Breakthrough air defense and training

To prepare crews interceptors and reconnaissance-bombers MiG-25 variants have been designed double and single MiG-25BM with anti-radar missiles Kh-58 and jammer used to break enemy air defenses.

Since interceptors and bombers-reconnaissance MiG-25 resolved completely different tasks and different composition of airborne equipment, the decision was made for them to develop a separate double educational modification.

The training version of the MiG-25PU went into production in 1969. The aircraft had dual controls and a system of negotiation crew cabins both equipment was performed by the type of interceptor, but due to the fact that the front cabin instructor actually took place

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Lily Collins in all respects, with the American ideal of a «golden girl» she is beautiful, rich, successful, sociable and always cheerful.

But a number of other young Hollywood beauties Lily stands out primarily for its dedication and indomitable energiey.Pust appearance it resembles a fairy princess, but in character and worldview Lily — a fighter, and starring prefers heroines, able to fight back.

In 2012, People magazine included Lily Collins in the top ten most beautiful women in the world. Meanwhile Movies appearance of Lily Collins is a lively debate about sobenno — her eyebrows. The actress is constantly

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Application of fertilizer in the gardens of the Non-

Research and practice of horticulture have shown that high yields of perennial plants can not be achieved without the extensive use of fertilizers, including mineral.

First of all, we should note the important role of organic fertilizers in horticulture the Non-where soils often have poor physical properties. Regular tillage, improving water and nutrient regimes plantings, at the same time (due to the aerobic decomposition of organic matter in the soil) leads to a gradual decrease in the content of humus in the soil and the deterioration of its physical properties. The soil at the content of fallow on average loses

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After the war

Postwar production of Yak-9, as well as the presence of a sufficiently large number of Yak-1, Yak-3 and Yak-7 enables up to 1950 to ensure the Air Force of the socialist countries a sufficient number of fighters.

B-end of World War II Yak actively delivers some Allied USSR. Training aircraft Yak-7B were put Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Mongolia and Poland. Albania also received a number of Yak-7. After the war continued mass production of Yak-9 — until 1948 it was produced about 2190 copies. The main goal was the Yak-9P (cannon) that came into production in 1946 and who had

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Qualifications Commission awarded the title of expert judges and a second category for all breeds of hunting dogs following comrades who have graduated from courses for dog handlers in 1961: JF Shishkov (Barnaul), GA Podyachevo (Vladivostok), GA Budylenko A. B. Geytsa, LM Kostyukova, RM Lobacheva AA Rovnina (Irkutsk), GV Osadchaya (Krasnoyarsk), AM Veselov (Kemerovo), VM Sergeev (Barrow ), JF Alekseev (Omsk), Grigoryev AT (Orenburg), AG Dultseva, PF Tarhaneevu (Sverdlovsk), IV Kudryasheva (Ulan-Ude)

AF Reshetnikov (Ufa), IA Teterin (Khabarovsk), BP Fedorov (Chelyabinsk).

Qualifications Commission awarded the title of expert judges and the second category of the following comrades prepared by


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First stop

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Summer — a paradise for music fan, but at the brightest IMPRESSIONS should go to Europe.

In Russia in the summer — the off-season, pause. However, in recent years it insistently violates the festival Valery Gergiev, and now the festival Mikhail Pletnev. But Europe’s classical music festivals are held in every more or less self-respecting city. They vary in size and characteristics. In Lucerne — Luxury parade symphony orchestras and chamber music. In Aix-en-Provence — the largest opera festival. One of the best opera houses — the Bavarian State Opera — gives its own festival in Munich. Named Richard


Panoramic lift in the St Petersburg HOME Mertens

House of Mertens.

The five-storey house Mertens — the administrative center of the adjoining store. In 2007-2008, the building completely renovated and modernized in accordance with the modern standards of office buildings. The project included, in particular, modernization and renovation of the old lift.

The building stands on the Nevsky Prospekt, the main street of St. Petersburg. In 1871 he became the owner of the fur trader FL Mertens. In the 1850s, on Nevsky, 50 he had a small shop, the businessman later opened a shop in the arcade, also on Nevsky Prospect. At the beginning of the XX

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Industry magazines — they are a different breed.

1952 we first started thinking about the trade publication, which would tell the industry about what the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC), about her plans for the future. Good monthly information was to increase the number of members of associations of contractors, then less than twenty. It was not the most opportune moment for a new venture — the United Nations, led by America since June 1950 took part in the Korean War. During the war, it turned out that Russia, our former ally in World War II, has become rather the enemy. The Chinese have also become

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Holiday maneuvers

I worked as a civilian military unit. Can the head at the conclusion of the employment contract as a separate item be possible to increase the length of the basic leave entitlement depending on the duration of his work (in years) at the same employer?

Ivan Victor.

Smolensk region

In accordance with Art. 116 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, employers considering its operational and financial capacity may independently establish additional leave for employees. The procedure and conditions of their provision are determined by collective agreements or local regulations are taken into account the opinion of elected

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