Overshadowed by the all-round greatness of the CBR600F and the. outright lairy nature of GSX-Rs and ZX-6Rs, the Yamaha Thundercat has still managed to win our hearts and minds. But is it-an emerging classic?

For many mid-1990s sportbike riders, Yamaha’s FZR600R was a track-day hungry, no-frills option at a price initially lower than Honda’s all-conquering CBR600F, but some riders wanted a more civilised means of going about their business that nevertheless still bore the FZR’s racier credentials, and voila, in 1996 Yamaha launched the YZF600R and christened it with more than mere initials: Thundercat. This new, fully faired model retained

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YAMAHA YZF1000 Thunderace

There are bikes out there from every era that were brilliant, but then faded and fizzled out. They’re out there waiting for us to love them again. This month: the Yamaha YZF1000 Thunderace.

What is it?

When the FZR1000 EXUP arrived in the Yamaha range in 1989, it was THE litre sportsbike, then in 1992 the FireBlade arrived as part of Honda’s stable and made it — and all other lOOOcc plus sportsbikes — look big and stupid. Yamaha responded… with a 750! The YZF750 was always on a hiding to nothing when unfairly pitched against Honda’s 900cc darling of

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Yamaha YSP-4300


Отличный звук

Большие возможности настройки

Расширенная функциональность


Высокая цена

Требует тщательной калибровки

Неглубокий бас


По сравнению с остальными участниками теста количество излучателей, задействованных в модели просто колоссально: целых 22 ВЧ, плюс два 65-мм низкочастотника. Все 22 излучателя имеют собственные цифровые усилители высокого качества. DSP-процессор управляет временными задержками для каждого из них индивидуально, что и позволяет фокусировать звуковые лучи в нужной точке пространства, создавая виртуальные источники звука.

Система может конфигурироваться в стерео, 5.1 или 7.1. Для облегчения процедуры настройки в устройстве реализована система автоматической калибровки звука, а те, кто на электронику полагаться не привык, могут настроить Yamaha YSP-4300

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Yamaha Super Ténéré

Yamaha’s entry into the big-bore enduro category, the $14,790 Super Ténéré, remains essentially unchanged since its global debut in 2010. In a category filled with unique bikes, the Super Ténéré still stands out with its unconventional, 1199cc paralleltwin engine with a 270-degree crank layout (opposed to the more conventional, 180-degree arrangement) that Yamaha says improves torque—and also delivers a tasty exhaust note through the Akrapovic accessory exhaust that was fitted to our testbike.

Yamaha Chip-Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) ride-by-wire enables two power modes—Sport and Tour—with correspondingly appropriate traction control strategies. Unified ABS with rear-to-front linking is standard equipment; while the TC

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We think the Yamaha A-S2000 looks brilliant. Wooden panels flank the amp’s metal body, giving it an old-school vibe. On the front, moving parts exude quality. Twist the volume, tone and balance dials and you’ll find them reassuringly weighty. The power toggle goes flick; the input dial goes clunk. Putting on music becomes a ceremony not unlike preparing for take-off.

Oh, and it’s also built like a tank. This is a solid, hefty amp, weighing nearly 23kg. Talk about perceived value.

The remote control is just as encouraging as the main unit. It’s a lovely wand of ergonomic plastic and

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He ran the Marlboro Yamaha Motocross Team from under his mum’s house in the 80s, was Australia’s No 1KTM dealer in the 90s and now channels years of race-team experience through his own performance workshop. This is the story of Ross McWatters …

I grew up in the 60s in Brisbane and was basically surrounded by motorcycling. Unfortunately, my dad passed away when I was two years old but he was already a prominent identity in the racing scene and my mum’s side of the family actually had a speedway track in Nudgee as well. Her family lived bikes; they

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Taking time out from a busy schedule, Steve Parrish is eager to crack on with pulling his FZ750 apart. What on Earth could go right?

What can you do in just under three hours and 10 minutes?

Well, you could watch films like JFK or The Green Mile but ex-racer and current BBC MotoGP pundit Steve Parrish can strip a Yamaha FZ750. Well, he can with a little help from his friends at IDP Moto.


Stavros came to CMM with a plan. The plan was to build something that he could ride in the

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The Monster Energy MX Nationals circus hit the Raymond Terrace MX Central facility in preparation for the 2013 season. It was a chance for teams to have a hit-out on the track that will host the first round of the 2013 season and for the media to see the teams in action. Promoter Kevin Williams officially introduced the 2013 series with a press conference before the teams took to the track for the first time. Monster Energy Kawasaki debuted its new-look machines as well as new rider Adam Monea. Jay

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Imagine being about to order a bike with a pukka Moto GP engine in it. Then have it fitted inside a hand fabricated frame that used state-of-the-art components to get the best from the engine’s raw, two-stroke potential A true thoroughbred racer, then, and fora lucky few in the early 1990s this was actually an option, if your pockets were deep enough and your balls large enough.

With the sparse nature of the 1990 500cc grid (at best 20 machines and often only around 15-16 regular V4 riders) Yamaha made available a handful of YZR500 engines for privateer teams to

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This summer, the US company Motus finally revealed the production version of its much-touted sportturera MST. Recall that this machine is equipped with a unique power plant — designed on the model of the large automobile longitudinal V8 V-shaped «Quartet», a working volume of 1650 cm3 and 160 hp, with a sucker rod (OHV) drive top flaps. Equipping the machine — at a high level: adjustable suspension, brakes Brembo, forged wheels, color LCD display as dashboard. However, the price to match: $ 30 795. At the same time the company introduced version MSTR with uprated to

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