Pure white legion does not exist, but are interested in the investigation

"Snow-white legion" appeared on the basis of "Dark skeleton" — regional teams safety and security, the youth wing of the Belarusian Association of the military. Since the mid-1990s "legionnaires" whose number was estimated at approximately a couple of hundred, were engaged in physical training camps, sporting events staged , exhibited patrols in time mass opposition rallies. really "lit up" activists "of the White Legion", is, at one point — in October 1999, when demonstrators sought from the authorities investigate the events of disappearance Viktor Gonchar and Anatoly Krasovsky. procession ended with a fierce battle commandos. Whereupon, as stated last control

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Kurapaty vandals — at liberty

On this "Radio Liberty" is now in the police department said the settlement Borovliany. Kurapaty vandals civilians detained activists of the CCP BPF. They handed them over to the police department addressed. Employee just say "Freedom":"At the moment the materials are on the additional testing. This matter engaged in criminal investigator Borovljansky police department. Material already bequeathed his employee and has already received. "As the days may take such a test, ask the interlocutor: "For 10 days. And if necessary, the prosecutor of Minsk district can continue it until the 1st of the month. And in 10 days we give

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Deepest festival

Not only the light that in the window — it’s true. But it is also true that the world is not just somewhere far away. Because the question: "festivals? .. — Cannes? Venice? Carlsbad?" — I have the second year in a row say, "Deepest," Magnificat "; suitcase and collect food to look cinema.

"Magnificat" in the deepest — is Catholic Festival of Christian films and television programs, but to no avail secular people would hesitate to serious words "Catholic" and "Christian." It is not the number of mentions the name of God, and not the presence of crosses, candles

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Arrested last favorite of the White Legion Sergei Chislov

Also KGB raided the apartment of her daughter Natalia and took an empty packet of juice and a half-empty jar of lacquer. "They found explosives and states that at the moment scion for all the answers, they say, he has done a lot of things. But Sergei could not do anything against the people, he is a man who believes ", — says Galina Chislova. According to her, more year reversed Sergei Chislov went to Moscow, where he studied business. The fact that he was in Minsk during prazdnichkom, activist mother did not know."Snow-white legion" — registered organization, which appeared

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M.Grib: The accusation opponents Belarus sends a consequence the wrong way

Even the removal from office of State Viktor Sheiman and control of the presidential administration Gennady Nyavyhlas that are not formally responsible for mass events, adds complexity operatives. As was the case with a number of crimes loud, top-down plan for fast search intruders forces missed the first-best suspects, not zaglyblyayuchysya in the matters. Why did the authorities in critical situations, try to stay away, and public opinion to bring virtual "enemies of Belarus?" And whether it is possible with the application of large stands to take as a typical pressure on the investigation?’s Outlook Mieczyslaw Grib: "I think ever

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Grodno: flowers and candles Polish soldiers

In Cathedral accomplished as Mass for the dead on whiteRussian language, their names began to read for half an hour before it started, as all parishioners try that on a Dzyady remembered their relatives. General Staff representative RP Grodno together with members of the Union of Poles led by Angelika Borys visited places Polish state memory in the town and region. They laid wreaths, flowers and lit candles on the graves, namely, soldier of the Polish Army and the Polish Home Army.For example, in an old church on the street Antonov has several 10-s Polish soldier graves in including nameless,

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Belarusian knights Grunwald this year will not be

By him, there is also prepyadstviya "related to the entrance of Poland to the Schengen area."According to Mr. Szymanski, in next year "Belarusian banners probably perceive the role of staging the battle. " Instsenirovkak Battle of Grunwald will be held July 12 at the historic site — where it was accomplished in 1410.

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Lukashenko dismissed Sheiman and Nyavyhlas

This was said in the service of the Belarusian ruler presavay. Yesterday very Lukashenko criticized both for inactivity, which led to an explosion at a concert to days of independence in Minsk.Managing the press service of Lukashenka Paul Light to comment on the dismissal of the sonorous Viktor Sheiman and Gennady Nyavyhlas abstained:"Open the press service of the President and will be able to read aloud."In said Paul Lung report notes that both dismissed "in connection with his transfer to another job." Yesterday Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting on the investigation of the explosion on July 4 in Minsk said

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Mieczyslaw Mushroom: The main thing — do not try to please

In 1985 he was appointed chief Mieczyslaw Mushroom Internal Affairs Department of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, then led the team of investigators in the search for an offender who attacked, raped and killed women. During spetsgrupa revealed horrific facts: apart from the fact, that have killed more than 40 ladies, illegally punished for atrocities carried out 13 people, one shot. What lessons Vitebsk business can adopt modern pinkertony, thrown to reveal the atrocities taken control of the head of state? This nedavneshny explosion in Minsk, explosions and 3-year-old in Vitebsk. Mushroom believes that the parallels in these stories the

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To work abroad emigrated 1800000 Belarusians

By forecasts Global Bank, transfer of funds to developing countries This year still grow by 6.7 percent and reach 283 billion dollars. But the economic slowdown in the West, as in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine will reduce shipment means migrant workers. Global Bank experts are waiting on the results of a significant downturn of 2009-10.

In 10 of the states in which the most translated earned compatriots abroad means includes India, China, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Romania. In China for this year is expected to be transferred  30 billion dollars, Poland -11 billion

Sent abroad funds sometimes

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