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S0 May — eighth anniversary of the disaster in Nyamiha

Most of those who managed to miraculously escape from this "hell", hitherto painfully tragedy. In her own lost friends or relatives — such events are usually strolling companies. …Olga, then BSU student, has already been buried under bodies. It was only then that her boy kept himself and until recently did not let go of her hand, eventually allowed to get out from under the already limp body. But again relive those minute, even in his memoirs, she did not want: "To be honest, not really hunting. Again Just to talk about it — it all once again to survive.

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Malady remain at large

Activist of "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka received a warning. Activists recognized guilty of participation in an unregistered organization. So makarom activists "Young Front" remain at large.Present at the scene before the tribunal Russian foreign diplomats in an interview with Radio Liberty Comment out the sentence Malady.U.S. salting Karen Stewart hoped that may soon go free political prisoners in including favorite "Young Front" Dashkevich. After, as all political prisoners would be released, will likely dialogue with the Belarusian authorities on bringing Belarusian legislation in conformity with the norms of international law, said Ms. Stewart.Head of the OSCE mission in Minsk Ake

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Specifically Sevyarinets many are willing to create the newest favorite youth organization (1997)

Body palitupravlennya Belarusian Military Area "Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1927 on the strip "Reddish border guard" writes: "In the outpost was not a musical instrument. And without this at the border completely bad. Eventually, they decided on their own funds to buy a gramophone. Said — made . And life went quite differently. Comes with a post on the board — here already gramophone plays. Notwithstanding lethargy, from time to time he starts dancing. was more fun. ""Fatherland" on this week 1957 gives the word Stanislav Stankevich, who in the 40th anniversary of the death of a day or Maxim Bogdanovich

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Repressed shared their experiences with youth

Reporter: "We go into the Grodno Company Belarusian schools, there will be a round table dedicated to the victims of political repression in Belarus. Already young people gathered, some senior people in the room just over forty people. Leads a meeting historian Edward Dmukhovskyy and starts a conversation roundtable Hist. Ales Smolenchuk.Smolenchuk "From time to time you can hear: killed in Byelorussia and Western Belarus Poles carried out repression and also repressed Belarusians. Indeed, the policy of the Polish country was a policy of oppression of the Belarusian, it certainly. But still equate impossible here of Belarusian activists were killed

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In Moscow, opened a global forum of journalists

Congress, which takes place every three years, is the most presentable meeting of journalists in the world. It brought together about 1,000 delegates and guests, representing about half a million members of the International Federation of Journalists from 100 countries.At a meeting in Moscow discusses the problems and safety of journalists — said the chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia Vsevolod Bogdanov."Speaking at the Congress will go on several fronts: decent working conditions for journalists and their right to social protection, protection of journalists’ lives. One of the important topics, and perhaps the most basic — it must

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Alenia Aermacchi and ATK will soon have to start tests onboard 30mm cannon MK44 Aircraft MC-27J Spartan «Ganship» uttered November 28 industry representatives.   Speaking at a conference in London, Irregular Warfare, vice president of special projects in the U.S., England and Turkey, Benjamin Stone (Benjamin Stone) said that ground tests gun already completed tests on board the aircraft will begin in January 2013. He is not referred to a specific location where the tests, but noted that they will be held in the United States.   ATK MK44 Bushmaster, not so long ago chosen USAF GAU-23 cannon armament

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What prazdnichek will celebrate border guards in a year?

The total length of state border of Belarus — 3.5 thousand kilometers. Belarus borders with Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania and Latvia. The most significant portion — with the Russian Federation: almost 1,300 km. Specifically, this "transparent" piece soon comes in a number of more problematic. "Transparent" border — shutConstruction so called Union countries in practice proved to fiction and the border crossing at the moment takes time, even more than with euroallied Lithuania and Latvia. This says truckers Sergey Gusev: "I carry loads from Belarus to Russia, have difficulties. In time Belarus is unclear for what (the bureaucrats then wonder?)

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Vitaly Supranovich: I believe in the Belarusian music

In 1994 I became interested in the Belarusian music. In 1996, we released the first CD of Belarusian rock music "Free Dance: listen to your!" And organized the first concerts. Already Belarusian Belarusian-drives have several hundred.Because I believe in what I do. I believe in the Belarusian music in its power to influence the minds of people do flegmantichnyh sincere people of Belarusians. How, in principle, and came with me."I was born here", "balloon", "God Almighty", "The Edge You’re my land" — these products will not leave flegmantichnymi. I believe in myself, in their own strength. Believe that I can

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What abilities next year to study in Belarusian schools in Minsk

In Minsk gymnasium and school Belarusian language training there in the neighborhood robin, Serebryanka Kuntsevshchina on Independence Avenue and in other areas. In This year give your own kid in grades Belarusian language Learning wished more parents than in the past. Teachers explain this desire to give her child a quality education. Managing the Minsk branch of the Society of Belarusian schools Christina Vitushko one of the reasons the growing number of parents who try to give kids in Belarusian schools, names of parents age. These are the people who caught the changes in society in the late 80’s —

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Oil loss affected the money Belarus

Huge loss-making foreign trade first deputy prime minister explained to the reduction of Belarusian exports. In particular, it is felt at sales outside of gasoline, fuel oil and other products from crude oil.These words confirm the conclusions of those professionals, which read, Belarus to incur huge loss of oil than gas.Vladimir Semashko reminded that Alexander Lukashenko requests this year a positive and not a negative foreign trade balance:"But we are still very far from being in This year get a positive balance of foreign trade size 500-600 million U.S. dollars. Specifically this puzzle we have put in the main indicators

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