Schools are encouraged to find books written off

Presidential Decree on the transition to the 11-year study appeared in the midst of July, and new textbooks for such little time before the new school year to prepare unreal. Because all teachers are encouraged to use the web.Director of the State Institute of Education, Ministry of Education Gennady Thumb said:"We are trying to resolve all issues. Example, calendar thematic planning, which we placed on the website of the Institute, allows to coordinate all the textbooks that will be used in a new school year. Every day around 5 thousand people visit our website, and we we see, that they

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After 20 years in Belarus is Belarusian schools

Recently the new school year, Misha Scoble discusses with Chairman of the Society of Belarusian schools, teacher Belarusian Municipal Pedagogical Institute named after Maxim Tank Ales Lozko.Michas Scoble: "The Emperor Alexander, not so long ago, the Ministry of Education has reported: the status of all schools in our country," good or satisfactory ": you can start the new school year. And what we have with the state of the Belarusian-language school?"

Ales Lozko: "The situation today is this: in schools with Belarusian language of instruction has been 20.9% of all students. In 2004 there were 24, 8%, in 2005 —

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Hook or educational reform disgraced school students?

On the days of the lyceum students came back after the summer session in Poland and now the beginning of October will be on vacation. Practically they begin their studies when their school friends advuchatstsa new criteria month. At the moment, the main thing for the Lyceum question — how years will taught kids who defected to the third course? "Victims" failed municipal experience — children born between 1991-1992 — prepared under the 12-year education in secondary schools, but in the end the reform will be produced a year earlier. The State Humanitarian Lyceum instruction is four years, but formally

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This year will see the 11th shtrishok

"All I need to use certain books on the list, brought to each educational institution. Educational institutions are ready to start the school year in including and textbooks. Instant reprinting of textbooks will not, but we want to offer a list of textbooks, which can be to use. Educational process will be organized in full and all the books, which is. " According to Majewski, in this year will be two differences in the eleventh grade. "11th shtrishok" — are classes which Last year basic education and received in year will be pass aaplet 2 years learning. And eleven class

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Deputies only through the tax office

"At the moment I’m working with the Tax Inspectorate at my declaration of assets and income. Tax Inspectorate motivate the past 8 years, apart from the fact, they are interested in and the information which concerns 1994, and perhaps earlier. Require a certificate of wages everywhere, where I once worked. This applies not only in Minsk, and other cities. Well, on loans, loans on the property, which I had. That’s been working for the second month. "Reporter: "And what they explain this to the enthusiasm for you, to your person?""By law, they have that right — is interested. And there

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Killed nuclear physicist Vasily Nesterenko

By colleagues of Vassily Nesterenko, Ivan Nikitchanka scientist died in hospital Republican Office of the President after gastric surgery. "Vasily Nesterenko sick not only in soon, he suffered all his life — he was a nuclear physicist, and this profession is not absolute promotes health, "said I.Nikitchenko.August 26 intstytutse "Belrad" civilians held a memorial service. The funeral is scheduled for August 27.Vassily Nesterenko was born December 2, 1934 in the urban village of Kut Reddish (Lugansk region, Ukraine). In 1958 he graduated from Metropolitan Higher Technical School named after Bauman (now Metropolitan Municipal Technical Institute). In the years 1958-1962 researcher

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Lukashenko should postpone the election by changing the CEC

Assistant Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs David Merkel during his own visit to Belarus, said the United States expects from the official Minsk new steps to improve relations. Let me remind you that this visit took place after the release of political prisoners. Comments listeners:Man: "The next step in the overseas investment verbovaniya Lukashenko should postpone the election, changing the electoral law and the CEC. Surikov And that many did not speak, and it is necessary to remove the fingerprints."Galina, Mogilev: "If you want bolshennom Western European Union and the United States, no matter how strong

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Mogilev applications Belarusian classes have been reported

In most large cities area, Mogilev and Bobruisk, this year or the 1st Belarusian-class will not. On the current state of the Belarusian-language schools in Mogilev — Mogilev in the material of our correspondent.In the education department of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee absence of Belarusian-language schools in Mogilev and Bobruisk explain their nezapatrabavanastsyu."We would open with relish such classes for everyone, but the statements of parents. If the application comes from the parents, then we open such classes. While such statements have been reported. Even if it is one statement, we are ready to see and look for the

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Barack Obama: from whence he came?

His father, Barack Hussein Obama, was from Kenya and his mother, Ann Dunham, from Kansas. The ancestors of the future president met in 1960 while studying at the Institute of Hawaii, where Obama Sr. was a foreign student. They were married on February 2, 1961, six months before the birth of the offspring.When Obama was two years, ancestors were divorced, and in 1964 they took the formal divorce. After the divorce, my mother came to re-married an Indonesian, and in 1967 the family moved to Indonesia, where Obama went to school. When Obama was 10 years old, my mother divorced

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Merkel came to CEC

Merkel’s visit: the ultimate test — electionNow Assistant Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs David Merkel, who is on a working visit in Minsk, met with representatives of the democratic opposition. After that he went to the Central Election Commission and the presidential administration. The visit was in response to the release of political prisoners in Belarus. U.S. behold the prospect of the best relations with Belarus State Department official dealer said reporters he did not know Lukashenko met with Merkel, but noted that the Belarusian control this year has already made a few positive signals in

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