Gazprom has not commented receipt of Belarus 300 million dollars

Information about Belarus Tipo already transferred to the accounts of "Gazprom" two-thirds of the debt transferred yesterday agency "Interfax" referring to a source in the municipal government. According to "Interfax" Belarusian side August 3rd, made two rather than one transfer totaling more than 300 millions of dollars, and not 190 million as previously transmitted. Press Secretary "Beltransgaz" Vladimir Chekov now in the morning on the issue Radio Liberty, exactly how much funds transferred to the account of "Gazprom", replied that such information does not possess. Yesterday the chairman of the board of the State Bank of Belarus Piotr Prokopovich assured

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Our homeland Belarus and seek out a way out of the impasse gas

According to previous statements of "Gazprom" gas supplies to Belarus would be reduced by 45 percent from the 10-hour time capital (9th Minsk time) due to non-payment of debt. But at this hour, according to Russian media reports, the final decision is made. Negotiations last. Belarusian delegation that flew to Moscow yesterday, headed by Acting "Beltransgaz" Vladimir Mayorov. Yesterday the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in his speech to survive reporters said Belarus pay to "Gazprom" debt. Evening statement commented representative of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov. He said that up to 10 hours on August 3 have time to listen to

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Vardamatski Lena: I’m horrified

Lena Vardamatski: "There was a small voice can be even man was and drunk. He said: "In the morning you will be destroyed." I’m horrified. And again he repeated the same phrases and hung up. " Lena Vardamatski 80, she disabled the second group. Yesterday, after telephone threats she was bad. Her husband Peter Ye immediately called the police and told of the dangers. With him skantaktavavsya district. Peter Vardamatski: "That was morning, and the world so far nothing has happened."Ancestors manager sociological laboratory "Novak" do not know why these might seem dangerous, but do not rule out that they

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Lukashenko chooses a course on multidirectional insulation?

January 14 he thanked Evrazvyazayazu and U.S. support in the Belarusian-Russian energy war and read, Belarus will never forget. More generous advances and scattered in an interview with the West German newspaper Die Welt-mentioned there about a union of states and transit countries and consumers of energy, and the ability of implementation of the Belarusian companies Western business and many other things. The only thing that did not read in an interview with Alexander Lukashenko Raru — so it’s about the ability of democratization in Belarus.Lukashenko was expecting the West will open its arms to Belarus …Practically for sale exhibited

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Bread is not cheaper, even if I was collecting more

And reports from the sound complaints death mechanics, difficulties at harvest plots. People ask the question: hold out the price of bread?Let’s start with complaints that "Freedom" gets These days are from the villagers. Grudge — nyazzhatyya band breads. For example, in the agricultural cooperative "Spark of Hope" Pukhavichy district yesterday appointed harvester threshing on acres. Tolls Hope Gulyako:"Cooperative harvester threshing here yesterday — four thousand rubles per one hundred square meters. Over 10 acres — 40 thousand. Neighbor stalls runs yesterday, sobbing:" I have no money. Who give money! "Well, my mother lent Nadia Philippi. She shook."Correspondent"Municipal propaganda sobbing

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The main witness on the loose

Policemen few weeks could not find an eyewitness to the brain explosion. His image was placed in the media, police websites and eventually stuck around Minsk. A guy came to the shooting scene of the explosion. In mon citizen himself in to police and checked it on the sensor heresy. "A man saw himself on Saturday, realized that the police finds him as a witness and head yesterday morning appealed to the October district police. He said the right information shared with investigators his observations. A certain value of its information is. After, as it was held by the whole

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Case Zeltser: no surprises

"Now the process in Emanuel Zeltser walked without huge breaks and no surprises from happening, "- said the lawyer only Dmitry Harachka, who yesterday owed to sign a non-disclosure of information regarding the progress of the process. Recall yesterday, an hour after the start of the process it was adjourned until this morning. Lawyer agreed to tell only about the health of their own clients, also commented on some expressions concerning the case Zeltser in the media. That’s what Dmitry Harachka said about how now in court feel Emanuel Zeltser and Vladlena Funk (Bruskova) :"As I read before, in Emmanuel

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Polotsk: young activists — millions in fines

Last night detained yesterday Polotsk the Young spent in detention in temporary detention, and now referee Natalia Derevjanko found them guilty under Article 23.34 of Part 3 of the Code of Administrative Violations. Nikolai Demidenko, Ales Krutkin, Sergei Korolenka and Catherine Solovevoj sentenced fines of 30 basic units, or one million 50 thousand each.By Catherine Solovevoj, none of the defendants denied that yesterday they conducted public campaign to show their desire to live in a truly democratic country. To do this, they went to the building of the city of Polotsk banner "Stop — the dictatorship!" But after 5 minutes

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Lukashenko reacted to the statements of his opponents

Lukashenko said yesterday: "If the situation is such, as at the moment, and to me personally, and in the country, then I’m obviously going to run again. If the situation with me and the state change, then the solution may be different. While I was a healthy person, people not so very critical of me, and the West realizes. It can be. expect the worst. "Commented Chairman of the Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko

"It’s not news not only for those people, who are engaged in politics, and for the average citizen of Belarus. After Lukashenko went to the configuration

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S.Bukchyn: There shameless openness

"This is — shameless power. Incidentally, it was shameless and Russian Times. And no need There is a huge difference. But then it’s shameless power somehow masked, doing something, so this rudeness in the main cover. And now this is not done, "- says Simon Bookchin."In fact, nothing in addition time not changed, the same power with power. After all, it the same people who have their same idiotic psychology, the same svetavsprymanne. Nothing has changed completely.Appeared only shameless openness, authorities act even though no desire to hide behind anything. But yesterday I watched "Panorama", conceived see a response. But

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