Share a collection of your shots on SlickPic.

Giue your best images the exposure they deserve.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of capturing a head-turning shot. While you’re learning the ropes of photography, that feeling will occur more and more often as your skills constantly improve. But it’s a huge shame to get so much satisfaction from taking a photo without sharing the beauty of it with other people. When you’ve got something to shout about, why not tell the world?

This is where the photo-sharing website can help you out. It’s completely free to sign up to and provides you with a versatile and intuitive

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Shady gardens

What to plant in a shady garden is only a dilemma if it isn’t thought through properly.

Many options exist when it comes to manipulating the amount of shade in your garden. But, how shady is the area to start with? Obviously, a shady garden is one with limited light. Solid shade, where light is quite dim, is often caused by tall buildings and walls, and is common in urban areas with high-density housing. Tall screening shrubs and hedging, or all-weather pergolas, also create low light conditions. Such garden areas are often in shadow for most of the day.


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Shades of JOY!

Smart tips to ease the nerve-wrecking task of choosing the perfect colour for your home…

Like most life-changing decisions, choosing the perfect paint for your walls is a daunting task. With so many colours, shades and tints, being overwhelmed is perfectly natural.


Ask yourself the most important question of this whole painting exercise. How do you want to feel in this room? Do you want your bedroom to be warm and cosy or would you rather have a cool and breezy feel? Soft, neutrals and cool colours have a tendency to create quieter, calmer feelings, while stronger colours

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Sex therapy

For change-your-life sex advice, sex psychotherapist, Rachel Morris

Whydon’tmen stick around?

Men always blank me after I sleep with them. I don’t understand — I’m really good in bed and try everything to please them. I see much less attractive girls than me with boyfriends all the time. What am I doing wrong?

You’re suffering from selective perception — only seeing what you believe to be true, and overlooking evidence to the contrary. Assuming all men are shallow, sex-crazed dogs looking for porn queens and Barbie dolls means they’re the only kind of men you see, and the only ones

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WHEN IT COMES TO HONEYMOONS, an exotic location, super service and stylish accommodation are three essentials. At Six Senses, you can add ‘attention to detail’ into the mix. It’s the little things they do that spell romance: a VIP welcome, a never-ending supply of poolside snacks and locally-crafted gifts at turndown, all designed to make you feel extra-special.

Their resorts in Thailand and Vietnam are truly sublime — but how to choose? In Tna and. S x Senses Samui, nestle among palm trees on the northern tip of

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Send a photo collage email using iPhoto

Make and send elegant collages on your Mac

Sending a selection of photos to your friends and family via email can be a laborious task for both you and the recipient. Images have to be attached to the message, perhaps in more then one email if the files are too large, and then your loved one has to open each individual photo when the emails arrive in their inbox.

Thankfully, iPhoto provides a simple solution to sharing multiple images. Apple’s photo management software iPhoto lets you create an elegant collage of your shots that can be customised to suit a

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It has been said that a computer is only as secure as the user. That’s why we begin our journey of making your Mac more secure here: if the user level of your Mac is left unsecured, then you are vulnerable to unwanted access to your machine. Let’s look at how we can make this part of your computing workflow safer.


The first line of defense in any computer system is to secure your user account with a strong password. When someone has access to your user account, they have access to all of your files, your browsing



Obviously, web browsing is one of the biggest uses of modern computing. We shop online, listen to music online, and even communicate with friends online. Most online vulnerabilities on the Mac come from social-engineering tactics designed to make you believe something is legitimate, even though it’s not. We’ll walk you through ways to battle these tactics and remain safe online.


The Mac has had very few bouts with viruses or trojans/malware (applications designed to look like something they’re not), but those that have sprung up have often originated from Java running in a web-browser environment.

Java is a



We’ve shown you how to secure your user account and how to protect yourself from fraudulent website trickery, but you keep files on external drives as well, be it on a Time Machine backup or a thumb drive that you carry around.


Even if you have enabled FileVault on OS X, your Time Machine backups will not be encrypted. For OS X to encrypt your Time Machine backups, you’ll need to opt-in; unless you explicitly tell Time Machine to encrypt your backups, then the files from your Mac will be backed up in a way

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Scoot Up!

Take to the open road this spring on a scooter.

Aside from the obvious reasons — such as fuel economy and convenience — modern scooters are the hottest thing to hit the road since Ryan Gosling in Drive.

The designs are more girl-friendly and sexy, the automatic gear-change system makes them easy to drive and the selection of stylish helmets means you don’t have to look like Darth Vader while cruising down the road.


Scooters cost between R5 000 and R60 000. ‘If you’re a beginner, it’s a good idea to rent one first,’ says Greg

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