About the color.

Our magazine has repeatedly put the materials on color science, and each publication provoked letters from readers who have asked to continue stories on this topic.

Previously, we published Japanese book «Colorful circus» where the authors presented in its own color system for children.

Today we introduce to you, dear children, with chapters from the book by Danish artist B. Weber’s «experiments with color» specially translated into Russian for «young artist».

Maybe some judgments of the Danish author will seem controversial, but because each specialist has his point of view in the complex field of color science. Notice how

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Yellow acacia

This name has no rights

Since childhood, I remembered the yellow acacia, who grew up not far from our house. For children it was extremely attractive. By midsummer its branches grow amazing whistles, the ability to make a six-year kid who once elevated to the authority of the yard.

ozzhe found out that in Russia there are two trees, popularly referred to as the acacias, — white and yellow. Moreover, both do not have any right to it. These Acacia — mimosa trees of the family — are growing mostly in Africa. And with our «acacias» they have in

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There is a new technology of treatment of skin defects based on a laser device Yahroma-Med.

In dermatology, cosmetic surgery and vascular lasers have long been used for the removal of vascular lesions of the skin. But many types of lasers at work on the vessels have low electoral power. For this reason, heat the surrounding tissue. This disadvantage can be avoided if optimum use lasers for selective exposure wavelengths.

 Photo source:yandex.ru

Scientists Physical Institute. PN Lebedev Physical Institute developed a yellow laser for medical device "Yahroma-Med" to remove skin blemishes, which has been successfully used in cosmetics and dermatology. The laser is made on the basis of a sealed laser tube of copper

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Growth continues to collect

[Img] http://fc-rostov.ru/imgs/filestore/4369050.big.jpg [/ img] In Novogorske continues training camp of "growth." Last night, the team had planned to hold a test match, but at the last minute duel with one of the suburban clubs was canceled. "The yellow-blue" had a two-way game — 3 times for 15 minutes. As usual, the team was divided into "red" and "yellow". Account opened by Andrew Kireev the penalty spot and thereby withdrawing the "yellow" forward. But the efforts of Aspen and Denisov "red" managed to pull out a victory — 2:1. Note that the match has been involved Oleg leather shoes, recovered from

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Photofact / Rehearsal air the parade 67th anniversary of WWII

At the Tushino airfield yesterday held a rehearsal parade. In the picture two Mi-8MTs (88 and 89 yellow), all helicopters will be five. As you can see, the machines have new gray camouflage (all Mi-8 passing overhaul, from the middle of last year painted under the scheme).

If we believe the registration number of the Mi-89 8MTs board "yellow" (RF-06059), the sooner the helicopter was involved in the UN mission in Sudan. That’s the story.

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China: Chinese archaeologists have found Venus




The sensational discovery of Chinese archaeologists. In the north-west of the country in the basin of the Yellow River was found carved into the rock naked woman figure, which experts dubbed the "Venus of China."

The find dates back to the Paleolithic era, and this is the

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First new Mi-35 Russian Air Force

On Web sites, and russianplanes.net aviaforum.ru spotterskie photo appeared built for the Russian Air Force on "Rostvertol" in Rostov-on-Don helicopter gunships E-35M (article 758), is the latest in a regular "grayish" coloring, of a marked, board numbers etc. In 2011, "Rostvertol" made the first 5 helicopters E-35M contract in 2010 to supply the Air Force RF 22 cars. At the current time to the transfer of the Air Force RF absolutely prepared the first four of these helicopters — with board numbers "50 yellowish"" Yellow 51 "," 54 yellowish"And" 56 yellow. "They should all be sent to the air

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Another photo essay of torzhka

Photo by Kirill Bychkov made during a visit to the Center battle training and retraining of personnel of the Army Air Forces of the Russian Federation in Torzhok at the end of August 2011.

The photo depicted preparation for flying and flying combat helicopters Mi-28N "yellow 12" and Ka-52 "yellow 93" and "95 yellowish. "Thanks the Creator online press club of the Ministry of Defense (military-press.livejournal.com) for the company survey.

E-28N "12 yellowish"(C) Cyril Bychkov

(C) Cyril Bychkov

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In Bratsk began falling leaves. Photo. Video


20.07.11.V Bratsk began falling leaves! In the middle of July on the streets of yellowing trees in September. What is the reason why many agronomists and raised the alarm — know Xenia Shilov.

At the sight of the fraternal alleys, it seems that came the golden autumn! Trees began to turn yellow in the last week, and now started a real leaf fall! Many residents are surprised such a picture, because summer is in full swing.

In Rosselhoztsentre explained to us: it is because of abnormal drought. In May and June we were too hot, and the temperature is

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Ice jams on the river in China


5.01.11.Po at 8:00 today, the total length of sections of the Yellow River in Shandong Province / East China / caught in the grip of ice jams, reached 188.16 km. It is 5.5 km compared with Tuesday.

As it became known corr. Xinhua News Agency Headquarters in the provincial flood control in the basin. Yellow River, to date a total of 41 station p. Yellow River in Shandong Icy. Ice thickness was 0.2-5 cm

This winter, from December 16, some areas of the Yellow River on territoriiShanduna were covered with ice. According to the forecast, in the next dnitemperatura

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