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Foreign Ministry confirmed term Ahmadinejad’s visit

According to the manager of the press service Alexander Lukashenko Paul Light, hold talks Presidents of Belarus and Iran.Iran, against the decisions of the UN Security Council does not stop its nuclear program from. Belarus sells weapons to Iran and military-technical equipment that has drawn criticism from Western countries.Alexander Lukashenko visited Iran in December 2003 and in November 2006. And in September 2004 an official visit to Belarus then Iranian President Mohammad Khatami.

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Yu.Mitskevich: Homophobia in Belarus is still very strong

In 1993, of the Belarusian Criminal Code excluded articles related to the persecution of homosexuality. But sexy Belarusian minorities have always acted in the criteria underground.Middle of the 1990s years wasof several attempts to register with the Ministry of Justice of Belarus league sexy equality "Lambda". Unsuccessful.Tried to arrange in Minsk in 2000, International Festival of gays and lesbians, but most of the festival events then forbade. In 2001, the capital hosted the first and only gay pride parade.Previously carried out in the crowded party Minsk club "Babylon." But since December 20, 2005 Belarusian League sexy equality "Lambda" announced the

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Air India to join «STAGE unprecedented modernization»

As expected, the Indian Air Force in the current fiscal year will conclude contracts for the acquisition of foreign military aircraft and helicopters for a total amount of 25 billion U.S. dollars.   These include the long-awaited signing of the contract for the purchase of 126 fighters functional (20 billion dollars), 3 aircraft for special operations C-130J, 22 attack helicopters, Boeing Apache Longbow (1,2 миллиардов dollars), 15 transport helicopters languid Boeing CH Chinook (1,4 миллиардов dollars) and 6 European refueling aircraft A-330 MRTT (2 billion dollars).   «Air Force entered the unprecedented step of modernization. Ability of military aircraft will

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Guest on Freedom — Valery Kostka

He supplies KGB lieutenant colonel. Has four higher education. After graduating from the Military Academy named after Dzerzhinsky served in missile troops. Then he graduated from two more schools in counterintelligence and outdoor exploration. BSU went to law school after, as received from the deputies of the 12th convocation invitation to join the development of the concept of reforming the KGB. Thesis — "The management of state security." Knows the language Pashto.In 1993, for the democratic gaze had resign. With addition time worked alongside Gennady Karpenko: business manager Molodechno executive committee, assistant Deputy Chairman Supreme Council. All years after perdition

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Affects the unity of the ROC on the situation in Belarus?

Thought Association of Churches has appeared in 1980, and dense negotiations in this direction lasted since 2003, says a representative of the Belarusian Exarchate, Archimandrite Alexis Shinkevich. Signing of the contract he calls a very fundamental event in the life of the church:"For us it is very, very positive development in the life of the church in the XXI century. I believe that the quality of life in the church Belarus is will have such a significant impact. But the general mood will be very decent, solemn. "Russian Orthodox Church Abroad Russian emigres made plain in time of war. Then

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Paul gave Seviarynets stay

Regular holiday for "palithimika" had to start on 8 May. After receiving permission, Seviarynets off for the day to his parents, but soon, by order of the commandant’s office, it must return to the place of punishment.According to Paul, the authorities chose not to give him the other day, days of rest Victory.More from others for the reason indignant grandfather policy Seviarynets Paul. Pavel Petrovich — a war invalid. In 1944, during the battle for the liberation of Belarus, he was seriously wounded and returned to the front without legs. Currently Paul Seviarynets ’83. He lives in the village Vnorytsa

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Negoreloye concert was broadcast around the Russian Union.

"Star", the year 1937. Newspaper reports of Negoreloye: "Who came from abroad participating international Ysaye Violin Competition in Brussels, David Oistrakh, Misha Fihtengolts Lisa Gilels, Marina Kazalupava and Busia Goldstein … Russian violinists … guards came to meet and work Negoreloye. When crowded hall favorite contest gave a concert. Concert with Negoreloye broadcast around Russian Union . "On the pages of "the Red Configuration" in 1967 secretary of the Komsomol organization Polotsk fleet F.Volkav are counting: "When laying cable across the road digging a trench. Through some time it settles and appears pit — the scourge of transport. Our Komsomol

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SUSPENDED IN RUSSIA WORK ON hypersonic aircraft

Specialists recognize futile controlled hypersonic flights — one of the beloved projects Dmitry Rogozin Directly behind the Yankees Our homeland has rejected the idea of ​​a manned hypersonic flight (speeds over Mach 5) in the atmosphere. Back in 2003, Boeing turned designers develop manned hypersonic aircraft model X-43, making it unmanned.   Russian project Gael (hypersonic experimental aircraft), he’s Kh-90 Machine-Building Design Bureau (ICB) «Rainbow» in Dubna near Moscow, stopped indefinitely.   An informed source in the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI), who conducted the study on wind-tunnel project Gael said «News» that first starts the X-90 was planned in

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E.Rakovoy: For though what index should be handled carefully

Expert Global Bank Svetlana Bagudinava explains why the bank gave the highest ratings are Belarus. Bagudinava: "This year, as in the past, the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, ahead of other regions in terms of reform. We also look fascinating phenomenon — the reforms are directed to the East. This year, four new countries in the region — this is Albania, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus were among the favorites for reform.Belarus this year was one of the most active reformers this year. I should like to note reform in developing new companies — a "single window" for the

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In Grodno opened an exhibition devoted to Eliza Azheshtsy

Organized an exhibition of the Society of Grodno and the inhabitants of Vilnius to Warsaw under the auspices of the General Mission of the Republic of Poland in Grodno. The exhibition features more than 60 photos and drawings Grodno and circles, where she worked there loved to play writer: Kolozha, brigitok monastery, Bogatyrevichi, Minavichy, Parish Church, in which she was married … See how curiously examines exhibits guest of Mrs. Wanda Renik Warsaw, vice-chairman Company Grodno and Vilnius inhabitants in Warsaw. She was born in Grodno and lived here until 1939 street Grandichskoy, which is presently named M. bitter. Mrs.

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