Guardian: Severe fluctuation in sincerity Lukashenko

No representative of the opposition in Parliament has not passed — quotes New York Times words CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik. The newspaper focuses on the international context of the election. Belarus — writes New York Times — Has closely economic and ethnic ties to Russia and Lukashenko is trying to play on the relationship between the Kremlin and the West to reduce its dependence on the Kremlin. "At the same time, the newspaper notes,  West seeks to lead Belarus from the Kremlin’s orbit. But European favorites have clearly realize that this will depend on the transparency of the elections. Sunday

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New York Times: In the gas disputes have similar policies

BBC reports: "This dispute has caused concern within the boundaries of the Euro Union about the reliability of Russian gas exports to European countries. Belarusian pipelines pass through 20% of fuel supplies to Western Europe. Managing EU calls on both sides to solve the problem without delay and make conditions for the timely resumption of deliveries "English The Dayli Mail writes: "Putin has provoked consternation regarding the threat of the latest" energy war, when he declared that "Gazprom" twice reduce the amount of fuel supplies to Belarus. It came after, as Minsk failed to pay one hundred percent the last

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Celestial war

During the war in Afghanistan temper introduction of combat aircraft has changed, reflecting the political complication related to the death of civilians as a result of inaccurate or incorrect air strikes. Also often have been used unmanned scouts that can look for possible targets longer and without risk to pilots and expensive war machines.Still, the pilots and combat aircraft remain important component of the Coalition forces, as the aircraft is considered to be the most versatile and impressive weapon in its arsenal.

1. Commander McDowell Lane, recently returning from relegation on the F/A-18, aboard the aircraft carrier "John C. Stennis"

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Secrets of the Afghan war published

Society In the Western media, a series of materials based on secret U.S. documents about the war in Afghanistan. With these publications came the British Guardian, American New York Times and the German Der Spigel.

That the documents?

New York Times, Guardian i Der Spiegel got these secret documents — about 92 thousand messages and U.S. intelligence reports about the conflict in Afghanistan — from an organization called WikiLeaks a few weeks ago. WikiLeaks gave the documents under the condition that the edition will publish their materials only after the 25th of July, that is, after the publication of the

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NYT: The Customs Union is a change in course in Moscow

Society Agreement on the Customs Union with Kazakhstan and Belarus, and the emphasis on the creation of a single economic space with these countries means a change of the economic policy of Russia in the former Soviet territory, writes today American weekly The New York Times.

Russia — concludes The New York Times — begins to move away from loans and direct fuel subsidies, emphasizing the more ambitious economic integration.

"This is a very useful paradigm shift in Russia's relations with the near abroad — the newspaper quoted Yaroslav Lissovolik, branch chief economist at Deutsche Bank in Moscow. — Previously,

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They should look at each

Society So the famous American critic Ben Brandt writes about the play "Free Theatre" in New York.

"Free Theatre" has appeared in New York in early January, some of the participants had to literally flee from Belarus after participating in the events of December 19. Theater troupe, the actors and the director of which Belarus lost their jobs, their site was given a few U.S. theaters in New York and Chicago. Here that says, in particular, Mia E, artistic director of the theater La MaMa: "For us the privilege to be a part of the global theater community, which helps

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NYT: In Belarus, there was Semi-raw 'rebellion

Society "You could call it a riot of raw pasta (mac-and-cheese rebellion)» — says today's edition of The New York Times about the protests Belarusian drivers at the border with Poland after the Belarusian government has imposed restrictions on the export of cheese, butter, pasta and other food products, and to the cold and gasoline.

The publication notes that the protests which have been broken up by the authorities, in line with the last day stay in Belarus, the International Monetary Fund, to which Belarus has applied for a stabilization loan. The newspaper quoted a statement by the mission, Chris

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New York Times: Lukashenko is not quickly cool

Society Arguing about prison sentences Nikolai Statkevich and Dmitri Usu, The New York Times recalls the words of Alexander Lukashenko in Astana, where he said he did not rule out the possibility of the release of prisoners of the opposition.

"The sentences were handed down to the next day after, as President Alexander Lukashenko has hinted that he may release his political opponents. This statement is widely attributed by many commentators as a signal to the West, that Lukashenko wants talks as to provide the desired loan immediately. But the sentence seems to indicate that the hard line president is

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