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Typically, when the salary is up 3 days, the money we almost does not remain. But do not go hungry also! I have been invented for the family economy — menu. For a long time, of course, it will not last, but a couple of days to withstand quite possible.

So, for breakfast (adult): oatmeal, cheese, slice of bread or toast, tea.

Lunch: soup or soup, baked fish, bread, fruit compote.

Dinner: baked potato, salad (eg, cabbage, cucumber, green onions, parsley,), and tea.

For a child at breakfast: oatmeal with raisins and milk tea.

Lunch: any fruit.


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Stereo headphone audio amp on AD822AN

The amplifier is designed for use with stereo headphones. This audio amp is economical, can be operated from a single low-voltage power supply and at the same time has good technical characteristics. Total harmonic distortion of output signal span at 300 mV (peak to peak) at a frequency of 1 kHz is 0.079% (-62 dB with noise).

Stereo channels are input via the separating nonpolar capacitors C1 and C2. Voltage divider resistors R1-R2 and R3-R4 at the noninverting input circuits are chosen so that the outputs of op amp present voltage (1.5 V) equal to half the supply. The gain

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Puffs «Pears» with frangipani

Poached pears stuffed with almond franzhipana in the shell of puff pastry will eclipse any other treat on your desk. Crisp perfectly contrasts with the soft core of fruit and nut cream.


The confectionery business frangipani called almond cream with butter. His exquisite nutty flavor goes well with aromatic pears and turns pretty simple dessert and special holiday treat. Franzhipan this recipe can be prepared not only from almonds, roasted and ground hazelnuts, cashews or Brazil nuts. If desired, lemon zest, orange or lime, replace, or use ground spices — cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

How to wrap PEAR

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With long-term view

Now all gardeners cares mouth full, because starting from mid-summer until the autumn only manages to gather the harvest. It turns out that the cellars and storerooms are filled, and the beds are released. But you can make sure that no inch of land in our garden was not empty up to the frost. And for that perfectly fit a variety of early maturing vegetable plants. «However, they should be sown in advance, even in mid-summer. This year, make it a little late, but armed with information for next season can be quite.

The first of the candidates in the

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Autumn chores a joy

Autumn at the Marina Petrovna gomelchanki GROSS — a favorite time of year. Winter bored, summer is too troublesome, she says. But in September, slowly, you can pay more attention to the remaining crops.

Cucumbers — to be!

My favorite vegetable gardener — cucumbers. To part with them as late as possible in the middle of August — early September, she spends the following procedure: a copper bracket (either durable flexible twig) prishpilivayut to the ground in several places whip cucumber. Then sprinkle the soil surface (be sure to wet!) Layer of 2 cm, well trampled ground around. At

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ONE Jerk for all occasions.

It is widely believed that jerkbaits can be used only in the spring, as well as in shallow waters to catch pike, zander and perch. David

Hagemayster considers it a great mistake.

Using little tricks, fishing guide uses jerks and summer catchability places.

I rarely meet in the waters anglers who catch predatory fish on jerkbaits. On the one hand, this can be explained by the high cost of such baits, on the other hand — the false understanding that jerks the spring can successfully catch and in the rest of the year they can be fished a shallow

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It’s time to dig potatoes. Often many of the vegetable crop — one of the most important in the garden. Most of us sadit potatoes traditionally. But there are many «non-traditional» methods of cultivation of this vegetable.


— If you have a little space in the garden, do not worry — says Irina from Omsk Maskvina — even 1 m2 you can get a good harvest. How? Take a large tuber, and for 40-45 days before planting it across the notch, so that there is a small bridge 1 cm thick. Keep it up until not germinate.

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Between Tirex and life.

Wanted as better …

Appetite gamers fueled long and skillfully. Professionally. In our pre-lunch preparations were thrown a lot of money. First there were long and beautiful reasoning that the experience of the entire gaming industry, reinterpreted in the depths of DreamWorks Interactive, will allow it to show the world something quite unusual that capture the imagination of his revolutionary in terms of technology, which will allow to achieve a hitherto unprecedented effect of reality. Then came the colorful screenshots showing all the advantages of the graphic design for future games. Coupled with the reasoning of the physical model

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Historically, that the more ancient forms of art are recognized and more sublime, clever in some way elitist. Queen bitten considered literature, cinema — also an art, but with a reputation for the entertainment of the masses, well, a video game only recently gained recognition from the critics. In some ways, this hierarchy is valid: Literature gives more opportunities to express thoughts and ideas. This book often serve as the basis for movies and games.

But now the usual hierarchy shaken. In the age of computers and universal literacy it was found that of all the arts, literature accessible

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Butterbur RUSSIAN-Gunner

This giant grass with large rounded leaves — Gunner — can be found in gardens and parks


A ugunnery rough in her homeland in Oceania leaves can reach

6 m in diameter.

In Europe, this kind of multiple shallow, but the «leaf» two-meter diameter, will agree, too, is worthy of admiration.

Unfortunately, Gunnar can grow only in places where snow falls every year.

In our gardens can replace it with butterbur.

Butterbur genus belongs to the family Asteraceae (or Asteraceae) and has 18 species. All of them are residents of the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere, most

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