Close deceased Americans receive messages from him by Email


Related died a few months ago, Americans receive from him an e-mail. 32-year-old Jack Frozen in Alaska in June 2011, died from arrhythmia. Five months after the death of his close Frozen began receiving e-mails with his return address.

At the same time, the agency said, it is not a spam sent through compromised accounts, but about ordinary correspondence.

One of poluchatateley letters from the dead was the best friend of Jack Tim Hart. In late November, has received from the first letter in your email. The theme of the letter stated, "I

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Candor — the basis of your relationship

It does not matter, these relationships with family, friends, loved ones or strangers.

Look at the children, they are open and lively. Fear nothing, always ready for new experiments. But also very vulnerable, they need parental care and protection. As adults, we have bumps and fills kopim grievances are becoming more serious and strict.

And less cheerful. Gradually we close from the outside world, because we understand their vulnerability. For many, it turns into fear, and the fear that he was a first for us, deep in our subconscious mind settles. This is a necessary evolutionary process of

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Code White Warrior

1. Be true blood and soil. In your blood — the power of race, in your world — remains Ancestors.


2. Be brave and proud. He who conquers his fear, he who does not give way to the Force, is the real hero.


3. Honor the truth on which your ancestors lived. Follow the path of the Old Gods, as they once were men of your blood and heroic deeds have gained immortality.


4. Be true to his blood brother. True friendship is known only in combat. A

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Leonov offers Lukashenko publicly repent

Society Former Minister of Agriculture of Belarus Vasily Leonov Alexander Lukashenko offers at the national meeting to ask for forgiveness from the Belarusians for their mistakes."As promised, get on your knees (to Moscow but not crawling on my knees) and thank Russia for what it is in the difficult years lent a helping hand, all the years of your government subsidizing unprofitable our economy. And ask for political asylum in Russia or guarantee of your personal safety and your entire family. Indeed, there is nowhere else to run, "- wrote Leonov, who in Lukashenko spent three years in prison.


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Our ancestors defined the Life

Our life consists of Doom Tickets and Destiny.

ROCK — is a set of tasks that a man came to decide the course of its life. Solving your Rock, Live it, one realizes idea Rod wisdom of Nature, the sense of life itself. Hence the word "lesson", "vice", "izrok." Wish "Novi NW rock" (in Ukrainian) is also associated with the most profound understanding of the importance of Doom in our lives. Rock — something with which we come into the world — destination. If a person ceases to solve your rock, it is called vicious. If a

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Why the need for internet banking?

Now, many banks in Russia have understood that the output of the Global Network of promises harsh preferences. In 1-x, the client at any moment can stay in touch, ask their questions, and bank at this time may conduct explanatory work, to carry out a series of marketing campaigns and events. One of the most popular services can now be considered a web banking. With the help of this kind of resource customers can be informed of all events from the standpoint of credit and debit transactions on their account. Internet banking allows you to not only monitor the depositing

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Happy goddess Lada!

Today (May 20, 2012, 40 7520 Elet SMZH)in all branches of Slavs and Aryans sing and worship Lada great glory of God.

Goddess of Harmony was not in the pantheon of Russian gods, nor go in there and Rod — the progenitor of all life on earth. Both of these deities were that called, "the blood of the Slavs" from birth — they were an integral part of the Slavic world view. Harmony-Love is one of the fundamental principles of the world of the Slavs, without Rod would never have made the people. His favorite Russian Slavs called the name

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How our ancestors followed their energy

Ancient Slavs in their commonsense reasoning is simple. That is in man in charge? Only the body, but only the feelings and thoughts. Then it is necessary to maintain health in good condition? First of all, you need to determine what is best for a particular type of body (constitution), of a temperament (emotional development), as a person rebuild their thoughts, that they did not prevent him to be healthy, confident, joyful and happy. They were based on what was called "Surya body." What is it? This three biological juice of life, which are in constant

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Layash Bokrash: Lukashenko may induce political change

Society Ugric economic reformers in an exclusive interview to talk about the Hungarian "shock therapy", the Belarusian and the collapse of the Chinese experience.

Layash Bokrash (Lajos Bokros, cum. 1954) — Hungarian economist and politician. As Finance Minister in 1995-1996. introduced a program of fiscal austerity, known in Hungary under the name "package Bokrasha." The Reform program Bokrasha that hurt reduced real wages and social spending and government devalued the forint, has given a tangible result of the reduction of the budget deficit and the trade deficit of the country. Reforms Bokrasha got mixed assessment in his country. Some believe

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Billionaires become immortal?


Scientists ask businessmen to finance their development in the field of cybernetic immortality. Recall that at the beginning of 2011 in Russia, a new strategic social movement "Russia 2045". It was headed by a businessman, president of the media holding New Media Stars Dmitry Itskov. On the basis of the movement was created corporation "Immortality".


Dmitry Itskov, founder of the "Russia 2045"

It was composed of prominent specialists in the field of artificial organs,

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