Good soul

Good soul, the number of charitable events held with the participation of Naomi Campbell, tens. The new initiative of the Black Panthers — shooting an advertising campaign TOMMYHILFIGER, aimed at the fight against breast cancer A one Naomi — adored object of imitation. «’43? In my heart I feel like a child! And that’s what I do not want and do not intend to change in yourself «- proudly says model. For others — the Russian soul. «In Russia, I was very warmly received. You know, in the first months of life in Moscow, I was presented with a

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Top Pigeon

Bernardaud porcelain factory in this year celebrates the 150th anniversary. But in spite of its age, does not lose sight of freshness and a passion for experimentation.

Half centuries of French Bernardaud factory is inseparable from the history of Limoges porcelain. In the second half of the XVIII century Limoges artisans lucky — in the vicinity of deposit was discovered white clay. According to legend, the wife of a local doctor came up to use it instead of soap and washing powder. Soon neighbor pharmacist discovered that the clay contains kaolin — a key ingredient for the production of porcelain,

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And hydro

Rounding the corner Arsenal shDe of snow blackened antique cannon, she stopped at the high portico sl ^ e ^ of the Senate.

Maxim Peshkov sedevshy se driving you-Skoch first Ch7g oppras «on his arm, and? Your car and actress Marg ^. ^ A..drsea in a fur coat that was once Roscoe ^ .. oh. Following his wife psyaoisya oo.ssky, stooping Gorky He hesitated until a young man in a short coat elk son Andreeva first £ gt; rakalt; cinematographer Yurpy Zhelyabuzhsky, dragged out from under the seat shiny zinc-five boxes of film. The duty commander, opened the door,

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GEOGRAPHY, events, facts

Two-kilometer tunnel CYCLISTS

High in the French Alps stretches one of the most beautiful roads of Europe — Combe Laval, built in 1897. Today it is the main attraction for French cyclists. The most spectacular section of the road is a section of a length of almost 30 kilometers. Here you can see alpine beauty, absolutely not to frighten the animals, as well as slip Direct two-kilometer tunnel, which cuts through the rock goes down steeply.

About «Blood Falls» IN ANTARCTICA

«Blood Falls» is formed, arising out of Taylor Glacier. Scientists have found that a color obtained as a result

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Samples Pink Floyd stadiums

Eric Prydz is sitting at the bar in the patio of the hotel in Queens, sipping a beer and relaxing after traveling across the country. Swedish DJ and producer are very afraid to fly, so to get from Las Vegas (where he had a monthly contract to DJ sets from the Wynn Hotel) to New York (where he was a few hours will be performing at Electric Daisy Carnival), he had use the tour bus. «What I was really impressed — how different states are different from each other, — said Eric. — Everything here

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Unscheduled inspections were less likely

Management of construction and general supervision of Rostekhnadzor in 2009 compared with the previous year reduced by 10% the number of unscheduled inspections. This was at a meeting of the Public Council under the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision of the head of administration A. Gorlov.

According to him, the management of «constantly work to remove administrative barriers and anti-corruption, which reduced the number of unplanned inspections.»

He added that as of February 26, the Office received 431 application for registration of non-commercial partnerships as a self-regulatory organizations. Total SROs made in the state register 363

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Historically, that the more ancient forms of art are recognized and more sublime, clever in some way elitist. Queen bitten considered literature, cinema — also an art, but with a reputation for the entertainment of the masses, well, a video game only recently gained recognition from the critics. In some ways, this hierarchy is valid: Literature gives more opportunities to express thoughts and ideas. This book often serve as the basis for movies and games.

But now the usual hierarchy shaken. In the age of computers and universal literacy it was found that of all the arts, literature accessible

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Combined Arms

Victory on the battlefield while ensure the successful deployment and the combined action of infantry, cavalry and artillery.

Army encountered on the battlefield first campaign in 1757, had a completely different tradition. The Prussian army, inherited a legacy of Frederick II in 1740, there were 83 000 people. Its structure was determined more by Frederick I — the grandfather of the king, and developed by his father — Frederick William I. The Prussian army was schooled to perfection. Frederick William I treated her as his own toy soldiers and never expose them to the dangers of war. The situation

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NEWS With spring exhibitions.

As in the previous year, the two spring exhibitions in Moscow — «Hunting and fishing in Russia» at the Exhibition Centre and the «Hunting. Fishing. Recreation. Spring «in Crocus Expo — held on a grand scale. Even clearer was the noticeable difference between the two. Exposition in Crocus Expo was chosen mainly retail and wholesale trading companies, and manufacturers and direct suppliers of fishing equipment prefer to exhibit at the Exhibition Centre. So the news of this season were presented in the main there.

The year was rich in anniversaries. Honestly, when I learned that the company Minenko —

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The great Russian scientist Alexander Popov — izobritatel radio.

Great discoveries and inventions sum up certain stages in the development of science and technology made by many people, past generations and contemporaries. The greatness of individual scientists and inventors, their invaluable service to humanity is that they have the power of his genius and selfless work managed on the basis of previously acquired knowledge to discover new phenomena of nature and apply them for the benefit of society.

The great Russian scientist Alexander Popov — inventor of radio — summed up the work of a huge number of scientists around the world. Even in the middle of the

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