«Freedom House»: Belarus — in the midst of outsiders on the state of democracy

The document analyzes the compliance of 29 Democratic members of the electoral process standards, the system of central and local government, freedom of the press, corruption, justice, and a number of other characteristics. General state of democracy in the countries evaluated on a scale from 1 to 7 points: 1 index shows the highest state of democratic development, and 7 — of a smaller one. Best result are Central European countries that already were built or integrated into the European Alliance — from 1.82 (Slovenia) to 3:29 (Romania). But in some countries, there is a centrally deterioration of democratic processes.

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Is Belarus expects default?

"While we do not cope with the tasks that the president gave that first year to merit a positive balance in the external trade", — said the prime minister, Prime Minister».According to him it was different about the specific» and» sub specific prerequisites. Namely, it drew attention the lag in sales volumes of petroleum products» in the current year. In addition, in This year versus previous year Belarus needs $ 1 billion. Russian side to pay more for gas.

A few days reverse Lukashenko said that first year Belarus was on the verge of default. And now, him, deterioration in

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Gennady Pear — Guest on Freedom

Gennady Pear was born in 1950 in Minsk. He graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of the Belarusian State University, PhD. One of the organizers and active participants of the Belarusian Popular Front. Deputy Supreme Council 12 and 13 convocations. 1989 founder and longtime chairman of the Belarusian Charitable public organizations "Children of Chernobyl". During its own activities by assisting over two million inhabitants of Belarus, about 200 thousand babies were focused on the rehabilitation and improvement of many countries. — The most exciting topic in Belarus now — says Gennady Pear — this refusal of the authorities from the social

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In adjacent countries with Belarus encourage higher fertility rate?

UkraineOf all the adjoining states for the birth of more babies currently receive Ukrainian. Viktor Yushchenko after the Orange Revolution increment payments to 10 times, and at the moment this assistance is 1574 bucks. 627 bucks from their pay immediately after birth the baby, and the remaining amount — within a year. However, in Ukraine is comparable to other countries adjoining small monthly payment on the kid — about 20 bucks. Demographers have already summed up preliminary results of this growth. In the town of fertility while not significantly increased, but in rural areas have seen significant growth. LatviaThe attached

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U.S. Navy received the first RESTORED PLANE ORION

The American company L-3 gave the U.S. Navy first restored coastal patrol aircraft P-3C Orion, reports Flightglobal. Work on the aircraft were produced under applets maintenance, modifications and upgrades (SMIP) aircraft Orion. Agreement to restore P-3C, facing the U.S. Navy in 1971, was awarded to L-3 in 2011.   In total, over 147 SMIP must pass Orion aircraft of different options. Within applets aircraft repairs were made to the substitution of the wings of the details, check the technical state of the structure and the substitution of the onboard equipment. In November 2010, the U.S. Navy has decided to

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Bush associates communism and terrorism

Among those who came to the opening of the memorial, there were people who lived in communist countries in a more gloomy days when Russian Union Joseph Stalin ruled. Tonu Vanderer three o’clock drove from New Jersey to attend the ceremony. Before the arrival of Russian troops in Estonia, along with parents, brothers and sister, he left the country, and then his family» I moved to the United States."It was magic that we were able to take the train in Tallinn, and later on a ship to Germany."Installed in Washington bronze goddess with a torch in his hand — a

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AMERICANS ON PLANE tested clean biomass

November 7. U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) conducted joint tests jet Dassault Falcon 20 to 100 per cent biofuel. It is reported by Jane’s.   Tests were held on 29 October but was known about them only at the moment. As the newspaper notes, hitherto planes, which are experiencing other fuels refueled ordinary consistency and biofuels (usually in a ratio of one to one).   According to Jane’s, biofuels badged ReadiJet was granted by order of the U.S. Air Force companies Applied Research Associates (ARA) and Chevron Lummus Global (CLG).

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In other cases, the president prefers genre monologue

"Created in Minsk Research Institute of Party History of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks), which is affiliated with the Institute of Marx — Engels — Lenin — Stalin — reported in 1947," Russian Belarus. "- On Pachaliperaklady Byelorussian classic works of Marxism-Leninism, the development works and documents on the history of the CP (b) B. Sector translation institute established by edition Belarusian language short biography of Stalin, prepared for printing on whiteRussian language The first three volumes of the collected works of Lenin and Stalin three volumes of essays. "Under the heading "peaches moving to the North" "Banner of Youth" in

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In Gomel were their Kurapaty

Graves found using iron rods-fingered and mine detectors. Raised to the surface 10s of human remains.Search battalion platoon commander Lieutenant Bakhanovich presents the official version of the origin of mass graves of people:"Then, according to the newsletter and plan deemed disposal peaceful inhabitants times 2nd World War. We called here as servants prosecutors — investigator visited Gomel and sudmedekspert. They took human remains stagnant for examination."Gomel district commissar Vladimir Dorofeev also before the conclusion of the examination, the origin of the graves associated with the Gomel militias in 1941. But case unclear from whom the militia defended Gomel from the

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Drown their opponents in their blood

"Star" in 1927 in connection with the murder of Russian diplomats in Warsaw Voykova writes: "Workers and employees 1st dyarzhdrukarni express deepest indignation and resolute protest against brash antics mercenaries international capitalism … We know that does not suit the worker-peasant government to succumb to fascist provocation. But the patience of the broad masses of workers and peasants can come to an end. Lead the army is ready to protect the world’s only worker-peasant republic. "Under the heading "Drown opponents in their own blood" "Proletarians of Vitebsk" in 1937 he reported: "Yesterday at Vitebsk enterprises, steel road, crowded parts of

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