We decorate the house mirrors the laws of Feng Shui


To date, the mirror is not only a tool for solving the problems of small-sized room, but also a fashion accessory in any interior. It has properties to reflect and draw the energy to recover the missing space, to be part of the design room. Plus — thanks to the reflection of the room is not only visually more and more interesting, but also lighter.

Feng Shui teaches us to treat the mirrors and their location in the house with the utmost care and diligence. And if

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Forward in search of female happiness!

"Love knows no age," — said Alexander mouth Gremin Pushkin almost 200 years ago. How right he was! Woman in need of attention, just like a bird in free flight. Attention is of various kinds, but the essence is — to feel a woman her true nature, femininity and ocharovanie.Predstavte, she was going to visit, a walk, a date — it does not matter. Costume, hairstyle, jewelry, high heels and handbag … of course! Here it is — a small woman's happiness. No wonder they say: A woman without a bag that pan without a handle. The finished image is

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General cleaning of Feng Shui


Do you want to achieve success in their personal lives and at work? Place your order in the apartment and in the workplace, it is advised Ecopsychology. The fact is that "physical dirt" and "blockages" cause stagnation of energy — the life-giving force, helping you to achieve success and live simply in full force.


Photo: East News


With the

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Science and technology: Killer Germs (bacteria killer) watch online

At this very moment, invisible to the naked eye predators fall into your world. Your defense will prove powerless in the face of their persistent strength. They are crippled by your body will force every hole bleed and block the work of all the relevant principal organs. They will do almost everything to live for another day, even if it means they will have to destroy you. We do not know what potential they hold for the development of severe disease. Most scares that we do not know where and what the form will follow the microorganism.


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Housewives — limited and poor fool?

This is one of the chapters of my forthcoming book, which is now being prepared for publication. Is added and is editing, proofreading, layout.

Too many people think (and often, oddly enough, so think it is women) that a housewife does not do anything, it drone, completely dependent creature and needs to stoop to get money and stuff.

I had also been assured that housewives are boring and limited. I do not know why we have such a belief. TV, movies, newspapers, and books. Dasha Bukina — a vivid example of shape in my mind the image of

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Even today, June 2,


Warm but with thunderstorms …

…degrees in some areas. Temperature: 24 — 32 C.

Do not pass:

In Minsk at 18.00 in the auditorium of the Faculty of Philology of Belarusian State University will be held Swedish-Belarusian literary readings. Admission is free.

At the same time, the Minsk stadium "Dinamo" will begin official pre-match training the football team of France, the upcoming open to visitors the first 15 minutes.


In Moscow, begins an expert meeting of representatives of the CIS states on the draft budget of the CIS in 2012.

The leaders of some

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Ecovillage. Eco-friendly homes from straw

That's what turns the situation: we go to work and perform all sorts of work for thirty, forty or fifty years to pay for the house, which we no longer have a direct connection. How many of you were in a steel factory or building? Do you like the purely physical sense of the atmosphere in the shops, and the smells and sounds?

Many students after the visit to the slaughterhouse can not eat meat. And when we see how to produce materials for the building, we start looking for better ways to build. Movement of

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Creator of an extensive spy network Vatican, already in the Middle Ages enveloped in the world and known as the "Society of Jesus", was a man of remarkable intelligence, guile and a fair excessive cruelty Ignatius Loyola. He also organized a secret squads Jesuits, who for many years, like bees, accumulate in the blood zagashnikah monastic treasures acquired by following the covenant canonized boss: "Monarchs — slaves of gold and gold — their only passion, but it must be ours."

To some extent, the way it is! Because in the XVIII — early XIX centuries is the reigning persons, in

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Lunar eclipse: Why wait?

Eclipse occurs when the moon passes through the shadow of the planet. If the plane of the orbit of the Moon and Earth to coincide, the lunar eclipse would be repeated every full moon. However, the Moon's orbit is inclined from the plane of Earth's orbit about five degrees, and so eclipses occur much less frequently. Often seen at the time of the eclipse, the moon turns red, "is filled with blood." This is due to the fact that the earth's atmosphere is better transmits the red part of the spectrum of solar radiation. The upcoming lunar eclipse eclipse will

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Slavery begins in the west

Looking charms of juvenile justice in Canada, I threw (to pay the bank) house in Vancouver and went back home. I was lucky, because my children, I did not have time to bring, and the lessons of got basically just me. Visiting family of Russian immigrants, communication (in broken Russian) with their children, their own experience and observations promptly ruined my naive illusions about the successful west.

People (especially those who have never lived as a resident abroad), well, you finally understand: there is no prosperous West! There is just only a powerful propaganda (and beautiful picture painted by Hollywood),

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