RAID is for when you have more than one drive, so for running just a lone wolf storage device, you have AHCI and IDE. For ages we always just ran IDE, as it worked just fine. But now there’s AHCI too, which stands for Advanced Host Con­troller Interface, and it supports features IDE doesn’t, such as Native Command Queuing (NCQ), and hot swapping. Some peo­ple also claim that AHCI is faster than IDE due to NCQ and the fact that it’s newer. Also, for SSD users, IDE does not support the Trim command, so AHCI is critical to an SSD’s

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Citations a day or — October 2

"What a country — and that of Parliament. Shamefully me, since I worked here six years. Then head nobody would come to keep people in the building. That now happens, just shameful. Wrote that the people on the physical level is not allowed to have violated their constitutional rights. Four complaints in the book means only one thing — they do not need anyone. We wrote the text for the moment even more than there for Three years . "Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka — about the current transfer in House of Representatives 40 thousand signatures demanding

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Prosecutors refused Sergei Skrabets

In a letter to senior assistant prosecutor Eugene Babenkova stated: "to initiate criminal case answer for the lack of public unsafe act which provides for the criminal law. "Sergey said Skrabets Radio "Liberty": "I have more than 30 postal notice, which says that my registered letter A. Kazulin they received. But at 1-x, ex-signaturepresidential candidate, I know perfectly well, roughly a fake. And, in-2, the prisoner said at the meeting daughters and wrote in a letter to his wife that my letters he receives. " Previous deputy prepares to answer a complaint from the district prosecutor’s office. • O.Kozulina S.Skrebets

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Mazynsky recognizes that a conference looks like a masochist

Reporter: "Mr. Mazynsky, I was waiting to be declared the debate. But it turned out that you were, was very curious, but I understand that the public was not fully prepared, and generally slightly narrow topic — Theatre. Although expected, and our present life. Do you think that it is — as a valuable material for the writer, the artist, for the playwright for the theater? "Mazynsky: "I think life — now, tomorrow, yesterday — it is self-valuable, it is always valuable. Only if the painter ready to days of this, or crowded it to the emotions, what’s happening? A

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Travel to Minsk — vacation with Lenin

"Traveling to Belarus — it’s not everyday travel abroad and exotic journey. Something for fans of other stories or even virtual reality" — write the creators directory Malgorzata Nocun and Andrzej Bzhazetski and recommend to begin acquaintance with Belarus from Minsk. In their opinion, "if honest, Minsk city is ugly, but it totally does not mean that it is a city uninteresting.""In the future, Minsk architecture and climate can be worth its weight in gold. For example in Krakow tourists pay so well they were taken to" Trabantse "from an old town to the latest Guta — Demonstration neighborhood socialist

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Citations a day or — August 30

"When the doctors came to me and said that they are discharged from the clinic, I said to them that I hurt my eyes and head. But they spoke, that must be so, write down. I have a feeling that they had received such an order — possible faster write me … I want to file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office, because such law enforcement officers who beat women, we do not need. "Youth activist Tatyana Tsishkevich — about her extract from the 10th Medical clinic Aug. 24

"Dissect. Work becomes more organized, though still many shortcomings. Maybe not

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Polish press about the hunt for the opposition in Belarus

Gazeta Wyborcza writes that Belarusian authorities not allowed to hold events to mark the days of independence and the opposition said that celebrate all the same will, "intelligence services began to hunt for the opposition."Polish weekly writes that, according to themselves the Young, "the wave of repression are arrested and the number will increase," which may be due to the fact authorities "Fear of protests because of the deteriorating state of the economy" and make preventive measures.Meanwhile Tygodnik Powszechny devotes Belarus first Belarusian history, a supplement Tygodnik Historyczny. It a great conversation with the historian Vladimir Orlov of "Legends of

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Gazeta Wyborcza: Creating the ruling party — the manifestation of helplessness

Gazeta Wyborcza writes that environment Belarusian leader wants to reincarnate public company "Snow White Rus", which often force structure have been made in all regions of the country, the ruling party."In our school sent a paper which was designated desired number of teachers to be to join the organization. The Director said that if I did not request for membership, the same can now say goodbye to work ", — quotes weekly word mentor one of the village schools Grodno region. Gazeta Wyborcza writes that the creation of a "party of power" — is a manifestation of helplessness, because previously

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Peter Sadowski: Spelling Reform in the closed mode is unrealistic

Last week, the House of Representatives of the National Assembly could see the bill "On the rules of the Belarusian artagrafii and punctuation", developed by the Ministry of Education and the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy. Chairman of the committee on education, culture, science and scientific and technical progress Vladimir Zdanowicz believes that in October the bill will come into force the law. Topic in our studio in Minsk we are discussing with the linguist Peter Sadowski."Unarmavanasts language — this first act of a public contract"Michas Scoble: "The Emperor Peter, once deputy Vladimir Zdanowicz said that it is very

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Vladimir Orlov: Already trying to write

OrlovI while ‘m in intensive care, where phone discussions are not very encouraged, but try to answer all calls and sms. They suddenly much, although I did not want to expand the news about my surgery. I called friends, acquaintances and complete strangers not only from Belarus, and from Britain, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland. Just wished health staff channel "Belsat". RadkevychIf you promise to write down what the doctor they say? OrlovI still live the first day after surgery, and forecasts when discharged unavailable. But I hope that the whole process of healing, rehabilitation does not take more than

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