Word of the desires

September 16, 2012 20:13

You may wish to all, but be aware of the consequences.

You live in a wonderful world of collective illusion which seems to you in your life where your every thought, desire becomes, has the ability to manifest in the mind as a material object or event. Thinking about something, you create the intention, providing an impact on the formation of a collective illusion, influencing the future course of events in her apparent. Thinking about the desired or undesired, you attract it into your life. And what you have now — this is just what

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Virtual pets — a product of modern technology

Not so long ago, many kids have dreamed about, that have their own own pet, you can petition for and constantly looked after. Now everything is much easier, because you may be instituted so called virtual pets, which will be once a day to amuse you with their positive mood and different jokes.

For you have to constantly feed and care for them, according to this, he will become even more active and will love you even more. Besides torture to your virtual pet as often as possible to visit different places and been on the street,

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New year 2013. Year of the Black Snake


2013 — Year of the Black Snake, which is sure to start with a new and fiery energy that is. According to Chinese astrology, formal black snake comes into his reign 4th of February. It is better to fill your home and workplace positive, glowing symbols that represent love and success. As congratulations LifeGlobe prepared for you six tips that will help you bring balance and harmony in life.

1. Hang in the New Year at work painting the sun and crescent together. This should be depicted with a crescent moon below the sun, or

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Videodomofony to protect your home

What could be one of the bases of security of personal home or office? Certainly, it is a modern intercom. With all this industry offers not just sound intercoms, door phones and the high-quality Korean assembly with support for video.

In order to buy black-and-white video door phones from Korean manufacturers do not necessarily lose their own time and shop electronics and countless shopping centers.

Now the web shop Video Door Phones http://safeart.ru offers a wide range of video door wide variety of designs. The web site available intercoms as with an ordinary function of the video, and

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