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Do not break the wings of the young, if you would like compassion in their own age!

Constant listener: "If you do not, then I will. This is for the opposition. Was such Frankilt (Franklin — Ed.) Ruzvelt. He President of the United States of America. Good friends with us, etc.. So this one was a dictator Ruzvelt turns out, judging by the fact, according to the opposition. Look, he was elected to the post … Elected own was in the 32nd year, was re-elected in the 36th, re-elected in the 40th and 44th. And died in 45 -m. was very sick, so would further re-elected. He also Teran, look. A man here asked people held a

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Government again consults with ILO

The decision to initiate an investigation against Belarus adopted Governing Boardth ILO in 2003 in response to complaints from the Belarusian-independent unions. A special commission has analyzed compliance Belarusian government ILO Convention "On Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise the company" and "On the right of the company to trade unions and to bargain collectively."The situation with the observance of trade union rights in Belarus viewed June 9 2006 in Geneva at a meeting of the Committee of norms and standards of the ILO in the framework of the 95th the International Labour Conference. It was

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Left the industry in which price increases did not work

Deputy of Minsk city council decided in what areas within 2007 Local tax will be adjusted. It is, namely, a tax on the sale of products at retail; tax services; transport fee to upgrade public transport use, due for maintenance infrastructure of the town, parking fees, fees for construction projects in the area of Minsk and even a special charge or possession of dogs their introduction into entrepreneurship. On the background of costs with increasing energy prices the local administration should look for other ways to replenish the regional budgets. Immediately in the regions, and now in Minsk for the

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Top 10 best military aircraft (according to Channel Discovery)

The Discovery Channel has compiled a list of the best specimens of military aviation — for all its more than a century. During the First World War to the present day in the Air Force of different nations of the world serve an unlimited number of aircraft. But which of these machines is the best? South American specialists have made «top ten» most recognizable names in the history of the winged cars. Although, certainly, experts from other countries may be different view. Number 10. Lockheed F-117 Stealth Nighthawk Participated in combat operations in Panama, Bosnia and Iraq. Many technical details

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In the House of Writers’ Nyaklyayeu Alla Semenova, Natalia Adamovich

Creators and worksVLADIMIR Romanchuk "former LITERATURE — The Game of Life, the current — GAME TEXT"This week in Minsk hosts 14th International Book Fair in which about 600 are participating publishers from 16 countries in the world. As at such a prestigious forum feels Belarusian book? Questions Misha Scoble responsible poet, chairman of the Belarusian PEN Center Nyaklyayeu.Michas Scoble: "The Emperor Vladimir Ministry today named disk imaging exhibition record — on the representation, the number of participants. How do you as a writer, assess the state of the Russian publishing house books?"Nyaklyayeu: "I am now in the morning went to

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Disability pickets fell under the windows executive committee

Disabled person who was not in the center of Mogilev eight years executive committee confused with the bank. On the Esplanade des Invalides was going to seek recovery of its own in the queue for public housing, as vouchers for sanatoria healing or payment of its price. Through its disability Vladimir Antennal years does not depart from a remote district of the city where he lives.20 minutes Vladimir Antennal picketed with signs reading "Who stole my benefits?" And "Shame insidious benefits", instead of the regional executive committee, Mogilev branch of "BBK". Disabled realized his mistake only after talking with the

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Fighter, do not sleep!

Any State calls or hires an army of people who need to be on guard its interests around the clock seven days a week. But people — being imperfect, and physiological laws of functioning of his body provides such a pleasant for us, but this is uncomfortable for the army and the state process is like a dream.

Dive into the realm of Morpheus ("The Matrix" nothing to do with that name of the ancient Greek god of dreams) allows a person to relax and rejuvenate. However, just to lose precious time in the army has no plans. The

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Over 10 years of drug addicts has increased 3 times

Head of Department for Supervision of consequence in the bodies Interior said: "This is the official number, the actual number of drug addicts in Belarus — 70-80 thousand.""Belarus is dominated by consumers and distributors of plant-based drugs, but soon among youth akreslilasya tendency to use synthetic drugs "- told reporters the head of combating drug trafficking and human trafficking MIA Alexander Gavrilov."For recent years cases of the organization on the ground republic clandestine laboratories producing synthetic drugs "- added A.Gavrilov. In 2007 in Belarus was found 8 of these laboratories, Interfax reported.

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In Brest commemorates insurgents Kalinowski

Travel to Damachava was timed to the 169th anniversary of the x a day or birthday Constantine Kalinowski, who ran the national liberation uprising in 1863, the year. Previously joined the uprising and hundreds of representatives of the local nobility and farmers from Brest and 10’s battles and skirmishes with the Russian troops took place in the lands of the region.Only in the Brest region monument reminding of rebellion mounted on terrain sv.Antoniya church that is in Damachava. Nearby these places, the village Chersk, came the battle of the 1st of rebel forces Kalinowski against a standing army of the

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Belarus celebrates 200th anniversary of the artist and musician Napoleon Orda

On the opening ceremony of the journalist knows Lida Stanislav Sudnik:Sudnik: "It’s the opening ceremony. Lot of youth and older people aged perfectly, which is curious. Mastatstvaznavtstvy act, representatives of the Society of Polish culture. Advertised more than 60 reproductions, collected all the new editions, students Lida pedvuchelni prepared to perform two Polonaise N.Ordy . " 200th anniversary of Napoleon Orda held in Belarus under the auspices of UNESCO. Anniversary marks the public in Grodno, Brest, Pinsk, Ivanovo. According to the chairman Oleg TBM Trusova February 15 in Minsk held a scientific conference with the role of representatives of Poland,

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