MAKS-2013 pilots aerobatic team perform at the Yak-130 — Video

The Russian Defense Ministry wants to show at MAKS in Zhukovsky, which will be held in August 2013, the performance of aerobatic team on combat training aircraft Yak-130, writes in an article of the newspaper «Izvestia» Alexei Mikhailov, Dmitry Balburov citing a source in the Command of the Air Force.   One Yak-130 and with the respective colors of special smoke generator is already available. The number of such aircraft to MAKS-2013 is planned to see. Brand new aerobatic team, are expected to be created on the basis of one of the existing, for example, «Swifts» in which there

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MBDA REQUESTS a marine air missiles BRIMSTONE

  To repel attacks Group tonnage coastal boats company MBDA missile developed naval version of Brimstone. Developed at the end of the «cold war» English Brimstone missile originally designed to fight tanks. Its dual-mode guidance system is quite efficient with a huge number of small high-speed surface targets, where the introduction of anti-ship missile is considered disproportionate.   Conducted in 2011 and 2012, MBDA and the RAF tests showed efficacy against Brimstone of small fast surface targets. So, in June last year rocket fired from Tornado GR.4, which is struck by a radio-controlled speedboat 6 meters from the Welsh coast.

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Ukrainian Navy repaired 11 ships

Ukrainian Navy in 2012 will conduct a complete repair 11 ships. This was reported in the press release of the Ministry of Defence.

According to the Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Viktor Ilyin, at the present time renovations are taking place on 7 ships and vessels of the Navy. On the settings on repair preparing large Landing Ship "Konstantin Olshansky" missile corvette "Dnipro", as the flagship of the Navy frigate "Hetman Sagaydachny." In the upcoming flagship accept a role in anti-piracy operation "Ocean Shield".

"These ships will be a complete renovation — 'from the keel to the truck',"

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