Citations a day or — October 8

"This is a typical mikradyyaleg, such was not long. And you need to evaluate positively. Authorities posted their proposal, we have laid out their. Decision on both sides is still pending. Decision Mingorispolkom will be accepted tomorrow. , We hope that common sense and consideration of all the events, also a record of how this schematic style event for Belarus to overcome peremptory corridors. And we get a reasonable and realistic solution applicable for us. Now we made a compromise proposal to collect near October Square. If it is the sacred beast, then you can gather in Yanka Kupala Park

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Live report from Minsk: Liabedzka detained and Franak Vyachorka Ivashkevicha released

19:05 Ivashkevich and everyone who was arrested together with him and was in Tsentarlnym police department released.18:15 detained deputy BPF Viktor Ivashkevich said in a telephone conversation our Radio of the Central police station:Ivashkevich: "I’m currently in the Central police station in a movie theater with 100 seats. We sit here four: I, a member of the BPF Milishkevich Yuri, his wife Anna and Ludmila Milishkevich Atakulava of" Young Front. "With us security — two police sergeant.We were detained near the hotel "Minsk", as we walked to church Reddish, put into a police bus, where people were sitting with a

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Two jubilee celebration of Kupala in Vyazynka

At the entrance to the memorial complex Kupala police inspected the things guests asked about unregistered symbols, flyers and banners.On the ground in front of the house-museum of the poet were folk groups, read poems official Writers’ Union members — Victor Shnip Lyudmila Rublevskaya and others.I wanted to buy a book with the works of Yanka Kupala or souvenirs for the anniversary, but the product itself was not.Immediately at the monument to the poet gathered a group of people with white-red-white symbols on clothes. Belarusian people sang patriotic songs. Over time, there were about 200 people. Following — group "Echo"

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What lines Yanka Kupala novopolochane remember?

Lady: "Yanka Kupala — very good Belarusian poet. He is known everywhere in the globally. But his poems, unfortunately, we have not been taught. "Guy: "My native kut like you dear to me! …"Lady: "At school I studied art Yanka Kupala, but poems do not remember him, do not know."Man: "I do not remember … Just know that teaching, but at the moment I do not remember."Lady: "Poems read, but from memory I can not remember. I am a Russian, and so on Belarusian while do not talk. "Woman: "We verses Kupala not taught."Lady: "Midsummer? .. No, I can not

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Night Siege — July 6

On forums portal discussions are how Alexander Lukashenko congratulated his fellow citizens with the 125th anniversary a day or birthday Yanka Kupala. "All life is imbued with zeal Kupala build Fatherland independent, peaceful and massive state. Present sovereign Belarus with the highest level of economic, scientific and cultural development is the epitome of stately poet desires," — said Alexander Lukashenko. Forum participants’ reactions."Could not Yanka Kupala dreams of modern decadence Belarusian culture and language. Simply hurt by heart as you hear this.""What an indescribable hypocrisy. Though if one of those other Kupala that Bykov and poet whose poems future president

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At Kupala monument in Minsk BPF Youth reward young poets

Reward at the monument to Yanka Kupala are favorites of the competition from Nina Sacavem Svislochi and Anatoly Nemtsava from Minsk. Followers receive movie discs translated into whiteRussian language, Also compatible with the Belarusian music.So makarom Now in Minsk youth decided to honor the memory of the national poet.July 9 at the council BPF will distribute cards dedicated to Yanka Kupala and drive — a collection of songs based on poems by Belarusian musicians Yanka Kupala.Two jubilee celebration of Kupala in Vyazynka 07.07.2007

Belarus remains whether the first library named after Yanka Kupala?

In the village of Bolshaya library Krakotka Slonim district I came just on the anniversary — here marked its 80th anniversary.Head Hope Chabanenko knows what the library did in 1927, students who were studying in Vilnius. They gave her the Yanka Kupala, although Lofty Krakotka was then under Poland.Hope argues that it was the first institution in Belarus, which is named after the famous classic. Currently in the library more than 11 thousand books.And I ask: what prospects Vyalikakrakotskay library?"Oh, that is the fate that awaits us … You see that our building — the roof leaks, no funds for

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Celebrated 65 years since the death of Yanka Kupala

Latest exposure up certain things and manuscripts Kupala war period. Balances railing Russian hotel "Moscow" and door number 414, where the poet braked during his own compulsion and last visit to Moscow. Of documents — from the Russian FSB response to the request for extradition Belarusian researchers criminal case on death Yanka Kupala. Knows researcher Lena Burbovskaya museum. "It is said that after 75 years will open these documents. But will there be true? Realize when we in this unsubscribe wrote that the poet died Lutskevich, confusing even the name Kupala, because Lutsevich true, it is unclear whether there that

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What interested guests Minsk museums

I am in the State Museum of History and Culture. I talk with the director Sergei Vechercom:"Usually on the International day of museums entrance to the museum is free. And guests if free, always a lot."An employee of the State Museum of History and Culture Love Balovneva:"Guests interested in everything — our culture and history. Their exhibitions are interested in our museum fund."Seeking to museum visitors. Ivan Olkhovik — Minsk schoolboy"I’m for his life almost all the museums visited. In this museum — already the third time. I like here. "Mogih exhibits that interested guests, mostly historical museum of the

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Yanka Kupala: … not equal to treason, which is embodied in the form of Trotskyists villains

"Belarusian Source""Belarusian Krynica" on this week 1927 informs: "The Truth". Under the headline 22.HII. ’26 In New York, was born Belarusian magazine. It reflected a lithographic method on 13 pages. Editor is dr.Ya.Tarasevich father. Contents of the first issue after "learn" (poem) — Y. Kupala, "old thinking" — Ya.Kastsevich "Zhychenni to celebrate Christmas" — (same as), "Responsibilities of man" — Ya.Tarasevich, "It’s time words about religion "- (same as)," The Truth Behind "(poem) — Yanka Kupala. Total magazines as for content makes very badher memory. One can only wish that the content was dapasovana and shape to change thing lithograph

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