Lukashenka again promises funds from Emirates

Press service of Belarus stressed that Emirates’ is a promising platform for the re-export of Belarusian products to the Gulf countries "and that" this government has vkladyvatelnye significant resources that can be brought into the Belarusian economy. " But the same statement sounded and seven years ago, during the preceding Lukashenko’s visit to Abu Dhabi.The trade turnover between Belarus and the UAE Last year was 26 millions of dollars. And in 2002 the figure was 35 million.In general, the list of trade partners of Belarus rich Emirates are already at the end of the third 10-ka. For comparison — the

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Lawyer: I pursue to deny protection Kozulin

March 5th lawyer Igor Rynkevich sent to the National Bar Association clarification regarding claims that the charges against him in the main control of the Ministry of the preparatory investigation Interior.On these claims lawyer vyznat March 2 from a letter from the police investigators sent to the Republican advocacy. The letter reported Tipo "unethical behavior" by Igor Rinkevich during his prof activities since 1999.Namely, the investigators referred to the story about the 50 bucks that lawyer Tipo illegally received from the 1st of its own customers in 2003.Igor Rynkevich believes that the story was invented to return samples to deprive

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Yesterday evening minchane witnessed a unique phenomenon for our town — strong fluctuations in the Earth’s crust

I greet you on the waves Belarusian Freedom! Ah well looked day March 5 years in various publications Belarusian newspapers."Krasnoarmejsky truth" in the 1927 report, "state trade in Belarus This year plan to prepare for export abroad yeast, glycerol, molasses, horns, hooves, sand on fuels, snow-white glaze, pottery, fish, potato flour. With Borisovskoy neighborhood sent to Germany standards pottery and fish scales. Mozyr given the task to identify the ability to export fish. Belarusian fish, namely Mozyrskogo neighborhood, can be implemented in Poland, this promotes proximity of the border. ""Bolshevik Polessye" in 1937 contains a government report: "The Government of

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By 2020, the Strategic Missile Forces mission (RVSN) Russia plans to adopt the latest liquid ICBM reports October 6 defense-update. Currently, preliminary design of rocket worked, which should change the ICBM SS-18 Satan (RS-20 — approx. «VP»), which is in service since 1967. Plans for the development of the latest ICBM Russian Ministry of Defense announced in 2011. Construction of 100-ton layout begin in 2014, tests will be conducted for 4 years, then the rocket will be recommended for serial production.   Another, but somewhat important step typical of Moscow could be the development and creation of the railway-based ICBMs,


China is able to counteract the U.S. military communications systems

Chinese military use South American secrets acquired by our agents to counteract the U.S. sverhtehnologichnym communication systems used in the «combined weapons systems» and missile defense, said September 20 with reference to the statements of officials of the South American governments. Found that China has the ability to «wedge» in the work of the Joint tactical system disk imaging rassredotachivaniya JTIDS (Joint Tactical Information Distribution System), as has been told in the article «Anti-Jamming Performance of JTIDS-Type Waveform», posted on July 10 in the journal Aerospace Electronic Warfare, coming under the auspices of the Institute 8511 and which is

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Today President of the Republic of Lithuania A.Brazavskas included in the list of persons who practice municipal accused of terrorism

Good day! Belarusian "Freedom" recalls a day last March 2 using newspapers in different years."Farmer’s Field", year 1927. The newspaper reported the incident to the newspaper "Our Voice": "Belarusian newspaper" Our Voice "in one of your own room is located remark that as Pavlyukevich and Valeysha also like Mamonko and has a connection with defenzyvayu. But when the editor of" Our Voice " at personal vymaganni Mamonko not put facts, Mamonko sufficed chair and bang on the head editor … making him an easy wound. "In 1957 this week President of the BNR Rada Mykola Abramchik wrote for the 50th

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Zhlobin: youth protects historical museum

Knows the pioneer public action, the student Zhlobin gymnasium Cyril Atamanchyk:"For the first day we were able to collect ninety five signatures. Signs the high school teachers. Just need to assist our culture, our sanctify. Necessary to raise the morale of the young people that she knew the history of their own country."Historical museum in Zhlobin quite finished reception more year reversed. Forbade fire — due to an emergency condition of the structure. Reconstruction of the former kindergarten, which local authorities gave the museum without being twelve years.Meanwhile Ice Palace with a water park built in the town than in

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Basil died Sholodonov

Vasily Sholodonov born July 10, 1948 in the village of Grabe the October district of Gomel region in a family of farmers. After graduating from the Law Faculty of Belarusian State University worked in the prosecutor’s office, was the secretary of the Komsomol district committee Loyev Belarus, then returned to the prosecuting authorities. In 1984 was appointed first deputy prosecutor of the Gomel region, reports BelaPAN. In 1990, elected deputy of the Byelorussian SSR, and then — Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council BSSR. In 1992-1995 — Attorney General Republic of Belarus. Since 2003, he headed the committee Minsk Consulate

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In Belarus almost 6.5 thousand addicts

According to her, evenly on the Belarusian market became more accessible methadone and amphetamine-type catalysts. In Europe, as in the past the first place is cannabis (marijuana), which cost about 6 percent of the adult population of the Euro Union.Coupled with the fact The report observed that Belarusian government "Remains committed to the fight against drug trafficking and abuse, also assigns special attention to the timely improvement of the legal framework in the fight against drugs." This is evidenced by the adoption by the Government in 2006 latest state applets Narcotics, also the country’s initiatives in improving cooperation on a

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World and time Leonid Shchemelev

Exposure takes one hundred percent galleries front hall of the museum. Exhibited several 10-s paintings from the vaults of the museum and the works that are the property of the master — the thesis of "Fun" made already in the distant 1959, to landscapes and naturmortav year 2007. "Painter and time" — this title precisely defines the concept of exposure. And living, and experienced creator — war history of Belarus, its present-conceptualized in sudden species in expressive color politrila. Leonid Shchamyalou emphasizes that every time has its own color, his expression. Shchamyalou as a painter and a citizen can not

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