You are healthy? Strange. Lets work on that!

Live harmful. How to explicitly reduce the condition is temporary? Let us live in the city, away from nature, since there live 73.3% of the population of Russia, and by 2030, 90% will live. Where else can we get our share of carcinogens in food, carbon dioxide in the air, away from the general concern of radiation urban asphalt?

Let's sit all the time — on the bus, in the car, at work, at home, in front of TV and computer — it's so nice — to lead a sedentary cute little animals like sloths, languidly

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Love your enemies with your. Dissembling the Bible?

Sergei Fetisov: In this small article I would like to offer you, dear reader, to reflect on the one known commandment. And then answer honestly to yourself, without religious and feigned — is not there guile? And so …

"But I tell you: Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust . For

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Moscow hosted the final of the competition Miss Russia-2012 (photo)

Syrian diary 2012 watch online

The movie "The Syrian diary"Journalist Anastasiya Popova must look at everything. Unless, of course, your nerves and your health allows you to do it. Each citizen RF should create what is called the intervention of ordinary people, and in our geopolitical "friends" and the Fifth Column — the "struggle for freedom." These fears, our country experienced at first and at the end of XX century. And never in Russia such nightmares should not be repeated. But for this every citizen our country should aware, to build and to know. Here is the Wahhabi-Salafi Saudi-Qatari scum now trying

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Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus literature

Catherine Glushik. Alexander G., once Belarusian writers were masters of the minds of the citizens of the Soviet Union. Their works were translated into national languages. Are there any writers in Belarusian literature that level? And is there a positive hero in Belarusian literature? In modern Russian literature, there is a character, almost always negative: the killer, a criminal. But, with few exceptions, there is no hero.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus. I want Catherine to thank the newspaper "Tomorrow" for your position. You so much for me and for our country are doing! Prokhanov I'm starting to worship.

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The gods will return to earth in 2012. Interview with Erich von Denikenom

Interlaken resort surrounded by the Swiss Alps, but chilly overcast day these stone giants are almost invisible. Tourists may seem that these places — the most common, they have nothing special. But we all know that the world is not the same as it sometimes appears to us. Scientists have found evidence that the Earth thousands of years ago there was a nuclear war. Residual radiation, valleys like huge craters … Perhaps the consequences of battle with the aliens …

Obvious and incredible

At the Town Hall Square Lane goes sharply to the right. I'm going to the bridge

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Velesichi — Kudesy. Day brownie

Day brownie: how to invite "cricket patron" and why?

February 10 to celebrate the popular tradition Kudesy — Day treats brownie. On this day treat and jolly host. The same day, make contact with the home, who willingly goes towards respecting their holiday hosts.

"Houses, houses, houses, Would you sat next to me … " From the song.

Who keeps order and the atmosphere in the house, protect home from fire or other trouble? Of course, the house! According to the ancient Slavic legends house — this is our distant ancestor, who was invited to his

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Tibetan legend about Jesus

"And the book has its own destiny." This Latin aphorism is fully applicable to the "Tibetan Gospel" — Central apocryphal legend about Issa in the East is called Jesus Christ. The first European (French) translation of stories published in Paris in 1894. Russian translation was published in the Journal of Kharkov "Faith and Reason" and a pamphlet — in St. Petersburg, published by "Journal of Knowledge" (1910).


These publications can not be called scientific in the modern sense of the word: the text is more widely, there is no explanatory comment. However, the content of the apocrypha of

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How do people form their opinion under the influence of foreign words

And in life you saw a good opportunity and a cool person but your friend or acquaintance said that this scam or this person is not as cool as it sounds, you have made for themselves a conclusion. Think it's your conclusion that it will bring to your life.

Lessons of Asgard. 1. Yudzhizm — worldview (Lesson 1 — Introduction)

Ancestral Heritage (Veda) ASGARDSKOGO religious school will help reveal the essence of the way of life, habits and world views of the Slavs, Rus, Rusich — people have preserved their original faith. This information for a long time is not covered by staying in the shadows, or presented in a distorted way. You will learn and remember that you knew your ancestors, and you will understand many things, and they come into your heart confidence, joy and peace. Stir your ancestral memory and you will gain the knowledge sought by, and who you know,

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