Best bombers in the world by Military Channel

  South American Military Channel channel continues to publish ratings of the effective tools, which was invented by a man in the XX century. Channel previously published the rating of the best small guns and tanks of the best of the last century. Now the American and British military professionals were asked to rate bombers. Qualification awarded in such aspects as «load», «agility», «speed» and otherwise. With all this stipulates that each plane compared with others, and evaluated based on the technical requirements of their own time. 1. Boeing B-52 — «Stratofortress» The highest rate — above a thousand km

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  January 17. Swedish Armed Forces will buy 60 JAS 39 Gripen fighters of the latest generation. As reported by Agence France-Presse, citing a statement Defense Minister Karin Enstrom (Karin Enstroem), the first aircraft will go to the troops in 2018. Complete delivery of fighters scheduled to around 2027.   First, in December 2012 it was reported that the Swedish Parliament by a majority vote approved the purchase of new fighter company Saab. Then, for the armed forces planned to purchase 40 to 60 aircraft.   Budget applets Gripen NG was estimated at 90 billion kronor (14 billion dollars). This

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  The trials of a promising aviation complex tactical soon begin next step. Machines in the past Gromov Flight Research Institute full year course relocated to a military airfield in Akhtubinsk. There, in the Astrakhan steppes new aircraft will develop the best Air Force pilots. Their task — to specifically look into the aviation combat abilities and write an annotation on its application for colleagues from the combat units of the Air Force. But before the new product goes to the troops, it expect municipal tests. They also organize Akhtubinsk center. Meanwhile, the fourth most experienced fighter on the bill


Program Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD)

  Theme deck aircraft 5th generation was rising a couple of times. In the late 1980s in the United States intensively promoted program from the first «invisible deck» A-12. Strike aircraft intended to substitute the A-6, having already honorable age. But because the brain scourge of all U.S. programs — significant excess cash limits, «Avenger II» was buried before the first flight demonstration model. Another dream admirals — NATF — realized the same fate. In turn NATF was intended to substitute F-14 «Tomket.» So Makar, 1992 fleet met without any hope of getting any lately «stealth». Profound modernization of fighter-attack

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  In 2012, Lockheed Martin on the F-35 program there Lightning II delivered 30 aircraft and flight tests exceeded the plan, according to a company press release on January 11.   In the 30 F-35 set includes 11 aircraft takeoff and landing everyday (CTOL), 18 non-long aircraft takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) aircraft and one aircraft carrier-based (CV). Two aircraft STOVL for the first time put the customer internationalist — England. All, except the aircraft carrier-based CF-5, delivered to different air bases for operational purposes. CF-5 aircraft designed for flight tests and put on programmke SDD (System Development and Demonstration).

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For the first time in the history of the country’s strategic nuclear deterrent force China’s sea-based approach the attainment of initial operational capability, according to a further report to the Commission of the U.S. Congress on China Defense News reported on November 11. At the end of this year is expected to rapidly deploy new solid-JL-2 SLBMs with a range of 4000 miles (7400 km), which will allow China to deliver nuclear strikes on the U.S. mainland. Missiles will be deployed on the 2-3-built Type 094 SSBN «Jin». By 2020, the PLA Navy may adopt another two strategic submarines of


Naval Aviation will receive a new sighting system

  First serial Il-38N with the «novelty» will come into operation after a couple of years, lack of funding Aviation Navy (Navy) RF should substantially increase with the adoption of new sighting and navigation systems «Novella» necessary for spatial orientation, and search and guidance on target. For disk imaging «Izvestia» acquired from the Main Command of the Navy, the first serial Il-38N with the «novelty» will come into operation during the coming year. First test aircraft is considered to be in the Northern Fleet since late 2011, and the official transfer was accomplished in March 2012.   — Although the

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Curse of the F-22 or blatant incompetence?

  F-22 Pilot Jeffrey Haney, crashed on November 16, 2010 Weird cough is already very long pursues highly maneuverable aircraft pilots ultramodern F-22 after each flight. This is puzzling at first, and later used to. Evenly, with increasing numbers of cars and flight intensity, we add to this dizziness and partial loss of orientation in space. Were noted several cases where even during the run-up to the runway the aircraft at one point changed direction and rested on trees or buildings airfield. In 3 cases, pilots at one point lost orientation came to himself only in unsafe proximity to land

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«Sea Jet»-experimental vessel (AESD)

«Sea Jet» — Experimental vessel (AESD) bylo postroeno shipyard Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes, Washington. Ship (AESD) was baptized August 24, 2005. The ceremony was accomplished at the Center for acoustic research in the Bayview. Chief of Naval research Rear Admiral Jay M. Cohen spoke at the christening. Sponsor vessel Kathleen Harper, wife of Thurman Harper, vice president of engineering for the company’s Rolls-Royce, the tradition broke a bottle of champagne on fortshteven. Ships of named «Sea Jet». Elaboration and follow-on research project funded by the Office of Naval research (ONR). Essentially, this is reduced (1:4) model class destroyers «Zumbalt»

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U.S. Navy ordered the 9 class destroyers DDG-51 «Arleigh Burke» in the amount of $ 6.2 billion

TSAMTO June 5. The U.S. Navy on June 3 awarded two long-term (2013-2017 FY) contract to supply nine destroyers class DDG-51 «Arleigh Burke», the total price of which will be 6.2 billion dollars. With the company «General Dynamics Bath Iron Works» (BIW) agreement cost 2.84 billion dollars for the design and construction of 4 class destroyers DDG-51, including one in 2013 FY and one for FY 2015-2017 Contract includes an option for the supply of the fifth destroyer. If the option is exercised, the fifth destroyer will be laid in 2014. Construction of all ships will be in Brunswick (sht.Men).

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