In Perm, a table opened up orders farm products.

In the shopping center "BAZAR" at st. , 88 opened a new, the third order table virtual market natural products "Your Farmer".

The "Your Farmer" for more than 1.5 years of experience in the active promotion of the products of farmers Perm region. Withow on the portal are actively selling 36 manufacturers of 12 districts of the Perm Territory.


One of the first customers at the new store has now become the Acting Minister of Agriculture and Food Ivan vegetable garden. According to him, in the province develops the theme of

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Ancestral Heritage — a great source of knowledge

It determines the identity and for many — a philosophy of life.

But not all of that was handed down through the generations, it is understood today as understood before. Descendants have been providing specific knowledge, gradually narrowing the meaning broadcasts prophets, holy books, losing that would help at a higher level to realize the main message. Maybe they never existed — such messages will tell someone. Although they were. But the letters of the alphabet cropped and foreign words are not able to transfer them holistically. According to the idea behind the phrase lie avalanche dimensional images, which

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Where to put the Christmas tree in Feng Shui


According to feng shui master, a Christmas tree should be able to correctly position in the house. If it is placed correctly, fluffy beauty will bring you good luck and joy, if not — it can overshadow life in the coming year.

To begin, decide what you want to achieve in 2011, the year. Zagadannoy new love, career success, health, happiness, children, wealth … and put the tree in the right corner!

Love and Sex

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How to choose a gift for the man on February 23?

Guys quite easy to solve. But that's still better to give him a gift in the most masculine of the year prazdnichek? These days are a common and obvious gifts men usually are loyal without experiencing intense joy. They are quite relaxed react to the latest excellent lighter or perfumed shower gel.

If your lover man is engaged in business, the gift, of course, be a prestigious and respectable, in other words, the same as he did. Business people can give a cigarette cases and wallets. Beautiful gift card holder will be for discount cards — a beautiful

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A man and a woman — the art of living in the world

Emerging issues in the relationshipx men and women are often difficult to solve without correspondiof experience. By creating your own family, people have always compromises. Here sometimes hidden pitfalls around which many often can not afford. What is the cause family problems? How to establish family relationships? Despite the fact that the causes of many conflicts are on the surface, to solve them is not so simple. This film will help you not only to understand the causes of family problems and establish interpersonal relationships, as well as to take your family to a new level

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Magic mirror reality


Pavel Kotov

From the Middle Ages or even ancient times to have survived countless stories about magic mirrors, which reflect not only the bright face of their owners, but also show something else. Something sort of … In short, it was the stories of augmented reality simply did not exist before such a term.


And now, the magic mirror presented an Australian company Explore Engage.

It is

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To create harmony in the home, follow the rule of five no


If you want to achieve harmony in your home, never violate the prohibitions of five feng shui. 1. You can not neglect the entrance to the house. It is through the front door into the room penetrate positive Qi energy flows, with which come into our lives joy, health and a variety of perspectives. If your door is rassohlas, padding on it cracked and the door jamb is moribund, the joys in your life clearly diminished. Therefore, handle the tools, or call masters.

2. Do not keep in the house "unfriendly" objects. If

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Ancient Faith Slavs

This article aims to tell the real truth to modern man, with no distortion and false interpretations of the ancient belief of Aryan and Slavic peoples — Ingliizme. For our contemporaries in the Russian state and beyond the very name of the ancient faith and Slavic Aryan peoples — Ingliizm forgotten and seems to be something alien, a stranger. In today's world there is "indisputable, scientifically proven opinion" about the so-called traditional Russian religions which have their "invaluable contribution" to the creation of Russian history and the Russian state. These religions today include Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. But

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How to survive in todays materialistic world in information war

(Against the Darkness. Episode 5. Rusichi Tips wakes.)

1. Tempers and exercise your body, do not relax. This is pleasing to the gods. This also gets rid of depression, depression is a fraud awareness. Ill spirit — Get the body. It should give yourself a physical activity, have a run — and the perception of the world changes, come new solutions of urgent problems. Thoughts come to you, depending on the tone of the body. Remember that.

> 2. Watch your language. Cleanse it of unnecessary foreign terms that have counterparts in the native language, so do not

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Creativity heals

What is creativity? Why does a person starts something to paint, write, sculpt or sew? I am sure that, first of all, it is a state of mind. Something from deep breaks out in the form of poetic lines and delicate embroidery. I think you will immediately notice the things that are made with love. And not necessarily in this case to have a perfect technique of painting or poetic gift. If something is done from the heart, the piece you already live in the created your product.

It is embedded not just equipment and paints, but also a

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