Lazovsky reserve

On the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, in the south-eastern spurs of the mountain range of Sikhote-Alin, 35 in 1935, was created a branch of the Sikhote-Alin Reserve. The area of ​​protected area of ​​150 thousand hectares of the South Ussuri taiga mountain. 5 years later, in 1940, the government decided to declare an independent branch of the state reserve of national importance.

The purpose of the organization of the reserve — the preservation and study of natural systems liana coniferous-deciduous forests of Southern Primorye, protection and restoration of reserves found in them valuable and rare animals, including mountain,

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The cubic structure

"Welcome to Iceland — last line of the pop culture!" This road sign is sorely missed on the road from the international airport in Keflavik. When you look at the harsh rocky landscape surrounding Reykjavik, Iceland — here fresh snow adjacent to the blue-black spots of lava and from the horizon against a gray winter sun rises ridge fallen asleep, but still threatening-looking volcano before that sometimes appear white clouds of steam from the fed indomitable energy land of geysers, — it is difficult to believe that this country is able to produce anything rhythmic. However, in a small

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Red Garden

This name is given to specialized farms in the Rostov region.

— It’s a good farm — assured me at the Rostov Regional Committee of the Communist Party — it is a member of the Exhibition of Achievements of the national economy. Organized in 1932. Gardens there! Yes, you go, you will see.

Recommendation given to the farm, inspired me and I forget about a thirty-heat, immediately I went to this farm.

On the territory of the farm goes Azov irrigation canal, which draws cool nice and pleasing to the eye wildflowers, interspersed by green shores. The gardens here

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Curiosity: one year on

In August 2012, the most ambitious robotic vehicle ever devised landed on Mars on a mission to probe the Red Planet for signs of past and present habitability. Twelve months on we speak to the team’s deputy project scientist about Curiosity’s accomplishments so far, and what it’ll be doing in the next year

Written by Jonathan O’Callaghan

On 6 August 2012 the world watched in awe as a rover the size of a car descended to the surface of Mars under a rocket-powered contraption and touched down. Almost a decade in the making, the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), better known

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THIS YEAR EVE Herzigova was 40 years old, but her profession, nothing has changed — it’s still supermodel. FOR MARIE CLAIRE she presents her theory that beauty — is the internal state, based on the ability to be happy

Twenty years ago, sixteen Eve came from Litvinov in Paris. With the same energy and enthusiasm she took a dozen castings a day — and each was a fresh smile. Sport girl, she came this city far and wide, yet not reached its first fashion show. It was at that time, the French Marie Claire invited Eve to shoot (photo —

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A kaleidoscope of change in telecom

Over the past few months in telecommunications was a large number of movements of top managers. We decided to just record them as facts.

Director General of FSUE «Mail of Russia» became Dmitry scary. Previously, he headed one of the largest cellular operators in the country the company «Tele2 Russia.» «Dmitry scary appointed Director General of FSUE Russian Post by order of Russian Ministry of Communications of 19 April 2013,» the ministry said.

Earlier it was reported that the government intends to fire the former head of «Mail of Russia» Alexander Kiselev. Shortly before his dismissal there was a

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How was hit?

Track: «We together» Artist: Valery Music by Sergey Galoyan Lyrics by Vladimir Adarichev

The story of the song told us by Vladimir Adarichev:

— With Joseph Prigogine and Valeria we met in 2005, it was in the Kremlin, at the graduation ceremony on the television festival «New songs about the main thing.» Andrei and Pokutny were then awarded first Canal for the song Amy Svetikova — «Do not together.» After that, we occasionally Joseph somewhere in something crossed, but cooperation is somehow not reached. Until one day, in the winter of 2007 to us with Andrew Pokutny we not

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K R O N E R: merry Farabundo

Kroner undoubtedly belongs to the elite of the Moscow underground. And, frankly, Rock City should have much earlier address to this team. But as it happens, and we correct its mistake. In general, appropriately called Kroner Crow Near, but hardly any of the fans group will break the language, pronouncing it anglicized name. Therefore, I call them simply Kroner …

Musicians Kroner is one distinctive ability (for which they only removes Anton Garcia) very briefly talk about long enough the band’s career. It sounds like this. "Like all formed in 1987". Clear. Two years immediately throwing in the sighting

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The history of doping. Anabolic steroids in power sports.

first steroid

The testicles are known to be responsible for male sex characteristics and behavior — it was known since ancient times, but in 1849, scientists were able to determine the mechanism of these processes. German scientist Arnold Adolph Berthold found that the testes to secrete some unknown substance into the bloodstream.

Several decades later, the French physiologist Charles Edouard Brown-Sequard, the father of modern research of hormones trying to identify this substance from the concentrated extract obtained from the testicles of dogs and guinea pigs. He argued that the injection of the extract could increase physical strength and

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British POLO today

Ponies thunder across fields, millionaires swarm the skies in their choppers, absurdly handsome Argentinians squeeze themselves into tight white jeans — there is nothing quite like polo season in full swing. By Matthew Bell

It cost Lyndon Lea £5m to shake hands with the Queen. That’s roughly how much Lea, a ju-jitsu-honed financier, will have spent during a year as patron of his high-goal polo team, Zacara, which won the Cartier Queens Cup in June. His team of four, including the absurdly handsome Argentinian 10-goaler, Facundo Pieres (polo players are ranked and given a handicap, the lowest being -2 and

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