Medvedev: I'm all about Lukashenka said

Society President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said on Twitter Belarusians, who inquired about the attitude of the Russian leader to President of Belarus and the Belarusian elections."We, Belarusians, very interesting this issue"- Wrote a user dashystik.

As the Interfax, the answer is in the microblogging Medvedev in the "Twitter" appeared on Thursday night.

"It elections'm most respectfully," — wrote the president of the Russian Federation.

The Attitude to Lukashenko Medvedev refused to talk, citing his earlier remarks: "As to your president, I've already said everything." The head of Russia put the link to his video blog entry from October 3

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Open letter to the Russian elite

Gentlemen "elitist"! Government officials at all levels and corrupt big business! Ministers, heads of departments, the generals of all arms, prostitute figures intellectuals, military leaders "Arbat Military District" and other "warmed glory!"

We know that you regularly browse NSN "Wends", and we have to not only indirect but also direct evidence (reprint in government media, quotes in your speech and writing, etc.) Therefore decided to appeal to you personally.

Although you lighten up, trying to pose as a riddle of the Sphinx (no inflation or denomination, buy a stock with a lag of deviation …), to understand your shallow

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Appeal to Belarusians


To the events of the new wave of "Orange Revolution." Decide the future of your country, from your choice depends on many things, not be meat in slaughter for power handful of alien your country and culture promoters, join us!

We are against the orange "revolution" in Belarus

An online service designed to reduce the energy cost house

When you cut your finger, you are immediately looking for a patch or bandage to stop the bleeding. Similarly, you can do with your own home in order to prevent leakage of heat in it, and hence the energy, for which you pay monthly.

The heat can leave the house for many reasons: the old / defective central heating, window and door frames, etc. But the main loophole for heat insulation of buildings is incorrect and, therefore, the leakage of heated air, which is characteristic for both old and new homes. In the U.S., the School of Public Health

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Psihokod Bible, the religion of slaves

"Nineteen hundred years ago you were innocent, free, natural pagan race. You prayed to their gods, the spirits of the air flowing streams and woods. You do not blush at the sight of a naked body. You were ecstatic on the field of battle, fighting, fighting spirit. War was the institution of your system. While living on the slopes of the hills and valleys of Mother Nature, you laid the foundations of natural science and philosophy. You had a sensible, noble culture, unalloyed pangs of social conscience and sentimental questions about human equality. Who knows what great and rosy future

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Modern home design

Modern home, including and home for military personnel based on the principle of not just the presence of the walls, floor and ceiling, and often with the application design decisions. Now design studios implement design project Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia. Development of design projects for modern, high-quality housing helps to solve several problems at once.

Make out, which also allows you to achieve the introduction of design projects from the capital's design studios.

In 1-x, a design decision allows to realize the reality of the boldest idea that you yourself have not previously been able to

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Energy-structure called the Soul

March 12, 2012 5:52


It is strange that this man is also a family name, first name and patronymic. Somehow it does not fit into these earthly human names. And i do not want to call it by my name, and in another, a mysterious and beautiful — the Master, for example, or whatever like that.

But on the other hand — a completely normal person. Specialist, who gave many years of defense industry of the country. Representative of mainstream science and completely official state institutions — the Institute of Computer Science, Technology and Economics

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iPad declared dangerous to the health of users


British doctor Tony Kochhar (Tony Kochhar), told reporters that since then, as the market appeared tablet computers such as the Apple iPad, much more to it began to treat patients with complaints of pain in the shoulders and neck. According to the doctor, his patients are faced with the syndrome RSI ("repetitive strain injury" — this is when the repetition repetitive actions starts to hurt anything), which is manifested in the shoulders.


Kochhar explained the situation to the fact

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Be happy — this is normal!

Dear Universe!

Mary C. wrote to you from Moscow.

I really, really want to be happy!

Give me, please, loved and loving husband and a child from him, a boy,

but I am, so be it, then do not move on to a new job that pays more and more comfortable ride.

with HC., Masha.

Dear Masha!

Frankly, I scratch my head when I saw the line about the job.

I do not know what to say. Masha, you can completely switch to a new job, and I'll look for a husband for you.

Good luck!

Your Mrzd.

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Kusturica Lukashenko praises

Society Alexander Lukashenko on November 9 handed Serbian film director Emir Kusturica, a major film festival awards "Listapad" — a special prize head of state "for the preservation and development of traditions of spirituality in kinamatsatstve."

At the meeting, Lukashenko suggested Kusturica cooperation with Belarusian filmmakers, BelTA informs.

"If you want to shoot something solid, though not connected with Belarus, then we consider it an honor to cooperate with such a person, because he was not able to shoot bad movies" — said Lukashenko.

The Belarusian leader also called Kusturica her. "On many issues, our views are absolutely similar."

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