Anniversary: in Yekaterinburg built-hundredth of a skyscraper

"The most compact million of" as they like to call Yekaterinburg, local officials, said a quiet holiday. Yesterday put into operation a new home at the address. Riabinina, 19 in the Academic area. Commemorative high-rise. A multi-storey building in Yekaterinburg was one hundredth building 20 storeys and above.


After the first hundred now in Yekaterinburg built about 60 buildings with 20 or more floors. Another 70 were announced, but not ongoing projects.

According to the website a dozen Russian cities (excluding Moscow and the Moscow region) by the number of 20-storey

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Urbanization in Yekaterinburg in a new way

Mass building of Yekaterinburg been reactivated. In Yekaterinburg, set a historic record for new housing — in 2010, put into operation more than 1 million square feet. meters of housing. In the mayor's office promised to keep this level in the next two years.

Just over a year and a half ago, the deputy head of Yekaterinburg on capital construction and land Vladimir Kritskyi lamented the decline entry of new buildings by 15% — from 955,000 square meters. meters in 2008 to 817 000 sq m. m in 2009. However, hopes gorvlastey out by the end of 2010

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The unique obstetric department

The leaders of Yekaterinburg launched a unique Obstetrics Department at CCH number 7

Today, 15:11

Head of Ekaterinburg — Yekaterinburg City Duma Chairman Eugene Porunov and the head of the Administration of Yekaterinburg, Alexander Jacob at Thursday, February 16, 2012, launched the operation in the second part of an observational obstetric department of the Central City Hospital № 7, located in the street Vilonov, 33.

Obstetric observational office — is a unique branch on the organization of emergency obstetric care for women with severe complications after birth. The department uses advanced minimally invasive (minimal surgical intervention and the degree of

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Trams from Uraltransmash — Yekaterinburg

General Director of "Uraltransmash" YS COMRAT and Deputy Head of the Administration of Yekaterinburg on strategic planning, economics and finance AG Vysokinsky signed an agreement on the formation of working groups to jointly develop and test new models of trams.The document was signed during the retreat on the development of modern trams produced in Russia, which was held in West depot EMUP "Tram and trolleybus management" of Yekaterinburg.

Uraltransmash (part of the corporation "Uralvagonzavod") at the event, presented the tram model 71-407, and are in operation in the city — 71-403 and 71-405. The

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The average salary in Yekaterinburg exceeded 32,000 rubles

The average wage in the capital of the Urals has reached 32.6 thousand rubles a month. This is according to the Department of Economics Administration of Yekaterinburg.

The average monthly earnings of the residents of the Urals capital by 7.9 thousand rubles more than in the Sverdlovsk region and by 6.5 thousand rubles national average, 24.7 thousand and 26.1 thousand respectively.

It is worth noting that over the past 4 years the average monthly salary in Yekaterinburg increased by 10.1 thousand rubles, or 45%.

Fire on nuclear submarine Yekaterinburg: harm a billion

Fire by APL "Ekaterinburg"Wounded harm, exceeded 1 billion. rubles. Such a conclusion was made of the Interagency Commission for the Investigation of an incident, reports ITAR-TASS news agency on January 10, referring to the source in the defense industry.

Fire, According to the source, destroyed hydroacoustic complex submarine, in addition, severe harm suffered a rubber coating of the outer hull, "Yekaterinburg". The causes of the tragedy, the source said, were "gross violations of safety during hot work on board the ship when addressing his fault."

Repair submarines, according to the official news agency, will take a few months (before it

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The implementation of two major projects in the energy sector was completed on November 17 in the Middle Urals

In Yekaterinburg ceremony include substation "Rowan". This is a joint project of the Urals and "Ekaterinburg Electric Grid Company". Substation 220/110 kV "Rowan" is the largest power generating facility of the city, built in the last few years. Photo

Enter the SS "Rowan" will significantly improve the reliability of electricity supply south-western and central parts of the city of Yekaterinburg.

On the same day, the Governor Alexander Misharin participated in the start-up 200-kilometer transmission line "Northern — BAZ".


Construction of 500 kV overhead transmission line "Northern — BAZ" was conducted over three

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NOT THAT strong Ural Mountains?

Fights "Rostov" and "Ural" at the start of the season given the role of the key to the dispute for vouchers in the Premier League and one of the most exciting in the tournament. Two qualitatively staffed and ambitious club, possessing impressive financial resources and attention of the regional authorities. Led by the distinctive and venerable experts Oleg Dolmatov and Alexander Pobegalovu. But barely started the second round, and tomorrow’s opponents before the full-time meeting shared ten points. Rostov are continuing to raise the bar-lose record to new heights. Yekaterinburg is interrupted for at least an impressive series of thoroughbred.

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In Yekaterinburg opened a new warehouse TD Sanesta-Metal

TD Sanesta-Metal has opened a new warehouse in Yekaterinburg. The opening of a warehouse in the city will work with the most of the buyers.


Indoor storage is equipped with overhead cranes, road and rail sidings. Production site is provided for services of metalworking. With the opening of a new warehouse in Yekaterinburg, the company plans 25% growth in the volume of shipments in the region in the short term.

In Yekaterinburg opened on an experimental low-rise village

The grand opening of the experimental low-rise village Svetlorechensky held at Thursday, July 14, 2011, in the south-western outskirts of Yekaterinburg in the Ural International Exhibition "Innoprom 2011".

The settlement Svetlorechensky — a model of organization and practical implementation of advanced building technologies in the field of low-rise housing. This area of housing construction in Yekaterinburg, which is in line with the Strategic Development Plan of the city, is one of the priorities. Administration of Yekaterinburg attracted to the realization Svetlorechensky half dozen of the most experienced and reputable builders.

Each company selected to participate in the

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