Not as humans.

Hot Rod — not the only option that can be done with the machine in the presence of desire, as well as gold (hands or mountains). Here are two ways customizing and iron evidence that it can be done in our country.

Lowriders Chevrolet Impala El Rey

If the hot-kind appearance sacrifice driving performance machine, vlouraydere the contrary, the main thing is not how the car is going, and how it looks. In the photo the best lowrider 2011 and 2012 according to SEMA (Speciality Equipment Market Association / Auto International, Los Angeles).

1ISTORIYA you to understand why such

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OUR STRENGTH-in public

I. Bobkin, deputy chairman of the Society of Serpukhov hunter

Serpukhov district by the abundance of game, of course, can not compete with the deep areas of the North and Siberia. It is situated not far from Moscow, along and across the railroad tracks is cut and highways. Serpukhov during the years of Soviet power has grown into a major industrial center, its population has increased many times over. We have no unexplored virgin forests and open spaces. Nevertheless, our hunters can not complain about the scarcity of land Serpukhov. The hunting season is almost no one comes back

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Our contribution to the development of horticulture

Vinnytsia region — the largest area of ​​Horticulture of the Ukrainian SSR. There is only collective and state farms, there are more than 52 thousand perennial plants, from which the state buys more and more fruits, berries, grapes and products. A significant role in this important matter plays farm «Bilkey» Gaysinsky production management.

Our gardens occupy 999 hectares of which 360 hectares of fruit-bearing. Over the past ten years the collective of the farm grows an average per hectare of pome fruit crops 89.4 quintals, 58.4 stone, berries 22.2 quintals. Gross harvest of fruit pome crops increased from 2979

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Everything favours WP.

Western Province’s history of success at Port Elizabeth Golf Club, the coastal conditions, plus their experienced line-up, makes them favorites at the 52nd Interprovincial.

Eight different provinces have won titles (A and B sections) in the last five Interprovincials. Western Province and KwaZulu-Natal have each won twice going back to 2007, and there have been once-off triumphs in the different divisions for Central Gauteng, Gauteng North, Boland, Free State, Southern Cape and Limpopo.

While it’s encouraging to see the medals being spread around the country, it’s also an indication of how the tradition-ally stronger provincial unions have struggled to build

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SCIENCE leaves

This year the Russian team, «Formula 1» MARUSSIA Fl TEAM THE FIRST RUSSIAN SPONSOR: its official partner became the largest BOOKMAKER COMPANY «LEAGUE BET». What made «LEAGUE BET» to invest in this prestigious, but technically complex and non-traditional RUSSIA SPORT.

His first car I bought in 14 years — stunned almost unreal fact of life in the Soviet schoolboy honorary president of the «League Betting» Oleg Zhuravsky. — It was a «Zhiguli», «three rubles,» VAZ 2103 «.

Money for the purchase he collected himself, but still had to ask for help from the parents. So motorsports — a long-standing

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Handbook metalworker alcoholic.

1st of May

The seventh studio album Led Zeppelin album ‘Presence’ reached number one in 1976.

On the day of solidarity of workers around the world in 1977, the year of the classics of British punk Clash accompanied by no less than classic Buzzcocks began to tour the legendary ‘White Riot’.

Celebrities and viewers on edge teeth on all drive Aerosmith ‘Get A Grip’ (1993), reached number two in the UK.

May 2

Born a Lou Gramm, who later had the good fortune to tear the throat in hard rock star band Foreigner.

In 1986, Judas Priest began their

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Moscow lifts replace the hands of professionals

Two months have passed from the time when the Department of overhaul of the housing stock of the city of Moscow has launched a broad program announced replacement of elevators, which resulted in the Muscovites will have modern, comfortable, safe, energy-efficient elevators, relevant technical regulations «On the safety of elevators.»

As reported in early February, the Moscow government decided not to spend money on a partial modernization of old elevators, and replace them with new ones. These are the procedural requirements for the upgrade of elevator equipment makes technical regulations.

This year, all will be replaced by 3718 lifts, the

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Multihull hives — the young staff

First of all, I want to share his success with his teammates. Five years ago, my wife and I served 100 bee colonies. Last year already 145 and received from them 9.5 tons of marketable honey. Season 1963 also brought us satisfaction: apiary gave 185 families au pair

9 tons of marketable honey. In addition, we have increased the apiary of 35 families and 32 in the winter allowed nucleus with extra queens.

It is known that a good honey harvest is possible to obtain only from strong families. To build strength of bee colonies to bribe the chief

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MASTER of the collective farm BEE

A short distance away from the central manor of collective farm in the fertile garden, there are a small overhead winterer and bee house. This apiary farm «Victory», Kromskoy District. Who quiet here. Hives demolished winterer. But beekeeper Tsvetukhin Musatov concerns nothing less than the summer. It is necessary to look after the «Trust» to next summer again was a good honey harvest, and from spring to autumn bee tirelessly worn in cell fragrant nectar, giving the beekeeper for all his efforts and care.

Pasechnik Tsvetukhin began in 1953 after the merger of seven smaller farms. The collective farm was

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Elevator Russia needs a federal program

Elevators in Russia must be changed.

Not everything, of course, but the number of machines requiring immediate replacement is very impressive. Experts have counted in the country almost 160 thousand of old, worn-out, exhausted all their resources and do not meet modern safety requirements — generally hackneyed and tortured lifts.

And the number of them from year to year continues to grow.

According to forecasts, in three years they will be about twice as much.

Until now, almost all regions solve the problem spontaneously. Only in the Moscow Region has adopted a program replacing the elevators, which successfully implemented.

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