New York Snipers

Mark Ayton spoke with members of the 174th Fighter Wing, New York Air National Guard about recent capability upgrades to the F-16C.

THE 174TH Fighter Wing (FW) is part of the New York Air National Guard. It operates 15 Block 30 F-16C Fighting Falcons from Hancock Field, the military side of Syracuse International airport, in mid-state New York and has approximately 1,000 people assigned.

Since the first F-16 arrived at Syracuse in 1988, the 174th has flown Block 10 F-16As, Block 25 F-16Cs and the current Block 30 F-16C. It was one of only two Air National Guard F-16 Wings

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British designer Julian Chichester celebrated the opening of his new showroom in the New York Design Center. The fete debuted new collections from Mr. Brown and Julian Chichester featuring classic designs with a modern twist.


In May, unveiled its newly renovated New York City showroom. This year the brand welcomed the new Baxter collection, European inspired furniture specializing in Italian leather, during the highly anticipated International Contemporary Furniture Fair and N Y C x D E S I G N. To view the Baxter collection, visit

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Daniel Manning

Daniel Manning was born May 16, 1831, in Albany, N.Y. Manning was a journalist who started working for the Albany Atlas when he was 11. That paper was later consolidated with the Albany Argus. He became editor of the newspaper in 1865 and then became one of the Argus’ owners in 1873.

He was a prominent banker in Albany and was active in politics. He became president of the National Commercial Bank in Albany, also in 1873.

He served as chairman of the New York Democratic committee from 1881 to 1884. He supported then Gov. Grover Cleveland in his gubernatorial

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Bruce Davidson 1933-present

Bruce Davidson, who celebrates his 80th birthday this month, is a major figure in American documentary photography, writes David Clark.

Bruce Davidson’s work is concerned, in his words, with ‘penetrating a world or a space that I fear, or that I don’t know, or to which I’m attracted’. In exploring his subjects, whether teenage gangs, circus performers or residents of inner-city ghettos, he has created his own distinctive style of documentary photography.

Davidson’s approach is to immerse himself in his subject, often for years at a time. His personal involvement with the often marginal social groups he photographs sets his

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Guardian: Severe fluctuation in sincerity Lukashenko

No representative of the opposition in Parliament has not passed — quotes New York Times words CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik. The newspaper focuses on the international context of the election. Belarus — writes New York Times — Has closely economic and ethnic ties to Russia and Lukashenko is trying to play on the relationship between the Kremlin and the West to reduce its dependence on the Kremlin. "At the same time, the newspaper notes,  West seeks to lead Belarus from the Kremlin’s orbit. But European favorites have clearly realize that this will depend on the transparency of the elections. Sunday

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New York Times: In the gas disputes have similar policies

BBC reports: "This dispute has caused concern within the boundaries of the Euro Union about the reliability of Russian gas exports to European countries. Belarusian pipelines pass through 20% of fuel supplies to Western Europe. Managing EU calls on both sides to solve the problem without delay and make conditions for the timely resumption of deliveries "English The Dayli Mail writes: "Putin has provoked consternation regarding the threat of the latest" energy war, when he declared that "Gazprom" twice reduce the amount of fuel supplies to Belarus. It came after, as Minsk failed to pay one hundred percent the last

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Smelly New York

See also Rubbish and rats in the New York subway

New York has never felt the approach of Halloween …

Twitter-feed Russian Brooklyn. October 2012.

Illegal alien from Yemen for the first time in the store the Bronx was shot in the thigh after refusing to show the contents of the cash register.

Bronx: the police by mistake asking the 27-year-old man, mother of the deceased put on the $ 710 bill for the dents on the bumper and hood.

The Governor of the State of New York has signed a law allowing the brew to sell in urban markets. The license cost: $ 1450 per year per 132,000 liters. In Brooklyn, driven mainly from corn, and some even

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Homeless in contemporary New York City

20,000 children sleep today in New York shelters, according to the latest city statistics. This number does not include homeless children who can not sleep in shelters because they and their families are not allowed to it. Up to 65 percent of families, who need shelter, do not get there, and their fate is hopeless.

"Some go so far as to sleep in the subway cars," — says reporters AlterNet senior analyst at the Coalition for the Homeless Patrick Mark. — "Some go to the hospital emergency room, some — in the laundry. Women return to those who beat them,

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Attorney General of New York, spoke about the greed of charities

Attorney General of New York's Eric Schneiderman has published an annual report on the activities of non-profit organizations collecting money for charity. As in previous years, proved to be the most avid telemarketologi (they find donors on the phone). Of the 602 listed companies, only 49 gave to charity more than 65% of the collected funds. 467 out of 602 companies have appropriated about half of the donated money.

"It's hard working New Yorkers who give money to charity, hoping that their every penny goes to those in need — said Schneiderman. — However telemarketologi stuffed their own pockets

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