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