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Fighter F-35 «Lightning II» will be operated in the United States in 2015

Operation Strike Fighter fifth-generation F-35 «Lightning II» will begin in the U.S. Armed Forces in December 2015. It was announced by the U.S. Defense Department. The relevant notice it sent to the U.S. Congress As explained Pentagon in December 2015 applying the F-35 is scheduled to begin in the United States Marine Corps (variant F-35B). Then in December 2016, this plane will arrive on Air Force (version F-35A), and in February 2019 — the Naval Forces (variant F-35C). In total, the U.S. military wants to buy a 2443 fighter-bombers, F-35, the corporation’s products «Lockheed Martin» (Lockheed Martin). The creation of

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According to a source in the defense industry and the official media messages, Our homeland plans to significantly increment financing for the development of technologies for testing «stealth». This writes December 16.   «In the current discussion talking about millions of rubles,» said IHS Jane’s defense industry source close to the program there.   Major challenges and research center, where it is planned to conduct these works will be carried out not in the Flight Test Center in Zhukovsky, and on another subject — Research Center defense (SIC VOP) in Tver, located 170 km from Moscow.   This object

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Cost of Japanese F-35 CAN zashkalivalo

Last Japanese defense minister, «architect» buy American F-35 fighter Satoshi Morimoto (Satoshi Morimoto) in an interview with Defense News (June 10) expressed the view that in today’s acquisition criteria in order to contain China may linger low pressure of the yen against to the U.S. greenback. Japan plans to buy 42 stealth fighter.   The course of the national currency in the last 6 months fell to 100 yen per dollar. Planned to buy the first four aircraft at the rate of 83 yen to the dollar, in other words, for 10.2 billion yen at the rate of 124 million

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FINLAND protection against «new aggression» RUSSIA JASSM cruise missiles

  The company Lockheed Martin has announced the start of work on the integration of cruise missiles JASSM stealth fighter on F/A-18C/D Hornet Finnish Air Force, reports June 10. The price of 34.2 million U.S. dollars.   Flight tests will be held at the Patuxent Naval aviastantsii River (Maryland), then will last at RAF aircraft armament testing China Lake (Calif.).   Back in 2007, Finland has asked the United States to equip their fighters with these missiles. Despite the good history of international relations, the U.S. State Department at the time rejected the request. But in 2008, Our homeland

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Notwithstanding the role, together with Russia in the program creation fighter fifth generation FGFA India continues to develop its own combat aircraft promising AMCA reported June 13.   Indian defense research organization and development DRDO showed layout AMCA (pictured) in Bangalore for Aero India 2013 exhibition in February this year. The aerodynamic shape of the aircraft configuration endured compared with the model demonstrated at Aero India 2011. Development along with AMCA FGFA may indicate that India may consider this project as a nominee FGFA.   Asked about the fate of the AMCA Air Marshal Norman Anil Kumar Browne (Norman



The program F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is on the right track, but still some major steps to be done, said Pentagon officials at a meeting of the Senate Commission on June 19, reports Defense News.   «Overall, the programm now works steadily, but there are still some technical prepyadstviya pending its own decision,» said MPs arranged Assistant Secretary of Defense Procurement, Technology and Logistics Frank Kendall (Frank Kendall). Will complete the development of software blocks, sverhtehnologichny pilot’s helmet, also brake hook for deck variant F-35C.   «I believe that the example program became more stable than it was before.


Pentagon plans on marine F-35

At Le Bourget is a huge number of applications, including on the F-35 program there.   Most notable representative did U.S. Marine Corps, Commander of his aircraft, Lieutenant General Robert Shmidl.   And what he said about the plans Corps at the beginning of the operational manual, edition reports Flightglobal.   Thus, in 2015 it is planned to achieve initial operational capability directly squadron VMFA-121. Immediately after which it was planning to throw in Iwakuni, Japan, in the 31’go Expeditionary Battalion, Marine Corps (31st Marine Expeditionary Unit).   In the same year 6 cars squadron will be deployed on

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Airbus has tested false thermal targets on transporter A400M

European Airbus aircraft manufacturing concern experienced self-defense system of the new military transport aircraft A400M, reports Flightglobal.   During the tests, the aircraft made multiple shooting infidels thermal purposes, which are designed to protect from the A400M launches anti-aircraft missiles.   Currently, the use of incorrect targets on the A400M is not implemented, it will appear on the transport workers after the introduction of the software version of SOC1.   First, in March 2013 took the first flight of the transporter A400M. This aircraft, received board room MSN7, built in the interests of the French Air Force.   As expected,

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MIG 1.44 continues to be on «top-secret military base» — SATELLITE PHOTO

Big Maps company continues «to open a top-secret military information» reported June 27.   Big Maps photographed Russian stealth MiG 1.44, which was «shrouded in mystery» to «top-secret military base» (Russian media reported that the only flying prototype aircraft is on the ground Flight Test Institute (LII) them. Gromov in Zhukovsky — approx . «VP»). This aircraft was the first attempt of Russia to make a «stealth fighter» and had to be the answer to the South American F-22 Raptor.   Website says that the MiG 1.44, may have been used to «launch Chinese stealth programs.» Plane developed using

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SERBIA stopped buying Su-30 fighters

Our homeland and Serbia stopped negotiations on supplying Balkan country of functional Su-30 fighters. This in an interview to RIA Novosti Deputy General Director of «Rosoboronexport» Alexander Mikheev. According to him, negotiations on supplying warplanes conducted a little earlier, but that Serbia «had difficulties with financing.» Meanwhile, in the current time is in Belarusian Baranavichi party of 18 Su-30K fighters returned India on the system «trade-in» in exchange for more advanced Su-30MKI. According to Mikheyev, the currently being consulted on the modernization of fighters and supplying them to Ethiopia. Details of negotiations Mikheev did not elaborate. He also did not

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