Resumes for a lawyer — the first acquaintance with the employer

Resume for a job — it is an important component of the work of any lawyer in his profession, and in the choice of his future professional direction.

First of all, a summary of the lawyer example should include as much information about your personal qualities, because the employer needs to know everything about your business qualities of professional achievements, as well as legal expertise.

Resume for a job, which is made correctly, will give the first impression of your employer, who first decided to get acquainted with you as a lawyer. Summary describes your portrait. Summary of the employer

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Religious (Lesson 1 — On faith and religion)

Ancestral Heritage (Veda) ASGARDSKOGO religious school will help reveal the essence of the way of life, habits and world views of the Slavs, Rus, Rusich — people have preserved their original faith. This information for a long time is not covered by staying in the shadows, or presented in a distorted way. You will learn and remember that you knew your ancestors, and you will understand many things, and they come into your heart confidence, joy and peace. Stir your ancestral memory and you will gain the knowledge sought by, and who you know,

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Slavic purification rites

From ancient times came to us with a lot of committed sometimes mechanically everyday actions. Yes, any old Russian house at the entrance to the room hung washbasin. Famous psychics of all stripes argue that water can neutralize alien information field (the so-called evil eye). Scientists have found that bathing water increases (including) a change in the skin cells electropotential: water nourishes tissues with negative ions, which improves the tone of the body and slows down the process of oxidation in the body, one of the causes of aging.

Our ancestors were washed as often as we do, but

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Kummir — Ecumenical kinsman

Kummir word means "godfather" — a relative, "MIP" (world) — the universe, that is Kummir — Ecumenical cousins. Kummir helps us establish and maintain two-way communication with the generic God and His Siloy.Slavyanskie gods — are our ancestors, and we are their descendants.

Therefore, cutting Kummira from the tree, people carve statues of his ancestors and the purer the heart and soul of the Master, the more correct it depicts toro or no God, without distorting its image. Images of gods usually create from the male species: oak, beech, ash, elm, cedar. And the image of the Virgin of

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The internal energy of a person

The question of energy — the most important question. From the level of the internal energy depends everything: health, its success in the community and financial well-being. How much will be balanced by the three — separate conversation.

Chinese medicine distinguishes between innate and acquired energy. Congenital stored in the kidneys, depending on its level of human activity and its longevity. It is consumed in the process of life and usually are not reversed. Purchased energy is replenished by external sources of energy, such as food, air, earth, the sun, etc.

The higher the level of internal energy, the more

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Honor Code Slavic husband

No rudeness and arrogance, meanness and not slander, not beauty and sexuality, not lies and hypocrisy, not bigotry and ignorance, not cowardice and betrayal, not the material enrichment and money — typical real man. Real men live by the high ideals of soul and spirit, always placing in the top: Honor, Responsibility, Duty to ancestors and descendants. CODE OF HONOR these men:

1. Be true blood and soil. In your blood — the power of race, in your world — remains Ancestors. 2. Be brave and proud. He who conquers his fear, he who does not give way

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Flying girl



Like to call "Without Photoshop -2". In fact, Tokyo-based photo artist Natsumi Hayashi (Hayashi Natsumi) do not enjoy any special means or process your images on your computer. Soar above the earth like a bird, defeat gravity, the most cherished dream of all time narodov.Govoryat that our ancestors were not only tall, but also knew how to fly.

Girl from Japan managed to catch these brief moments of free flight, she puts the camera on a 10-sekundnuy timer and jumps

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M. Statkevich: When December 19'll stand and disperse, it would be a shame to live

Society The questions of our visitors adkazav presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich.

Radio Liberty plans to hold online conferences with each of the candidates registered in Presidents of Belarus. Your questions have already been answered presidential candidates Grigory Kastusyou, Ales Mikhalevich, Vitaly Rymashevski, Yaroslav Romanchuk. December 8th to your questions answered presidential candidate Statkevich.

Read the answers to the questions can be HERE.

Gods commandments

Commandments of God Svarog

1. Read each other's son — her mother and father, a husband and wife live together in harmony.

2. On uniform wife husband should encroach — otherwise you will not find salvation.

3. Run away from falsehood and follow the Truth, honor your Rod and Rod Heaven.

4. Read you three days a week — the third, seventh and ninth. Read a great holiday. Therefore ought to fast all the people in the third and on the seventh day. If anyone in the ninth day

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Traditional Russian culture. Forgotten Laws Lives

Photo from

How lived the ancient Slavs and Aryans, we can learn from ancient texts, such as the Russian Veda. Slavic-Aryan Vedas were written on gold plates over 40,000 years ago. They set out the history of settlement of the Earth, knowledge of the laws of nature, the commandments of our ancestors and forecasts for the future events. Although these sacred texts were for a long time, now they are made public and available for inspection to the public.

In hard times, the gods came down to earth and people were asked to leave their precepts by

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