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Alexander Kozulin at large

Ex-presidential candidate, was sentenced to five and a half years, accused of organizing riots during a street protest. On days of Kozulin made a statement that will be released only after the political prisoners will be released Sergei Parsyukevich and Andrei Kim. Daughter of Alexander Kozulin Olga said that her father would go to the funeral of her grandfather in Dzerzhinsk. Hide-in-law will Kozulin tomorrow morning."Now in the morning, we learned that we grandfather died, my mom’s dad. We called the chief of the colony to colony to transmit this pope. After some time my father called us and said

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Be2gether begun, despite the downpour

Our correspondent reports from the scene of the festival:"I’m riding in Vilnius by train and it was full of young people, who directed the festival. Border very amused us:" Oh, you’re on prazdnichek … "In Vilnius, the morning was a beautiful sunny weather, everywhere we beheld advertising festival. But almost an hour before the opening of the festival went to the rain, and there is currently a downpour.The festival begins with a concert of NRM in the most important stage. Take them very badof the atmosphere is very peaceful. People until heated dance … Lavon Wolski was a concert cheerfully

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Simulated dogfight between hundreds of F-35 and Su-35s from the F-35 is nothing left

Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, Trade and Armaments (JSCFADT) Australia concluded that the Australian Air Force should not buy South American fighter F-35, as the plane «wrong.» According to Senator David Johnston, the program of creation of the F-35 was unsuccessful and developed aircraft does not meet the requirements stated in the beginning. One of the major mistakes the committee dubbed the idea to make three types of fighter: ordinary takeoff, deck and short takeoff and vertical landing, writes The Canberra Times. The committee also presented the results of a simulated air combat, which «occurred» in 2018 off the coast

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Precision combat crew

Our homeland will not allow the military defeat or in real life or in cyberspace There is no hesitation that now and Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin expressed his agreement with concern Dmitry Rogozin, who a couple of weeks back the announced severe backlog of in the development of certain kinds of modern non-nuclear weapons. The Head of State at the last meeting of the Russian Security Council stressed that «precision instrument according to his abilities have not actually inferior strategic, and this has an impact on the global balance of power.» In this case obviously not in our favor. Recall,

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M-52T — self-propelled gun of Turkish Armed Forces

Turkish self-propelled gun (SPG) M52T is a modernized version of obsolete M52 artillery systems of the South American production late in 1950.   Tests of the upgraded version of ACS were completed in 1994 and the creation began in 1995. In total, 365 self-propelled guns were modernezirovanny M52 to version M52T.   The Turkish army is the sole operator of this artillery system, writes    Unique small barrel 105 mm howitzer cannon was replaced by a 155-mm / L39. The same gun was used for German M109A3. The highest range is 18 km with a standard projectile, 24 km

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Volvo excavators will be produced in Kaluga

April 18, in the industrial park "Kaluga-Yug" the ceremony of laying the first stone in the construction of a plant for the production of excavators Swedish company Volvo. The ceremony was attended by the regional governor Anatoly Artamonov and president of Volvo Construction Equipment Pat Olney.

The new facility for the production automaker Volvo heavy equipment will be the first in Russia. Its opening is scheduled for the first quarter of 2013. The plant will produce six models of excavators. The volume of production — about two thousand cars a year.

— In this project, an investment agreement which

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Belarus has not yet reacted to the agreement of Poland and the United States

Agreement, namely dyslyakatsyya foreseen by the Polish countryside battery "Patriot", and in 2012 in Poland planned to house became South American garrison. The document also contains a declaration on ensuring America’s military assistance in case of danger for Poland from third states.

A.NagavitsynThis decision has caused a nervous reaction in Moscow. Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsin stated that the Polish step goes unpunished — say, Poland at risk of becoming a target for Russian missiles if positioned at the South American.Or share Russia’s concerns at the official level in Belarus —

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Russian loan conditions are not named Belarus

Dared crediting mechanism economies 2-countries — before of the Belarusian, which lags behind the rise in prices of strategic raw materials.For disk imaging press service of the Council of Ministers of Belarus, first meeting with Russian officer Sergei Sidorsky said Belarus send humanitarian aid to victims of the war in South Ossetia. In addition, in the Belarusian health resorts throughout August and September are ready to take on the rehabilitation of 2-3 thousand Ossetian children. Vladimir Putin stressed that the moral and even more so real help will be very btw. Then hand deserted to economic issues, which open a

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The economy in a positive

Valentin St. George

The growth rate of industrial production in the Omsk region is considerably higher than the dynamics of this indicator in the Russian Federation and the Siberian Federal District.

Over the past four years Omsk region consistently demonstrates a positive trend in all industries, which generally has a positive effect on the socio-economic situation in the region. Improved financial condition of the population, increased the overall performance level of life, accelerated dynamics of retail trade.


Currently under construction as part of PARK (regional agroindustrial clusters) feed mill will be put in production

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Eco-friendly toothbrushes and toothpaste

Toothpastes and brushes … Not exactly eco-friendly things, if we take into account their production and disposal. Rather, a very environmentally unfriendly, you get to know the truth, from what they are doing, and what damage they cause to the body, especially the children's. If toothpaste did clean and protect our teeth, as it is said in false advertising, that dentistry does not have flourished with each passing day more elaborate. After the queue in dentistry are not reduced, the number of "plug-Hollywood Smiles" grows, patients are getting younger every year, and dentists richer every time reminding us of the

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