NTTM-82: Every year more boldly!

The current exhibition NTTM-82 tenth, and her ten thousand exhibits. Essentially, this is the fruit of the work of young people 86 ministries and departments of our country. For the first time at the exhibition reflected the creativity of young people of all the Union republics. More than forty percent of the exhibits (six thousand) is protected by copyright certificates or patented abroad. Some of the new items will interest any reader. For example, the latest model car «Zhiguli- 2108», on which the Wankel engine, or a bio-heart valve prosthesis, or scrubber Experimental Design Institute of Municipal Engineering ,.

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KGB promises to students for certain dividends information

Eugene Skrabutan trained at the Warsaw Institute on behalf programmke Kalinouski. On the days of a group of young people he crossed the Lithuanian-Belarusian border checkpoint "Privalka" in Grodno region. Met his two guards, with whom he previously had to face at a checkpoint "Bruzgi" on the border with Poland. They offered him a ride to Grodno.Skrabutan: "They ask what happens in the democratic forces that occurs in" Yuen front "that occurs in students abroad? It seems to me that these people assigned to border crossings and just go back and forth. I think they know when I’m gonna vorachivatsya

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Audio out of George Orwell in 1984 and the farm

Complete Board of Representatives of Belarusian intellectuals determines what works in primarily must announce and present the Belarusian public. Says one of the managers of the "Belarusian Gulf Stream" Franak Vyachorka."First works was decided to make Orwell’s" 1984 "and" farm. "These works are fascinating double Belarusian listener. During 1-x, as they especially did not go for mass circulation in Belarus. And in-2-x, they are politically very close and exciting ones. Translation Sergei Shupy assigns this work is very modern sounding. Orvel itself as a science fiction writer largely predicted the future. "Read the works Valery Budevich Prof. speaker and actor.Directed

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Mogilev youth activists again summoned to KGB

On days of Mogilev to human rights activist Boris Buhelya addressed two Young people, who said that they were called to an interview in the State Security Committee.Unemployed Yuri Twitter refused to come without a formal agenda, and to the student Mogilev municipal institute named Kuleshov, a human rights activist whose name does not name, KGB came to the institute.2- Young people summoned to the regional council of the KGB after, February 10 they visited the Embassy of Lithuania in Belarus, where participated in the lecture event dedicated to NATO. On the lecture they have learned from the web and

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A.Makaev: This is a continuation of execution of youth

Kirov Street, where the tribunal were three buses with special forces. Policemen patrolled the street, on duty at the entrance to the courthouse, but all those who wished to process missed. Several youth activists stood in the court yard. When the process has already begun, unknown stuck on the roof of the 1st buildings banner "No to repression!" Within minutes the police it was removed, and the yard was on duty commando. One of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Makaeu Alexander said nowshny process — a continuation of the execution of youth: "The root cause of why this meeting has

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Film in honor of Yuri Khaschevatsky creators BNR

Opening the event Yuri Khaschevatsky said that the anniversary of the creation of the film "Space", dedicated to the events of spring 2006 in Minsk, he said the end of work on the latest documentary film. "Freedom Day" dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the BNR and presented during the week of Belarus in the European Union. Belarusian viewers are just beginning to get acquainted with him, he says:

"I would like to see this movie spread even more than the movie" Space. "Because it is based on facts that have occurred in history. I would like, that it looked

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More materials are popular week on our website

According to statistics, more readable page of our Web site for last week were the following:Bullies spat at a reception on the occasion of the days of the independence of Poland in Minsk 11.11.2007Online conference with David Kakabadze 14.11.2007Photo report from the Congress "BPF Youth" 11.11.2007Photo: inauguration Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz 10.11.2007Matskevich economist: "The U.S. sanctions will be very painful " 13.11.2007"Gebistov" "Vova" is going to barbecues opposition from Mogilev 14.11.2007MP Davydko doubted white-red-white flags? 16.11.2007BPF Youth adopted a strategic plan for 11.11.2007Vyacheslav Gerasimenko: "It was a horror — Tank stood on the streets of Minsk" 16.11.2007Order to travel abroad: the essence

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British gopota

In Britain, more often there are young people who do not have good manners. The conversation is not about juvenile offenders, and of a new subculture — chavah. For several years chavy alienated society that prides itself on its tolerance.

Whom call chavami, and how they managed to achieve exceptional attention to British media? Chavy — is uneducated young white people who are different antisocial and aggressive behavior. Chavy live in poor areas, high-rise buildings in the municipalities. The word "chav" has a lot of versions of its origin, from the Gypsy «chavi», meaning "child" to the name of

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Direct route to the absolute dullness (Die Welt, Germany)


Even the title is designed in the spirit of provocation: "Pacifiers, dudes, selfish. On Youth, which adults weaned from the ideals. " This name was given his book by Bernhard Hayntslmayer. In it, he criticizes the systematic

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American teenagers do not want to live

The number of suicides among teenagers in the United States reached a record high — according to data of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — CDC), which have already been reported this year that depression, drug and alcohol passion, penchant for sadism and sexual aggression can be considered as the characteristic features of today's young people aged 13 to 19 years.

One in five American teenager in an anonymous survey admitted that he seriously contemplated suicide. And many could not even name the reason for this decision.

"This world is not

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