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Luck Vassily Nesterenko.

Fabrics of this young artist has already appeared on the pages of «young artist». In the October issue of last year, a fragment of his composition in the interior still life with a half-figure has been placed on the 1st cover of the magazine, and number 10 for the year 1995 mentioned his diploma painting «The Triumph of the Russian Fleet.»

The history of this work of Vassily Nesterenko, as expected, began with the selection of topics. I wanted to like despite the turmoil and discord, which was plunged into our state, to do something major, colorful, and certainly from

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In the forefront

Vienna abroad XIX-XX centuries was full of contradictions: the capital of the archaic political education in Europe — the Austro-Hungarian Empire — was the source of the most advanced ideas in art and science, which determined the further course of world culture. It was at this time there were famous artistic association «Vienna Secession» and the «Wiener Werkstätte». Josef Hoffmann was their founder and one of the principal figures. He was born in 1870 in the deep province — in the Czech Moravia. Hoffman’s father, industrialist and mayor of the town Pirnitts, made sure that his son received a

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I will develop hives multihull

When seven years ago, I received an apiary farm them. Radishcheva on it was 25 families. In the four years it has increased to 200, and I serve is the number of families without a helper. Due to the sparse fodder bee colonies kept at 10 stationary points. In I960, the apiary was transferred to cost accounting. During this time, she never brought loss. This year, for example, net profit amounted to 6170 rubles.

Caring for the bees, I’m normal. All work is reduced to four basic steps.

As soon expose the family (in late March — early April), I

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Amateur scene. IPT preview.

North’s only A section title came at East London Golf Club in 1984, and one never knows what to expect from them. However they are a team on the up. The Blue Bulls won promotion from the В section at home in 2010, and last year they halved with WP, then gave Central a scare on the final afternoon, coming within a point of winning the title in a close defeat. They finished third in the A section. They miss Brandon Stone, so will need a strong week from No 1 Zander Lombard and the likes of Hendre Celliers and

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In recent years, among the top 25 gold mining regions of Amur region stably takes 6th place in terms of gold production. In addition, specific gold production per unit area of ​​the territory of the Amur region on the subject takes 2nd place in Russia in the intensity of gold. According to preliminary estimates, total industrial production in the region in 2003, the share of non-ferrous metallurgy accounts for 23.1%. About 70% of profits in industrial production of the Amur region is derived from gold mining. Gold sales in 2003 reached 4.5 bln. Rubles were produced 13 tons

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Anatoly Konstantinovich Belitchenko 70 years.

President of CJSC «Moldova Steel Works» Anatoly K. Belitchenko January 30, 2008 was seventy years old, and February, he was awarded the «Star of the Commonwealth», established by the Russian National Public Council for promoting entrepreneurship. The order was awarded to Anatoly Konstantinovich for significant achievements in the field of international economic relations of the CIS countries.

Anatoly K. Belitchenko born January 30, 1938 in the village of Elan Volgograd region. After successfully graduating from high school went to work, and his life was moving forward — forward and upward: handyman in avtorote instructor Komsomol district committee, then secretary

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Alabama Battleship

33 years old, lived actor Channing Tatum, filled with such mediocre and predictable events that can write his biography with his eyes closed — if you include erudition and a little imagination.

How is it that his figure is of interest and Hollywood cones, and mere spectators?

He could be a dancer

If you want to see Channing in the video for the song Ricky Martin’s She Bangs, you do not come out.

And not because the tough guys like Tatum will not be charged in the clips uncool pariah like Martin. Just a camera in this video do

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A car with comfort

Garage with a pit, rack parked motorists … Who does not dream of such a comfort? And while it is not true, we spend a lot of time under the car in the uncomfortable position Now — progress. Dmitrov Excavator Plant produced the first commercial batch of lifts — tilters. A major event! Model US-79m is for cars «Moskvich» and VAZ (except 2121). Consists device (s. A. Number 716968) of two similar lifters, linked by a cross-beam, adjustable feet, the safety devices and the bar. The construction weighs 95 kg, it can be transferred in

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7 facts about the film «Jobs: Empire of temptation» that you might not know.

In the «Jobs: Empire of temptation» tells about the founding and development of Apple, starting from 1971 and ending with 2000. The present success of the company came in 2001 with the advent of the first media of the iPod.

Ashton Kutcher met with Steve Jobs for six months before his death. Apple Co-Founder hero was an actor, so he agreed to participate in the film without any hesitation. Preparing for the role took several months.

Preparing for the role, Ashton Kutcher sat on a fruit diet, which is powered by Jobs himself. The experiment ended in failure for

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261-FZ: three years

He started the fourth year of implementation of the state policy in the sphere of energy saving. Since 1992, this is the third and most thorough attempt to significantly reduce the energy intensity of the national economy and modernize aging infrastructure, and gone far ahead to catch up with developed countries.

fitsialno the beginning of the revitalization of the Russian Federation Government in the field of energy efficiency can be considered in 1996, when he joined the Federal Law №28-FZ «On energy saving». In 2006, the task was completed federal program «Energy Efficient Economy.» This is essentially up to

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