More insecure when innocent people are punished for crimes

It is no coincidence we approached Mieczyslaw Ivanovich with a proposal to become a public editor this week. Improvised explosion device during mass celebrations in Minsk on the night of July 4th, which affected more than fifty people, generated a lot of questions. Namely, how to rescue people from the maniacs of the new millennium — the terrorists?This week, in conjunction with Mieczyslaw Mushroom we try to uncover themes that exposed the explosion in Minsk on July 4, and even earlier, in 2005, carried on the agenda of a day or two explosions in Vitebsk. Are law enforcement agencies to

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Lyceum students sat down for textbooks

In recent years it has generally occurs in Poland. Now pavtaramesyatsovy course will be broken into three pieces every two weeks — in Warsaw, Szklarska Parembe and Gdansk. Feature this year — in lyceum family joined many kids recognizable people in Belarus.In the absence of suitable criteria for training in Belarus Kolosovsky Lyceum administration is obliged to find options of visiting sessions outside the country. I recall that in 2003 on the orders of the Ministry of Education State Institution "Belarusian Humanities Lyceum" was closed. But the team did not put up with such a constructive conclusion and decided to

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For the first time in Kurapaty vandals arrested

After the first week of vandalism

One of the vandals

This boy crush Kurapaty crosses While waiting police officers, they called the parents. Mama came 1st of them and tried to persuade police not to detain her son because he is a minor. After calling the detainees came as a couple of guys, but they did not identify themselves. 22:30Policemen detained together with vandals and 2 public activists as witnesses left the police department in Borovlyany. 23:10 Currently in Kurapaty are leaders of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Yury Belenky and Valery Buffalo. In their presence, conducted

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Bombs in klyumbah, porches, cars

The most resounding story with an explosive device went for more than 10 years ago. October 6, 1997 in Mogilev. On leaving the house explosive projectile fragments was killed managing service state control of the Mogilev region Yevgeny Mikolutsky. Languid injured his wife Alla. On suspicion of attempted Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and the murder of presidential controller then were charged four regional center inmate who received prison terms of four to 11 years. All participants of the case already at liberty. One of the suspects, last KGB officer Valery Tkachev, died under mysterious circumstances in a temporary detention.After options

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July 3, 1655 Russian Army captured Minsk

(Aired July 3, 2007)Belarusian population halved Doctor of History Dr. Anatoly Gritskevich believes that the authorities are celebrating Independence day on July 3 on the bones of our almost Protz. "In the history of the case, that some dates are the same. 3 July 1655 the troops of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich stormed Minsk, sacked the city, burned part. And it was one of the operations of the majestic war he waged against Belarus, majestically against the Duchy of Lithuania. War was long — 12 and a half years. For Belarus is was One of the most languid wars. People have

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NATO claims to world domination

The parade was held at the monument "Minsk — Hero City". It assumed the role of about 3 thousand people, 20 parade calculations that provided all kinds of the Armed Forces of Belarus. Military equipment on parade was not. Ministry spokesman Vyacheslav Ramenchyk Defense explained that the military equipment used solely in anniversaries.

Irreversible temper gets the process of placing our borders parts of the U.S. missile defense

Broadcast parade was conducted on Belarusian television. In his speech before the march Alexander Lukashenko recalled now and celebrated the 64th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders. Speaking

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Batory and Batura town hall opened in Mogilev

Not far from the Russian area where the town hall, detained eight youth activists. They were wearing T-shirts with the words "Long Live Belarus". According to one of the detainees, Tatiana Bulanovoj, without explaining the circumstances, the police have ordered the youth to go to the police "service", and later taken to the Leninsky district police station.The police activists, among whom was a minor boy of thirteen, aboutwere more 3 hours. Tatyana Bulanov states that have become a prerequisite for detention specifically T-shirts white-red-white flag and the words "Long Live Belarus": Not counting Tatiana Bulanovoj detained another Rostislav Pankratov, Eugene

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Partisans took the cow left with nothing

Already nearly half the 10-ka years day July 3 in Belarus is considered basic municipal prazdnichkom and noted on the official level, every year more pompous and extensively — military parades, fireworks, multi-day festivals and concerts. To state the date of independence is very conditional relation, because she was taken out of Russian history. Noteworthy that in the Russian Belarus 3 July was working funny day and celebrated rather timidly. Current conversation will start with one of the letters in this topic. We wrote last Russian officer Nicholas Kanahovich of Pruzany:"As someone with your plain can not accept flegmantichno lie.

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First flew EMBRAER A-1M

During a ceremony at the plant in the Brazilian company Embraer Gavya-Peixoto (São Paulo State) completed the first flight of the modernized layout of A-1M, according to a company press release on June 19. The ceremony was the role of the Air Force commander Dzhuniti Saito (Juniti Saito). The program provides for the A-1M repair and modernization of 43 AMX subsonic fighter Brazilian Air Force. 10 aircraft are already at the company’s plants, the first deliveries are scheduled for 2013.   The event also celebrated the delivery of the last, 99th, turboprop light attack aircraft A-29 Super Tucano, also

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Mogilev sounded Belarusian Mass

"This is the liturgical cycle. Chastsin There eighteen. Introductory part is called" God lives in Belarus "- verses Karatkevich. And the last part on the basis of the hymn" God Almighty. "There are psalms verses Maxim Bogdanovich. This work, like the rest of the festival, uniting Christians. There is such a purely Catholic Western things, but there are associated with Eastern traditions, "- says the creator of" The Belarusian Mass "Igor Matievsky.Soon "Belarusian Mass" will be an independent Catholic expertise in order to later her could use during worship."We are very interested, so that was our first Belarusian mass.

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