Filisof Vincent Cespedes.

What problem are you trying to decide when he wrote his book?

I have many friends who are dear to me. They constantly come to me with complaints of men, their ill-treatment — or the fact that they can not find love.

With some of them I had a sensual relationship, and we have had problems because of what they wanted in whatever was to create a couple, and I told them that I could not live as a couple. The suffering of women around me — a problem for me, because it’s the people I love. And I said

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Is it worth it to marry her

EXPERTS MH told how to test the feelings of the algebra and make sure

Here’s this girl in front of you — it is the one with which worth living for life.

Ignores the first five or six …

…He advises Professor of Mathematics of the University of New South Wales (Australia) Bruce Brown.

It does not sound romantic, but your friend — a random variable in the equation of happiness in your life. Professor Brown proposes to put into practice mathematical theory of optimal stopping of random processes". A study by Durex shows that the average man in life

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Solomin two faces of a single soul

Beginners and very purposeful singer Svetlana Solomin, she — SOLOMINA, decided to conquer the listener with the Internet. On request «Solomin,» produces countless search results — links to the tracks, interviews, sots.seti … Today soulful songs Solomina gaining popularity outside of the World Wide Web. Its very fresh track «nice» sounds on several radio stations, and the song «chestnuts» — in Ukrainian-rotation radio in Chicago. Open and cheerful Svetlana on the example proves that nothing is impossible for even the most daring dreams.

You call your Internet producer. As he helped you in becoming a musical career? You posted the

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Correct answers

If you’re aching to drag the baby around the zoo, trying to make the most of every second of your communication, it will bring joy to anyone"- Says the author "Parents partners", Said the expert, Robert Frank. It’s better when you have free time, give the child to figure out what you will do. This will teach him self-reliance and helps become more confident in yourself (just listen to him even adults). The ability to articulate their views — a sign of a developed personality. If you are ready to discuss on equal terms with him (or her) questions,

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Fall TV shipments to the US market

According to the agency IHS, results of the first quarter of 2013 are disappointing: Shipments to the US market dropped by 11% compared to the same period last year. Now, this figure does not know we were more than twenty years. Not that close — lives collide and scatter over the sides. There were «you» — he worked with all the «you», without pathos. And somehow quietly, without pathos, did the trick.

I saw and heard how it worked great concerts and the smallest anplakty. Absolutely no difference. With full involvement. According to the maximum.

Among sound engineers spread

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From angels to heaven.

Patrons do not happen — they are all in their own good and helpful. Some accompany us always, to the help of others we use from time to time, and someone watching us and makes itself felt in special cases. We offer you a dozen reliable defenders and assistants who get along fine, as neither one of them there is no evil or something dark. You can appeal to his aid even all at once. They will not argue and quarrel, whom and how to help you, and the great divide their powers. And mind you: not one of

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One’s mind

Men think about sex a lot. Approximately every 8 seconds.

What they think about it? We asked all the friends, and even strangers, and many have learned their secret thoughts. We tell!

Zero experience

50% of men believe their virginity drawback: it looks like the joke about the «vegetarian — bad hunter.» These guys think that if they have not yet moved into the camp «already», then was not able to win the girls. They begin to worry about it, … and all turns are not as good as it could when long mentally prepared for their first time,

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Legend №11.

Four years ago at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Anton Ivanov saw a strange picture: the people sat in front of the stage with a 911-m, in which sat a man and step on the gas. The audience listened to the roar of the different keys, and then "soloist" applause retired. During the 50 years of history 911th everything in it, including the sound of the engine, it has become a legend. So he went with us to the test.

The last half-century the Porsche 911 was growing up. Not me, and it was growing up, as it does

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Great powerful

Finally, the dream comes true — you have to acquire another iron. To move quickly through the city, without getting stuck in traffic jams, ukatyvat in cycling trip, or just to the bosom of nature. But before going to the field, do not want to learn how to use the newfound vehicle. Let each trip will be helpful and pleasant.

Choosing the Right Seat

This is one of the main points for the joy of skating. Firstly, if you have a bike, general purpose, and not a special female model, the saddle can be stretched and too narrow for

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Night Siege — 18 September

Hi!Website called all the guests to the role in the recent campaign: "Over the past two months after the release of their own" chemistry "Seviarynets Paul served in the arrest for 47 days. Arrangements were tough prosecution policy. By this occasion "Young Front" calls on all concerned people to join the rally of solidarity with Paul. We ask visitors to our web site to print portrait of Paul Sevyarinets and send to the address the judge that issued the policy of the last sentence: 225320, st. Gagarin, 6, Baranovichi, Brest region. "Now

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