Working On It! The Remodeler as Entrepreneur.

When it gets steamy on the homefront.

Just in case you have been reading these columns of mine, and you might have come to the conclusion that I live in a different world than you do, I thought this time I would prove to you that we live in the very same world, and that it does get steamy on the homefront.

Meaning, life can be a troublesome when you run a business, or even worse, when your business runs you. That’s when I’ve found most often that working on it becomes impossible to do.

Thinking strategically becomes warped by

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WOOD Stocked!

Remember those days when your TV unit had to match the bookshelf that ought to match your flooring which was the same colour as the dining table? Those dreaded days of matching every wood finish in your home have, thankfully, long gone! That however creates another sizeable problem — how does one mix these complex wood finishes without making a decor faux pas? We tell you how to have fun while decorating with m wood grains…


One of the best ways to go about mixing wood tones is by choosing a dominating one. Don t want to

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Wolfman Peak Tail Bag

Not every dual-sport ride is a cross-the-continent expedition, so there’s no need to carry your entire inventory of ADV kit all the time. And that’s where Wolfman Luggage’s Peak Tail Bag comes in.

This 8-liter, wedge-shaped bag fits perfectly on the factory racks of many dual-sport machines—in fact, it mated to the Husky Terra’s stock piece like it was made for it—and is large enough to hold your essential tools, plus your own incidentals like wallet and cell phone. Bungee-cord webbing on the top adds capacity. Internal compression straps keep heavy items in place, which is where you want them.

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With a moo, moo here…

Never climb a fence to get a picture, you’d be breaking the law. Plus there is a danger, if there’s a bull or calves and cows together in the field, you could get hurt. Okay, that gets the safety bit out of the way, now the photography.


These wonderful, inquisitive animals are a joy to capture. Rolling pastoral countryside and golden light, the large animals are one of our most common sights when wandering the footpaths of the UK. Being larger, slower animals you can use aperture priority and concentrate on composition more. Look for patterns you can use

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Winter House Interiors

Winter House transforms interior landscapes and exterior living spaces into warm, beautiful and inviting areas — havens that are timeless and elegant — by designing for individual clients’ lifestyles and helping to bring their visualizations to life. For expert assistance in designing and furnishing a personally perfect indoor and outdoor home environment, step into a world of endless possibilities.

Whatever components best suit the customer’s purpose and taste, whether that be furniture or flooring, comfortable patio seating or custom bedding and draperies or accessories and gifts, are harmoniously united with an eye for detail and a personalized vision. Besides its

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Wileys lessons in modern music!

1. Give your tunes away for free!

The scandal: Wiley cancelled his Glastonbury set this June after arriving on-site.

Wiley says: “I used to love Glastonbury. I respect the man who started it, and all the stuff that goes into it.

People say, ‘You should be grateful they put you on the line-up’. But Glastonbury don’t care about me. They didn’t headline me. They didn’t put me on the main stage, they had me in a tent like a nobody. I am a nobody, to Glastonbury. That’s why I decided I didn’t have the energy. I thought, ‘This festival don’t

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Want a luxury safari but don’t fancy battling the tourist hordes at Kruger National Park? Then head to the edge of the Kalahari Desert, where you’ll find the stunning Tswalu, described by Forbes magazine as ‘the best safari lodge you’ve never heard of’. Even in a country famed for its super-luxe lodges, Tswalu is the swishest and sexiest. Stay in one of the eight striking suites at the main lodge, the Motse, all of which have an open fireplace, sumptuous bathroom with

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Why is it essential to colour calibrate?

Discover why calibrating your computer monitor is necessary to achieve top results from your photos.

It’s not uncommon to find that your photo prints lack a little vibrancy when comparing them to the edited image on your computer screen. Some colours may even appear incorrect, with reds seemingly more magenta and greens looking a little yellow. This is often the result of your computer monitor not having been calibrated.

Colour calibration is important if you want perfect print results, as it will ensure the colour hues that you see on screen match those that are produced by the printer.


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Which tripod should I buy?

I have just bought my first DSLR, and as I live by the coast I would like to have a go at long-exposure photography so that I can capture the movement of the water in my seascapes. I’d also like to try shooting some waterfalls with this technique too.

I know that I will need a tripod in order to avoid blurry shots due to camera shake when using slow shutter speeds, but I am a little overwhelmed by the number of choices available. Have you got any advice on what a beginner on a budget should look out for?

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Which coat ARE YOU?

This winter, choose from oversized and masculine, Fifties-inspired fit-and- flare, or the cosy all-English duffel. Better yet, invest in all three.


I’ve never liked to play second fiddle to men, individually or collectively. I grew up being coached by my mother that the best way around their influence was to use your feminine charm, but I always rallied against this approach. Too many pats on the head by paunch-ridden, patronising stalwarts of the business community (who assumed that because I wore a skirt and had blue eyes I knew little of the big themes of life) ensured I didn’t

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