Russian scientists appeal to Jews in Russia

Russian scientists appeal to Jews in Russia

Jews and all those who have a right to be a citizen of Israel! We are writing to you in connection with the 100th anniversary of the registration of the Zionist movement and want in this regard, to express their opposition to this movement as a reactionary, racist, and anti-human, which at one time was recognized by the United Nations.

Centennial path of Zionism — is the way the Jews to achieve world domination through rivers of blood and tears, mountains of human victims, genocide, moral, and the moral degradation of

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Secret technology wish-fulfillment

March 25, 2012 10:08

There is a certain technology of miracles. These technologies work well in life, you need to apply them correctly. Before you apply the techniques in practice remember the famous phrase, "Be careful what you wish — they can be filled." Think about what can bring the desire not only to you, but you know you people. To achieve the fulfillment of desires to do the following magic items.

Desire must be specific. Very often we want everything at once, from the chaos in my head there. Our thoughts are switched from one to another and

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Who is Mr.Putin?

Putin — nationalists?"Russian is the state-forming nation — by the presence of Russia. Great Russian mission — to unite, bind civilization. Language, culture, the "world responsiveness", as defined by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Russian bond Armenians Russian Azerbaijani, Russian Germans, Russian Tatars … " January 23, 2012 Article by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to "Nezavisimaya Gazeta"

Well, … to add or subtract … Typical modern "Russian" nationalist. Chairman of the State Government's pretty funny to get arguments about the "state-forming" nation, while the Constitution of the State, given a slightly different definition. 🙂

Although, frankly, the editors did not intend

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Who is Mr.Putin?

6. If you remember, in 2007, Putin signed a decree according to which the quota of foreigners in drug stores, markets and stalls are cleared, many thought it would be cleaned up. But in reality, nothing has been done. How are all over Moscow stalls with Asian and Transcaucasian sellers and stoyat.Kak traded on the New Cherkizon Chinese and Vietnamese traders and traded as Tajiks working illegally on building sites, janitors, porters, etc. and work. Worked as the diaspora and create chaos. It is a pity that some irresponsible citizens all the same will go for this

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Model Agency BAZAmodel awaits you

If your company needs a presentation or if you plan to hold an exhibition, remove commercials, to make a beautiful banner — look at the modeling agency BAZAmodel. Experienced models will allow you to present your company in the best possible light. You only have to go to the site and found a suitable agency you girls and boys host the directory. After all, most of all, you need a certain type of model appearance. Agency model BAZAmodel — vivid and memorable. Do children's clothing or shoes. Agency is ready to provide you with a charming young models who hold

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Contact with other worlds.

A person is born into this world from the unknown world he did, before conception and leaves our reality into another world, a world of the dead. However, this period of his life is not limited. There are periods of unconsciousness, and close to the waking state, that the brain, for some reason does not want to commit as a reality.

On sleep in humans takes about 1/3 of life. To life in the memory of about 1/4 of all life. And the rest of the time a person spends in a trance for their own reasons: drunkenness,

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Parallel mir.Vypusk 11

May 11, 2012 6:54

How to use your pet the gift of prophecy? What is different from a magician magician? And what should be the spirits to bewitch your favorite?

With KAYAK travel easy

Many fans are turning to travel to all kinds of tour operators. Unfortunately, not all of them are honest, and you will know about it only when he found himself in a foreign country. Want to travel on their own, without depending on anyone? This will help you a very useful online resource He is in demand around the world, and now came up to us. Despite the fact that in Russia, he appeared only in September last year, he has already gained huge popularity among people of our country. KAYAK helps you to find and book your flight

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Types of glasses to protect the eyes

If your eyes are often exposed to the aggressive action of wind, dust, water, or the risk of mechanical, thermal, optical, chemical nature, goggles for you — a must. By choosing points to go with maximum responsibility, as they determine the health of your eyes.

Safety glasses are divided by type into open and closed. Equipped with a special closed cuff for a snug fit to the skin. Wear the glasses with a special wide elastic. Goggles give complete protection from external influences, which compensates for any inconvenience caused by the need to tighten the elastic tight and pretty much

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The reverse side of the Internet


"World Wide Web" connects hundreds of millions of computers and enables people all over the world to communicate with each other for commercial, educational, scientific, political, military, criminal and other purposes, but mostly just for fun … But let's not forget that the Internet was developed by the U.S. military, who, like the government, are increasingly interested in what we are doing on the web, looking for someone that we write to each other …

Monitored every step

Now everyone knows why there is a barcode on the product packaging. These strips and numbers

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