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Mogilev commemorated Tishka Gartnogo

Says one of the organizers, managing urban white society organizationsRussian language Oleg Diachkov:"Usually at the application site burial Tishka Gartnogo representatives gather for Mogilev public Radunitsa. But we made an exception, because This year 70 years from the death of a day or Tishka Gartnogo. "In 1930 Dmitry Zhylungovicha expelled from the party. In 1936 he was arrested, and in 1937 was christened on the mental level unhealthy. April 7, 1937 it was positioned in the Mogilev clinic.The official version Tishka Gartny died April 12, 1937 in Mogilev psychiatric clinic. Historians cite witnesses catastrophe: by apvedav, driven content in the

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Wreath Memory: Lucian Pavlik

Lucian Pavlik was born December 21, 1913 close Seldtsov located on the side of Brest — now on the ground in Poland.In 1938 he arrived in Vilnius to end priestly studies, and even during the occupation was appointed to serve in the parish on Mershchyne. Immediately after the war he was appointed abbot of the monastery in the convent in Druya Marians.Knows the writer, editor of the Catholic magazine for kids "Little Knight of the Immaculate" Ira Zharnasiek:"He took with all the enthusiasm to renovate this beautiful our sanctuary. He put it four years, and in 1948, when it was

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Figure a day or 782 cases of corruption in the first quarter of the year

This figure is now led Attorney General Peter Miklashevich, speaking House of Representatives.According to him, in comparison with the last quarter last year the number of such crimes decreased over quarter. This said that, surprisingly, fewer corruption crimes recorded in This year in Minsk and Minsk region, and the largest — in the Vitebsk region.

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Accomplished online conference with the artist Alexei Marochkin

Alexei Marochkin born March 10, 1940 in the village of clericalism Cherikov district, Mogilev region. Graduated from Vitebsk Pedagogical Institute (1962), the Belarusian Theatre and Art Institute (1972). Taught in the Belarusian Academy of Arts. One of the founders of the art» association "Pursuit." He was a member of the organizing committee Belarusian Popular Front "Revival", made October 19, 1988.Not so long ago accomplished presentation of the 1st of the last works by the artist — paintings "Area". In an interview with "Freedom" Alexei Marochkin said: "On today’s show" Chase "I gave a" cool "product -" For elegant victory, or

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Why did the authorities intercept opposition slogans?

During the presidential campaign 2001 nationwide there were concerts of Russian and Belarusian pop stars "For Belarus".This year, on March 25, a day Will, about the State Library and in the airport area concerts staged under the motto "For Independent Belarus".And the Belarusian Republican Youth Alliance announced a "Chernobyl Way".Political analyst Vitaly Silitski convinced:"If three things -" For Belarus "," For Independent Belarus "," Chernobyl Way "- this is the trend. Yavna And the trend. Here it is not only that just pull a slogans. Here is a simple desire to" destroy "the place and keep her opposition.No value in

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Brest tribunal in eliminating old town

Department of Justice is considering a lawsuit Brest Regional Tribunal. Justice Department asks the Elimination public associations "Old city", as it has no constant office space, and the statute does not spelled this brand new norm, as the "subject of the organization."With all this bureaucrats explained to members of the council organization that it means. Not accepted and explanations about that "old town" in the address there is a legal newspaper "Brest Courier" and constant space for the organization’s simply not necessary.Girlfriend says council organization "old city" Anastasia Ilina, who was present at the hearing:"There was a debate, the facts

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These people call themselves patriots, patriots, but this is not done by

"In the commune of Porzecki. Shymelun Rotnitse wants to recycle their own faithful sheep on Lithuanians, — reported in 1927 Grodno" Dziennik Kresowy ". — During his journey around the parish, he appeals to people only in Lithuanian, but when he hears protests parishioners that they This language does not realize he reads them in Belarusian, from time to time in Russian, while the Polish language has very badabout. This happens on the cross, where up roitstsa against various instigators who are struggling with the Polish statehood. Long even our government will look at it flegmantichno? "In 1937, "Vitebsk proletarians"

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E-2D Advanced Hawkeye

  Command of the French Navy wants to acquire the U.S. aircraft far superior deck Airborne Warning and Control E-2D Advanced Hawkeye, reports Jane’s. French Navy plans to take the new aircraft into service in the 2025-2026 year. E-2D will have to change in the composition of the French Navy carrier-based aircraft obsolete aircraft AWACS E-2C Hawkeye.   According to the preparatory solution, the substitution of new Hawkeye E-2D will be executed one by one, in other words instead of 3 older aircraft will buy three new France. In general, the volume of purchases in the future may be increased.

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Head of the Belarusian border guards relieved of his duties

April 10 Alexander Lukashenko his decree freed Alexander Pavlovsky as chairman of the Municipal Committee of Border Troops.Official sources report that Lieutenant General Pavlovsky will be dismissed from military service.Circumstances of the resignation of Alexander Pavlovsky a post which he held for over 10 years, do not report.Belarusian journalist Vyacheslav Boutkevitch, which is practiced on the dilemmas of Belarus abroad, says only one version of the resignation:"I have only one version for now — he recently turned 50 5 years, and it could just send me an honorable retirement. And that in Brest and Grodno underwent trials of border guards

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