The aircraft, which flaps its wings, invented by Leonardo da Vinci, And 525 years later, it rose into the air, Canadian students.

The name stuck together from the Greek word «bird» and «wing» because the ornithopter flying like a bird rather than an airplane: Stay in the air due to strokes rather than rotating turbine or jet exhaust. The idea is credited with Leonardo da Vinci, whose outline drawing is dated 1485 year.

A model called «Snowbird» («snow bird») also does not pollute the atmosphere, unlike airplanes or helicopters because it is driven by the muscles of the pilot.

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One of fourteen.

A handful of young artists, the poor, the helpless, weak, suddenly made a deal that would fit unless giants and strongman. She turned upside down all the old order and the relationship and threw off the ancient traps. It was the dawn of a new art …

Stasov 1878.

Proc. In the evenings close little room on Vasilyevsky Island was filled with cheerful noise and cigarette smoke. Dimly lit candles from the samovar exuded a cozy warmth. The owner of the apartment, Ivan Kramskoy, energetic, thin young man, walked around the room excitedly. The young people who came to

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About the Foundation for Housing Reform

Max Waxman, CEO Scherbinsky Elevator Plant

Speech at the XIV National Congress of the elevator industry workers

I would like to analyze some of the problems faced by producers of lifts, and most importantly, try together to find solutions to the issues that are preventing our further work.

We know that today every third lift in Russia has fulfilled its 25-year regulatory period. In other words, from working in the country now 450 thousand 150 thousand elevators require replacement or extensive modernization.

The situation is complicated by the fact that comes, I would say, the peak age of lifts:

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On the timing of planting grapes

C 1948, I grow grapes in the garden. First planted seedlings in the spring, and since 1956 — in the fall.

Plants put in a deep, well-loosened the pit, and they find themselves in a saucer-depth, below the surface of the soil at 7-8 cm.

In terms Rasskazovsky production management, Tambov region, with the autumn planting grapes I had better take root and grow well in the spring. The first summer they give a gain of 80 — 100 centimeters (40-50 cm in the spring). The vine ripens fully and shrubs well overwinter in the soil layer of shelter

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Feeling lucky?

Special serial numbers on some Federal Reserve notes prosperity to owner according to Asian cultures

Good fortune is something many people only wish for but some paper money collectors know where they can actually find it.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has been offering a Lucky Money/Prosperity Collection of products for the past seven years. These specially packaged items have Federal Reserve notes with serial numbers that have numerals that are considered by Asian cultures to bring prosperity and good fortune to the owner.

Some of the products are $1 Lucky Money notes, $2 Double Lucky Money sets, $5

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Feeding pregnant cattle

Every year, I attend a field day hosted by the Government-owned Landcorp called Beef Cows 4 Profit. Its intention is to lift the productivity and profitability of its beef breeding herds by studying its population of around 30,000 Angus cows.

I have found the research tremendously interesting, primarily because the local farm — Takakuri, near Kaeo (the other two are on the East Coast and in South Otago)- is not dissimilar to mine in terms of its climate, terrain, soil types and pasture composition.

Such field days are of value to anyone with any number of animals and I encourage

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The new rules of functioning of retail electricity markets: a look through the eyes of consumers

The main consumers of JSC «Energoinvest» are large industrial enterprises. Usually, electricity takes a significant share in the cost structure of their products (10.3%), and the change in the situation in the electricity market can have a significant impact on their activities. This article presents the most pressing problems faced by large electricity consumers in an uncertain market.

The electricity reform formally ended with the onset of 2011, when they were finally «released» the retail price of electricity. In fact, since 2011 the situation in the industry is characterized by the regular updating of legislation and the subsequent change

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This summer, the US company Motus finally revealed the production version of its much-touted sportturera MST. Recall that this machine is equipped with a unique power plant — designed on the model of the large automobile longitudinal V8 V-shaped «Quartet», a working volume of 1650 cm3 and 160 hp, with a sucker rod (OHV) drive top flaps. Equipping the machine — at a high level: adjustable suspension, brakes Brembo, forged wheels, color LCD display as dashboard. However, the price to match: $ 30 795. At the same time the company introduced version MSTR with uprated to

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Music News

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Participant DESTINY’S CHILD KELLY Rowland by storm hits NEW R’N’B-album. And very successfully

R’n’B lovers rejoice: one member of the famous trio Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland, is the fourth studio album Talk a Good Time! The first single from the album, Kisses Down Low, has already become a hit and did conquer the world charts. Kelly clear voice combined with juicy bass and fashionable electronic arrangements so touches the soul that Talk a Good Time I want to put on repeat endlessly! The work on the plate participated rappers Wiz Khalifa and Pusha T. Kelly and

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Inexhaustible image.

Light Workshop on Scissors, full of flowers and sculptures in the center — a huge Pushkin. In his hand — a quill, he wrote poetry. I was a schoolboy, and loved to go to the shop to his mother. I really liked the Pushkin, a lively and bright, surrounded by flowers and sunlight. Later, I saw him in the halls of the Pushkin Museum in Prechistenka, where he somehow became more severe and significant, but was just as alive and free.

…But I do not want for others, to die,

I want to live, to think and suffer, Veda,

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