Create a tropical paradise in your own backyard.

Tropical Lifestyle is Australia’s largest manufacturer of gazebos that meet Australian standards. They are available in 21 different styles, ranging from the Federation look to models with cupolas, Bali huts, and those featuring Colorbond, shingle, ironwood shingle, asphalt shingle from the USA, cedar shingle from Canada, and even African reed roofing from Africa, all of which are available in kit form. Tropical Lifestyle can install the cabana for you, or customers also have the option of DIY if they prefer.

A cabana, also referred to as a gazebo, can enhance your outdoor

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Orchestral manoeuvres on the cheap

If you want orchestral sounds in your music but can’t afford the real thing or more expensive sample collections, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s arguably no genre on earth that wouldn’t benefit from the injection of a little bit of orchestral flavour. The versatility, richness and sheer depth of traditional classical instruments means that they can be adapted to fit almost any style of music (yes, including death metal – actually, especially death metal). As long as you’re picking the right type of instruments and paying attention to arrangements, then any track you make can be given another

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You may not like everything they have to say but these men are brave — and very, very honest (and, yes, every one of them is still married!)


Journalist Christian koeh, 36, is married to Suzy Cox, 35, a magazine editor. He says: ‘The dress Suzy originally selected (and accidentally flashed before my eyes when flicking too far on her iPhone one evening) was the opposite of what I wanted my bride to look like on our big day. It was a lacy, phlegmy-hued, ’50s affair, swaddled in netting


One Gem of a JEWELRY CASE.

We know we’ve got a popular project on our hands when everyone we show it to “oohs!” and “ahs!” at first sight. That’s what we have experienced with this rose-accented jewelry case. Several women who have seen it sitting around our office area told us that they’d love to have one just like it. Imagine the response you’ll get when you present this project to its lucky recipient.

Note: You’ll need some thin stock for this project. Cut or plank thicker stock to size.

Let’s Begin With the Carcase


From a 1/2-thick piece of cherry, cut the carcase sides

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Once you have your recording, you may want to edit out gaps, remove umms and hmms. and add music or effects. Sound editing is more art than science, and the best way to make a podcast omelet is to break some eggs. Now is also the time to add intro and outro material.

If your interview, music, and other sounds are of different volumes, you should adjust them to even things out. You can do this quickly in Audacity by selecting Edit/Select All and then Effects/Normalize.

Editing and exporting audio on the Mac.

Audacity doesn’t come with an MP3 converter, because MP3 conversion software can’t legally be distributed in free programs. But Audacity and other audio applications can plug in third-party encoders such as LAME.

3a. Download an MP3 codec library if you haven’t already, that works on your platform (see software chart) and extract it to your Audacity folder. Within Audacity, open

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Old World Iron

It’s about time lessness. The enduring strength and character of iron, combined with the benefit of modern fabrication techniques, results in craftsmanship that adds lasting value to your home or project. But most of all. according to owner Todd Miller. Old World Iron is about relationships.

Customers receive the exceptional benefit of the decades of experience Miller and his team bring to channeling ideas and practical inspiration into ex¬pert design work and detailed renderings — at no extra charge. And with the personal rapport that arises from producing custom work to exacting specifications and the company’s focus on impeccable results.

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NZXT Phantom 530

A few more inches on the inside would make it Kick Ass

NZXT’s full-tower Phantom 530 case re­minds us of the title character in Beverly Hills Ninja. The case tries hard to be sleek, quiet, and perfect, but just a few tiny missteps (or a mountain of them, if you’re Chris Farley) keep this chassis from at­taining killer black-belt status.

For example, it’s a bit odd to find the case’s reset switch behind the sturdy front panel. We’re not sure why NXZT couldn’t just split the real estate used by the case’s larger power switch up top, for the sake

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Now green is your valley?

One man’s idea, a friend’s plan of action — and eight years later more than 60 towns across the country have undergone a transformation!

One day, Hansie Wolfaardt, manager of a cheese factory in Bonnievale, was chatting to his friend Theuns Coetzee about how their town had deteriorated. This chat gave rise to the launch of the Bonnievale DREAM project. The entrances to the town were their first goal; after which they moved onto the main street, building benches, planting up pavements and decorating dustbins. Theuns says after planting the 5 500′ tree, they gave up counting!

National drive


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Notes to self

This month, things get personal for Sophie Goodwin and Annabel Rivkin

Some people find joy in sex, others in world peace or at the bottom of a tub of Viennetta. We find it in personalisation. Our names make us… us. They are magic! Personalisation makes everything nicer, see. And the proper joy of it is there isn’t much you can’t embroider, emboss, stamp or paint. Pyjamas with your name hand-embroidered on the pocket? You’ll sleep better. A toothbrush with your initials on the handle? Cleaner teeth. Your monogram spelt out in fishfingers (tricky, but persevere)? Much tastier and definitely less

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The Atari 2600PC boots rapidly and has no problem running the various emulators and CyberLink’s included PowerDVD player. If connected to a computer monitor, the Atari 2600PC could easily be used for traditional PC tasks, such as surfing the web. sending and receiving email, and word processing, all without noticeable lag.

The system is connected to my home wireless network, which makes it a snap to load updated emulators and new game ROMs onto it. When I play DVDs, which uses a fair amount of computational power, the system gets pretty hot. However. I have yet to experience any problems


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