June alley memory …

Tsyganovich: "Walk we had. There, on the square. And presently all povyrezali. Erected buildings — and everything."This pensioner Maria Tsyganovich. I talked with her on arrival in June. From the tip of the village move to the center.Area here is called the center of town, the area in front of the executive committee.At the moment, in an area of Chervene was only monument to Lenin.The priest of the local evangelical church Misha Glushko sure to stand on the square remained long:"Talking about, man to elevate and perpetuate his name, the Bible is strictly prohibited. I believe that Lenin will be

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In the case of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant construction newest factor is outdated

The planned construction of a nuclear power plant price — 2.5-3 billion dollars per two units on tysche megavat. By 2025, the number of such units will increase to 4. As operational areas considered options Chaussky Shklovsky and Mogilev regions. Chaussky option Geological Survey seems prettier. But as stated Head of the department of personnel work Chaussy executive committee Vladimir Zelenkov, still no conviction: "At the present day situation is uncertain. That station to be built, so it’s a fact. One of the pads, and may even be available in basically it will have. While we all listened to the

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Innovations T-50 PAKFA management system and weapons bays — Aviation Week

August 19 recognizable aviation expert, editor of the magazine Aviation Week Svitmen Bill (Bill Sweetman) published a great article about the innovations that have been applied in the design of a promising fighter Russian fifth-generation T-50 PAKFA (material provided with some cuts — approx. «VP»). First time in public mock T-50 appeared on Capital International Air Show in 2011 (while the plane made around 100 test flights, starting with the first held in January 2010). 5th layout should climb into the sky at the end of the year. First municipal acceptance tests should begin in 2014, mass production in 2015.

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Yeltsin: dissolution of the CPSU, Viskuli Chechnya, union state

Boris Yeltsin (born in 1931) made his career in the Communist Party, was the first secretary of the Sverdlovsk Regional Party Committee and the Metropolitan, candidate member of the Politburo. In 1987, after a conflict with the General Secretary of the CPSU Misha Gorbachev was removed from the Politburo.In the spring of 1989 triumphantly defeated on Election of People’s Deputies of the USSR, was co-chair (together with Andrei Sakharov) Interregional Deputy Group, which sought to democratize the Soviet Union. Belarus to the team included Vasil Bykov Ales Adamovich, Alexander Dobrovolsky, Viktor Kornienko, Sergei Gabrusev Yuri Voronezhcev, Stanislav Shushkevich. Later there

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Sivakova not to prosecute

The reason for the appeal to the court was the publication in the journal Yuri Sivakov Association "magazine special purpose."Article Creator gave a positive assessment of the honor code officer in Hitler’s army. Frunze District Tribunal did not consider that these statements sovereign Sivakou offended honor and dignity Valentina Svyatskov.Minsk City tribunal confirmed the decision now. Oh, so this is representative of the association commented Albert Tayyip:"If we have the opportunity and raised the patriotic feelings V.Svyatskoy, then on behalf of the sovereign Sivakova, and on behalf of the association, we asked for her forgiveness even in the district court.Coupled

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AD-1 aircraft with variable sweep wing asymmetrically «scissors»

South American aircraft designer Burt recognizable (Elbert Leander «Burt» Rutan), recognized during the life of a genius (he’s only 69 years old at the moment). He did not KB and employs thousands of people and without a huge financial concepts 367 aircraft, and 45 of them climbed into the sky. One of his creations is a unique aircraft Ames-Dryden AD1. Swept wing design allows the aircraft to fly at subsonic and supersonic speeds, even at the expense of the least efficient operations at low speeds. Introduction of variable sweep allowed to make a number of revolutionary aircraft, such as

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By car Inna Cooley wrote Thanks for Education

Wife of Alexander Milinkevich believes that this action is directed against applets Kalinouski. With this many applets Belarusian students expelled from Belarusian universities for his role in political action, were able to continue their education in the European institutions. According to spokesman Paul Milinkevich Mazhejka incident indicates luck applets, specifically because it causes nervous reaction power. This is not the first similar case. In This year March 25 unknown poured acid favorite car united democratic Alyaksandr Milinkevich. And in November last year Lida his car painted the greenish and reddish paint. It came out during the campaign "Local Elections."

Declassified report on the fall of the atomic bomb in the United States in 1961

U.S. authorities to declassify information about the fall of the strategic bomber B-52 Stratofortress with 2 hydrogen bombs Mk.39 (W39) on board in North Carolina in 1961, reports The Guardian. As a result, the disaster in which three people were killed, almost one of the bombs exploded, the power of which was four megatons. Report on the results of the investigation catastrophe was prepared in 1969, but has been kept secret. B-52 makes flying January 23, 1961 as part of Operation Coverall to simulate over-alert strategic divisions of the country. When the lumen of the city of Goldsboro, North Carolina

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Bagpipe Festival — 2007 +

Listen: On Actually it — 4th Festival bagpipes. The first two were held in 1992 and 93 years, performed their old masters — Uladimer Puzynya Ales Zhurov Todor Kashkurevich Ales Elk. A later 13 years was break. The older generation of pipers showed a master class and began to engage in research activities. But brand new generation has grown: in parks, Minsk corners spontaneously formed whole Belarusian bagpipe competitions (in Kupala park for Natsyyanalany library attracts young people and dance to the bagpipes). Because in the past year be successfully conducted a third festival.On this festival participants knows one of

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Last time Rzeczpospolita

Listen: Heat slept for Nieman uniformly pale lights burst into the open window of the alien fighter equal steps. They hammered nails into Tipo glowing brain king. Stanislaw August Poniatowski can not sleep. In my head disturbing thoughts. He knows that tomorrow will be approved by the Diet treatise with Russia, and means big country 2-majestic peoples virtually end its existence. Recently the Russian salting Sievers laid before him a typical solitaire, who from the deputies and that he would vote. He knows who and how many paid or promised to pay for the consent. There, they are higher Crown

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