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Lady did not throw another lady behind bars

"Niva""Field" on this week 1967 report of the Byelorussian SSR: "Not so long ago killed the founder of Belarusian Cinema Jury Tarich, a native of Polotsk. First directorial debut Tarich dates back to the silent film. More significant work of this period was the creation Tarich film" Wings of a slave. "International competition in 1928 in the United States of North America the movie was among 10 best movies of the year next to "Battleship Potemkin" and Eisenstein’s "Mother" Pudovkin "."Voice of the Motherland""Voice of the Motherland" in 1977 in an editorial said: "Three years reverse librarians Belarus decided to

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Western media: Our homeland is revising its military doctrine

The Washington Post is now in the article "Putin: reversing into the future," asks: "Does George Bush permitted Putin plans to change the American administration? .. Russian President re willing to intimidate American allies in protest against the deployment of anti-missile radar in the Czech Republic and Poland. Related missile defense system fails to suspend Russian simultaneous kick, but Moscow has threatened to withdraw from the contract on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and short-range offense, which signed Misha Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan in 1993. "Currently in Europe likely to mass demonstrations and other organized act in support of the Kremlin,

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The report of the State Department of Belarus — in the same group with North Korea, Burma and Iran

The State Department has fixed certain configurations of human rights in the world in 2006This document assesses the implementation of internationally recognized personal, public and political rights and workers’ rights in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Motley picture and any country has its own list of problems. In Rf lasted strengthening the central executive, the pressure on non-governmental organizations and the media, the authorities more became uncontrollable. Severe human rights violations last in Chechnya and other regions of the North Caucasus.In Ukraine lasted improving respect for human rights, but remain severe problems, including corruption in all branches

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12 uncontested constituencies

A.Belyatsky believes that no liberalization, which they say is not so little power to Actually does not occur. His reasoning defender confirmed figures: if This year percentage of unregistered candidates for deputies amounted to 33.5%, the four year reversed it was 41%. Of the total number is not registered in This year 60% are candidates for combined democratic forces and the European coalition. Least 12 in the vicinity of the elections will be uncontested. Exclusively in the Grodno region — five such districts. In the vicinity of uncontested candidates are officials at the regional level. These numbers were announced at

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez: The endless time eternity finally ended

About the date of birth Marquez has long been unclear, because the writer is listed in documents in 1928, but his father insisted that the reality came a year earlier — in 1927. Few years ago the writer himself has confirmed his father’s version, but in a number of sources of its year of birth hitherto represented as 1928. For the first time Russian reader acquainted with the work of Marquez in 1970 — after censorship, with numerous cuts and incorrect novel was written "100 Years of Solitude." In 1976, Carlos Sherman, who knew Marquez offered to transfer his new

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Carriers ambitions

Putin discussed in Novo-Ogaryovo tasks Navy president criticized deadlines ships, vice permer Rogozin did not rule out the construction of aircraft carriers Rearmament Russian Navy delayed, stated Vladimir Putin and requested within six months to remove the difficulties between the military and gun manufacturers for vehicles. To perform the state defense order is not hampered, the latest government program for 2016-2025 years re-transferred to the principle of «single contract», said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. He also did not rule out that it will be carried out within carriers: sailors believe that their introduction into the Navy dictate ambitions of

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In the past year in Belarus was initiated 567 cases against traffickers

During a press conference Pyatkevich Naumov said Belarus — favorite in the midst of the CIS states in the fight against slavery sultry. Minister Naumov said: "Many CIS countries do not even recognize that there is a problem and try to evade even the recognition of, and not that of the organization of labor. Because we currently feel great difficulties as we seek in our own country more actively work in this direction."In 2006 in Belarus was opened 567 criminal cases against traffickers "living product". Belarusian legislation provides for up to 10 years imprisonment for his role in trafficking the

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Cholera in Gomel?

Despite the warning, spontaneous trade in Gomel near the train stations, on the streets of bravery does not stop. And people acquire not only industrial products, and products — cheese, milk, sweets, chocolates, canned sausage, river fish.

"Where necessary, there and buy. And that can live on a pension? If 5 times to go to the store, then the pension is not enough. What’s that added? Was added, and in all Magazyn 10 times more expensive, "- says Gomel pensioner.Catherine says that seeks to take stock in the stores. But not always:

Pensioner, who doted not call my name,

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Zwukopis history Rock Coronation

ROCK KARANATsYYa94Another theater, January 12, 1995Rock Crown — Shop Album — "Dream in the tram" — New Heaven tradition and modernity — Palace debut — Why NotPart 1, February 19ROCK KARANATsYYa95Another theater January 19, 1996Rock Crown — Rouble Zone Album — «Put Your Money … Now! »- Rouble Zone tradition and modernity — Palace Debut — Phenomenon Showman — Oleg" Jagger "Minakov (lead singer Rouble Zone) Best lyrics -" Goodbye "- N. RM For loyalty genre — Shop Rock Princess — Kasia KamotskayaPart 2, February 20ROCK KARANATsYYa96Concert hall "October" January 23 1997Rock Crown — Lapis Troubetzkoy Album — "rennet heart"

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Large-scale privatization in Belarus: a bluff or reality?

Valery Karbalevich: "Document of the Ministry of Economy on the privatization of large companies looks like a sensation or even a revolution in the economic policy of the Belarusian authorities. Indeed, until now the policy has been almost reversed.Lukashenko claimed more than once: Why privatize municipal enterprises, if they work well? In contrast, in the past wasprogramm and started the nationalization of several companies by voluntary forced sale of shares of joint stock companies to the state in exchange for loans.And the next moment. In all post-socialist countries, the privatization began with small, medium enterprises, trade and personal services, and

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