I quit smoking, and my voice was a new way!

Gra states: In order to stay beautiful and healthy, do not need a doctor or EXPENSIVE cosmetology. You need to be a harmonious personality!

She is a real queen of Ukrainian pop! The winner of the title of «most beautiful» — according to the magazine Viva !, the multiple winner of the prize «Golden Firebird» as the best singer of the year, «Woman of the Year» — according to the magazine Hello, «Producer of the Year» — this is not all the titles of People’s Artist of Ukraine Natalia Mogilev. And it is called «singing grenade» Ukrainian show business. After

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The good old game classics, which we do without you? What else can remember the gray as snow programmer? About everyday life at the keyboard? About altercation with his superiors about the purchase of new diskettes? No, not that. Even the stories of fellow teapots can not compete with the rapid retrospective discussion of some of the primitive-hit game. Yes, they say, have been playing in our time … and hereafter.

After all, what were the games! Magnificent creation, they have hurricane force presses them in a favorite chair in front of the monitor, drowned in the ocean depths of

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Unique and exceptionally rich Western Sayan mountain taiga in Khakassia, which operates Shor koopzveropromhoz.

Total area promhoza — 1932.1 thous. Hectares, of which 1454.6 thousand lesnaya-. Ha. The most valuable hunting grounds — coniferous forests occupy 760.8 thousand. Ha, dominated by cedar and fir. The average age of pine stands 160-180 years old, prevailing completeness of 0.6-0.8, in terms of growth cedar relate mainly to the III and IV quality class.

Quality cedar forest taxation the best way contribute to a broad collection of pine nuts. However, much rugged terrain, abundance of rocks, placers, lots of heavily cluttered sites and

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To save, you have to spend

The state program on energy conservation was adopted three years ago, and talk about saving energy in the country being particularly active in the last fifteen years. Relevance of the topic is clearly visible against the background of comparison to produce one dollar of GDP, in our country, spent half a kilogram of conventional fuel, while in the US — 260 gram, -170 in Sweden, and in comparable climate Canada — 300 grams. So Russia will definitely have something to strive for.


Foreign countries are thinking about the economy is not a good life, and after the first fuel

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Man of Marble

Life Karl Marx was like an adventure novel!

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that Karl Marx was a real person. For us it has long turned into a marble statue of a man with a strong head of hair, beard and large features. However, in the life of the founder of Marxism it was not at all like a marble monument.

Parents of the future philosopher were ethnic Jews, and belonged to a very noble rabbinic leave. But Heinrich Marx, later, and all his children, moved to Lutheranism in order to make a career lawyer in the city of Trier.

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Blooming gardens Kulunda steppe

Kulundinskie steppes are known for high yields, but less well known here and enemies of crops — dry winds, against which the collective and state farms lay shelterbelts.

Tree saplings of forest trees for this purpose grow Chistoozernoe plodopitomnichesky farm, Novosibirsk region. Initially, it was nursery. But since 1948 its staff grow trees of fruit crops. They reasoned: if there are growing elm and maple, why can not bloom and bear fruit apple tree?

Enthusiasts were among workers and professionals. Agronomists Koenig MD and ND Romanenko gave new cause of all the free time. Many have made tireless hands of

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Rulers of windows:

Bins are inexhaustible

Alex Fedorchuk continues to extract objects from the bins of history window managers, in support of the theme rooms.

The second half of the 90s — a period of rapid development of window managers: all the existing group of them (with one exception, which I will mention at the end of the article) emerged at this time. Including the most vivid, in my opinion, members of the family.

In the footsteps of legends

Who does not remember the old man Krupsk? Sorry, old man NeXT’a? But … come burn the NEP, and the names of the heroes

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Increase the production load of all apiaries

Beekeeping — an important sector of agricultural production Bashkortostan. On its territory there are more than 400 thousand bee families, including more than 219,000 in the collective and state farms.

Republic annually passes the state at a half-two thousand tons of good-quality honey, and this year, as of September 15, the consumer cooperatives in store 2179 tons of honey.

Bashkir honey is sent not only in Moscow, Leningrad and other large industrial cities of the Soviet Union, but also exported to Czechoslovakia, Cuba, Poland and other countries.

On apiaries and bee farms, most state and collective farms this year received

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In the seven years FINISH

Plodovinsovhoz «Almaly» Kurdayskogo district, organized in 1957. Before him was tasked to — during the years of the seven-year lay industrial garden area of ​​1600 hectares. This is a difficult task, but, as life has shown, it is quite doable.

Soil and climatic conditions of Chu valley in which the farm is located, as commissioned by the man created by nature to lay the garden. From the north and the northeast — the mountains, covering the flow of cold air masses; south and southwest — open valley with a rich and fertile land. Altitude 1100 meters. At this altitude fruit

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In artillery no room for error

— Vladimir Mikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy has more than 192 years of glorious history, rich traditions. Let’s start with how it was created a unique university as it develops …

— The idea of ​​establishing in Russia a military artillery academy belongs to Count Peter Shuvalov, went down in history as an outstanding statesman and military leader. He proceeded from the fact that Russia is experiencing an acute need for personnel able to interpret the military science. About military science Shuvalov said that it is necessary «as the reasonable soul is the body.» These words are no less relevant today.

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