Scan and share old photos on your phone.

Get to grips with Lomography’s Smartphone Film Scanner.

When cameras went digital, every area of photography was completely revolutionised. We are now able to view, edit and eliminate photographs on the device itself; we can store our photo collections on a computer; but perhaps most significant is the fact that many of us have stopped printing our memories. The need to travel to a photo developing shop has diminished, and although it is easy enough to print digital photos, more and more people are creating digital albums and sharing their snaps on their computer, television, smartphone, tablet or online. Consequently,

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Savvy builder. New & Improved.

Don’t ask a 19th-century builder to build you a 21st-century log home.

You’ll find them at home shows or wandering through the comments that follow blog postings on home building. Their remarks carry an unmistakable air of authority backed by vast experience. In fact, they may actually have decades of hands-on learning under their tool belts. But their conversations share a theme: The old ways are the best ways; new materials and methods are just passing fancies.

I first encountered the staunch traditionalist more than 30 years ago as a neophyte builder. I had asked a question of an HVAC

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Samsung DV150F.

Is the front-facing LCD screen the only exciting thing this Samsung compact has to offer?

Self-portraits have become a popular phenomenon of late, with people putting themselves in the picture.

Samsung has responded with a camera that has dual LCD screens: one on the back, and one on the front for framing shots of yourself. The front display has some other useful functions too. In Children mode it plays an animation to hold your kid’s attention and in Self Timer and Jump mode it displays a countdown so your subject knows exactly when to smile or leap. These are not

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£2300 /

Hang about. I seem to be holding a copy of the Habitat catalogue. Don’t panic, gadget fan. Until 2017, when DFS will include the Autonomous Bum-Grinding MechaSofa in its autumn collection, we have nothing to fear from furniture. And furniture is precisely what Ruark has created with its lovely new R7: furniture that also happens to do a very good job of playing music.

Ha! It’s a… a thing! A music thing! Yes, it is a sound system. It’ll play pretty much anything from any source — it’ll stream your music wirelessly over Bluetooth (aptX), use its

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Roger hicks

RUSSIAN roulette is not an intellectually demanding game, and it is probably best played when you are extremely drunk. For those unfamiliar with the rules, they are simple. You load one chamber of a revolver, leaving the others empty; close your eyes; spin the cylinder; hold the gun to your own head, and pull the trigger. Assuming it has the customary six chambers, you have a five out of six chance of survival. I have to admit that I’ve never played it, and I don’t think that this has much to do with the fact that my favourite revolver, my

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Whether mountain-hiking, camping, or driving aimlessly into the middle of nowhere, it’s better to pack more than just CPS and your usual toys. We were thinking something along these lines…


Has two good-sized compact blades, needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, fine-edge and serrated knives, plus a small booklet with survival tips from Mr. Grylls himself. And yeah, a bottle opener, too (always an essential). While we’re disappointed that a product with the Bear’s name doesn’t have a built-in urine filter—so we, too, can experience the joy of drinking our own piss—this Gerber-made Bear Grylls’ multi-tool is

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Dark humor, rich flavor

Wrong R a m e n gives us a decidedly different take on the r a m e n experience.

he recent surge in the popularity of r a m e n has restaurants competing in terms of authenticity. Not Wrong R a m e n.» Its cramped interiors are flanked by black brick walls decorated with oddball paraphernalia. Scrabble tiles spell out, «The only thing hotter than our r a m e n is you.» Another wall has a list of imaginary overseas branches. One look at the interiors and you immediately know what you’re

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Renting Lenses

Hiring a lens is a great alternative to purchasing an expensive optic

While we’d all like to have a collection of top-class professional lenses nestling in our camera bag, the high prices of these high-quality optics puts them out of reach for most of us. But if you could get your hands on, say, a Nikon 7O-2O0mm f/2.8G AF-S ED VR II for as little as £40, or a Canon EF 85mm f/.2 II L for only £30, you might be very tempted.

While the price of these lenses may suggest they’re being sold off a back of a lorry,

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Renault Fluence Jaguar XF Infiniti M37

Volvo ХС60


The recent regulatory changes have made many people wonder if they could ever own a car. After all, buying a car comes with big commitments. Besides the down payment and monthly instalments, there are maintenance and repair costs, road tax and insurance.

What if we tell you there’s a more cost effective way?

Yes, instead of buying, you can lease. Leasing means lower financial commitments in every way. You don’t pay a hefty 50% down payment. Plus, we can show you the total cost of leasing can be

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If your retro-gaming skills ain’t what they used to be, fix your joystick buttons. By Ben Wheeler

If you play vintage game systems, you’ll sometimes find that Mario won’t jump on command, or Ms. pauses when moving left. No wonder: the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller just celebrated its 20th birthday, and Atari, Intellivision, and Commodore 64 controllers are even older. Over the course of the hundreds of sessions in a controller’s life, metallic connectors beneath the buttons and direction pad can wear away and no longer complete the circuit that registers a keypress event. Luckily, it’s a simple matter


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